Monday, September 27, 2004


So I joined the PonyFans forum. It's so fun! People don't know who I am. Craziness. Right now, Cory (couch 'em) thinks I'm some freshman. He's PMed me a few times. The messages are getting more raunchy, it's hilarious. The are some:

[initial message]
Cory: Who're you?

[I decide to give a general slang reply]
Me: Yo momma, boy!

[Cory tries to induce me to reveal my identity by getting me to respond more]
Cory: I'm going to eat your children.

[I see through his ploy and reply with something that I won't ever say (out loud) but it still hilarious]
I like to think that anything that is a result from my sexual organs/bodily fluids is tastey.

[More response cueing]
I know mine are - from experiance

[I could take this farther but decide not to, in fear of his finding out my secret identity! Plus, I'm scared!]
good for you.

PS - Cory can't spell "experience"

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Blogger emily said...

Frank....why do you like messing with cory so much...that is way weird yo. Anyway...yes stew is under-rated it is wonderful! and you will try it...eventually. i will make you.

12:25 AM  
Blogger frank said...

I mess with Cory alot cause he can handle it. There are alot of prudish people--he isn't.

Soup! all the way!

3:00 PM  

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