Monday, July 25, 2005

interview mishaps


Did you ever have that feeling that you're falling into a deep, dark abyss? It's like you're in slow motion; watching your limbs flail about. Nothing to grab on to. No scapegoats. You feel helpless with nothing but your screams to accompany yourself.

well... I wish I felt that good. At least I would know I'm screwed.
Stupid job interviews! I anticipated one today, but I recieve a last minute extra the morning of. Funny how the world work, eh? At first thought, I was excited. Yeah... Two job interviews are supposed to be better than one, right? Perhaps in some other universe where Frank gets exactly what he wants... that would be so cool.
Anyways both interviews went horrible wrong for different reasons. I'm still shocked how everything when down. It was crazyness. Maybe it's only in my head, but it's driving me up the wall!

Interview One: First of all it was in Irving.... IRVING! And of course Yahoo Maps gave me the wrong directions. So far so good. I mean, nothing I can't handle right? So I get there (correction: I accidentally get there. The office was in a plaza-esque group of buildings). I go into the building. It's dark. No lights. The carpet from what I can see looks like a movie theater carpet with mystery stains and crap lining the corner. At this point, I'm starting to freak out. OMG, they are probably collecting job applicants in the basment, forcing them to make key chains for Japan. But I go on. Hey... I'm that desperate. And I would rock making key chains. I wonder if I'll be working on commission with a base pay.
At last I get to the office, and it turns out that I went through the back door. I'm still disturbed. I then wait for my interview. I'm the third one interviewed and everytime a person walks out of the office after being interviewed they have this clueless, wounded animal in headlights look. Perhaps they are just unprepared for a job interview. I'm prepared. I can do this. I'm gonna blow these people outta their seats!
I walk in. Little did I know, every momemt up till this one was good in comparison.
It was horrible! My interviewer had a really thick Russian/Slavic accent. If not for the premade interview sheet he was reading from, I would of never gotten through the whoel thing. Lucky me I decided to go for the 'smart' look and wear my glasses. I could glance down and see what word he was pronouncing. And I don't know if what I'm about to say is a ethnic stereotype or not, but I'll say it anyways. He had a very "I'm mad at you and the whole world" tone in his voice. It scared the crap out of me. And it was way more than his tone. I asked him what he did for the company and he looked at me and said "I run this whole place!"

Oh shit. How did that happen?! But!! I did't! What?!!

Then he said that less than one percent of all applicants get second interviews.

.... huh?

less than one percent?! How many people are actually applying?! You can barely find the building... and when you do people will probably enter the back boor and run away horrified!
Anyways, if I do get called back it will be on Wednesday. Wish me luck! Cause I'm not going to get the job anyway else.

Interview Two: Okay, this job and interview actually when well. More than well. By the time I walked out of there I was so excited to have a chance at this job. Let me count the reasons why...
1) Location/Proximity: It's not in Irving... It's in Addision!!! like 5 minutes from me!
2) Cleanliness/Appearance: No movie theater halls in sight. It's in a huge building on the 13th floor. (Hmmm, 13th floor? heh... didn't think of that.) My possible office... YEAH! My own office has a great view!!! It's one of those offices like have a glass wall... looks like I can walk straight out the window. cool!
3) Monetary: Oh yeah.
4) Perks: company trips!! oh what fun!

My interviewer was the person I would be replacing. She loved her job. The only reason she was leaving was because she was moving. oohhh, I want this job!

And this is why it sucks... why do I deserve a job like this? How am I so special that I can 'Wow' them and get the job?

I don't know why I feel this way. It's the one time in my life that I felt that I couldn't in a million years get such an awesome job. It's not like the interview went bad, I just don't think it went good enough. Maybe I'm just beating myself up too much about this, but I never wanted something so much. And I feel bad for wanting it, cause it's like I don't deserve it. What the hell is wrong with me?

This probably wouldn't of happened if the two interviews were not of the same darn day! Ugh!! It's like night and day. But in this one, the only common denominator is that I sucked both the interiews up.

stupid me.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm so cursed.

So yeah.

My phone is freaking out.
My internet is not working well, and when it does work it is SOO slow!
I keep getting job interviews from Irving/ Las Colinas.
I have absolutely no care for my physical appearance anymore.

Where to start?!

Phone: What gives?! I need phone! stupid phone, arg.
Internet: You would think that I would be used to the internet failing me all the time, but I'm not!! It stilll kills me a little inside when my internet doesn't work. arg.
Jobs: what?!!! Am I destined to move to Irving and live a life there?! First a mono scare, now all these Irving job interviews?! I might as well get a huge blonde wig and start parking in fire lanes all the time a la Megan.
Appearance: I can remember a time when I used to do the following daily...
- Comb hair
- Look in the mirror to admire myself.
- Take saucy face pics of myself to make fun blog banners
- Make fun of at least three of my friends looks (i.e. Jason being 47; Monica's hair; Becky's buisness attire)
- Ask myself, "Do I really need to eat this whole thing? It's kind of fattening."
- Not eat candy.

What gives?! I used to be so into me. ugh.
so cursed.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

matinee movie

Mmm, matinee movies! Is there a better thing than going to see a movie in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon? Well... NO! It's the best thing ever!

I'm gonna see Fantastic 4 with the Sis.

My usual movie bud, Jason, is somehow boycotting this movie for some reason. He supposedly claims that he doesn't like super hero movies.

whatever. He's stupid.

Anyways, I'm so excited about this movie! Jessica Alba! Who knew that the leading lady of movies like Idle Hands and Never been Kissed would turn into such a cool, cool actress. Yet another reason to see this movie!

Movie Review: for Fantastic Four
Jason: How was the movie.
Frank: the greatest movie ever

OMG, this movie ruled! I liked it! But there were a few things I had a problem with.
1) Julian McMahon... why?! Those eyebrows! Stop plucking them. Haven't you been served the restraining order for them yet?! Stop being so abusive.
2) Jessica Alba and Chris Evans are related? hmmm, that's like saying me and Jason are related. not so much.

Things I absolutely loved!
1) How awesome is it that Chris Evans (starred in spoof "Not Another Teen Movie") is actually becoming a successful actor?! coolness.
2) OMG, Jessica Alba!!!
3) Samuel L. Jackson was nowhere to be seen.
4) yay plot!
6) Sky High preview

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

what a day

Two things today:

1) You know those days when you start to realize the answers to life's hard questions? Days when you feel like you're about to come upon an idea so simple and true that you wonder why do people think of anything else. The kind of realizations that you thought you would never reach unless you were strainded on some secluded island somewhere and therefore forced to be alone with our own thoughts. Well, something like that happened to me today.

I wasn't on a deserted island or alone by any means.

I realized that I absolutely need my ipod. I just can't live without it. It is involved in almost every major and minor function of my life. When I walk to the store. IPOD. When I'm chillin'. IPOD. When I'm happy. IPOD. When I'm blue. IPOD. When I watching TV. IPOD.

My ipod is very essential to me. How weird is that? So I realized this fact this week when my ipod was out of commission for some reason. stupid computer. I needed that installation CD and couldn't find it for the life of me.

Anyways, I totally know the feeling of not realizing how much something means to you until you lose it. Or lose the functionality of it.

2) Funny story actually. Not really. Jason and I went to furniture shop. And I never thought it would be such a hard job. It's not that we didn't find any stores. We found plenty. And I also found out that I apparently live in the furniture district. yeah, there's a district!!

ugh. So why is all the furniture in the world so hideous? I mean, do people actually buy 93% of all the furniture out there? I'm appauled. My grandmother seriously has better taste.

First of all, leather couches. NO! I'm probably a little biased when it comes to leather couches since my parents had them since I was 9 years old. But shouldn't that theoretically mean that I would like them more? The familiarity of it should be soothing or whatever. Remind me of my childhood of good memories like in the movies?
STUPID unrealistic movies!! Always giving people false hopes. Anyways, I don't like leather couches. I also hate traditional furniture. I mean, it doesn't have to be abstract or anything (Picaso endtables, heh).
So we didn't find much. The things we did find were a bajillion dollars.

heh. We could always tell where in the stores the clearance furniture was. They are always in the areas with really bad lighting. Hospital flourescent lights yields cheap creepy furniture.

eww. And we went to a store where they were only open for like 6 more days. There were like 78 million people there scrambling to get a deal on a crappy couch or rug. It was insane. And for most of the things in there, we had to negociate the price. Haggling?! Who does that for furniture?! We weren't in a flea market... not in a used car dealership... not in a garage sale either. And of course Jason finds the most hideous furniture set ever and falls in love. It'll match everything in my living room he exclaims. ugh. Just because the furniture has every piece of every fabric and design imaginable in one couch set doesn't mean it goes with anything. Frankinstein didn't match with anything. In matter of fact, he clashed with everyone. Hello! Angry torch-bearing Mob! So we ended up not getting anything, cause we were scared to haggle. You would be too!

Anyways, I'm at the point where I don't care what's in my living room. As long as I have my ipod, I'll survive.

my precious ipod.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

wacky weekend.

Like all our forefathers before us, for the celebration of the fourth of July I travelled an hour and a half away from the family. It was goodtimes. Here's a play by play:

Friday: Emily came around three, and we were on our way to what would be an excited trip to Sulphur Springs. I'm already jumping in my boots. Anyways to my suprise, Emily's family was there. Don't you hate it when people who live somewhere are like always there!! ugh.
So then Mrs. Long told me that I has a viral diseased carrier. Usually I would obsess over something like that, but I decided that I'm above that. I mean, it shouldn't bother me that much. I have had this strep throat for like a month now, and she is a registered nurse... she has a point. WHATEVA! It didn't bother me cause I was secretly 'rolling on the floor' laughing at her bad sunburn! White people are funny. So that wasn't even the strangest part of the night! Emily's friend, Libby had some ex-boyfriend woes. Apparently while we were having dinner and watching Hitch, Libby's BF called her cell like 59 times and left her 'academy award winning' voicemails. craziness. If that wasn't odd enough. Mr. Long gave her a speech about relationships. It was kind of surreal. I thought I was in an episode of the Cosby show. Anyways, he's a preacher so I suppose he had experience or whatever conseling. meh.
hehe. So Emily and I went to Libby's house later to chill. And of course the BF came. wow. This night was so eventful. The BF cried and whatnot for like 3 hours outside her house. We ended up spending the night, cause we thought the BF might go postal.

Saturday: OMG, so thanks to Emily's satilite TV I got to watch some Degrassi! For those who don't know, it's the coolest show ever!! It's like this show about these anxy high school kids. Anyways... OMG! Emma is a huge whore!! It was an episode about those colored sex bracelets. And Emma was all whoring it up in some pimped out van to get more bracelets to be cool with all the other sluts in her school. So she's in this play where she has to kiss a guy. But it turns out that she has 'the clap.' WHOA! Anyways Degrassi totally lives up to it's tagline: Degrassi: it goes there Mmmm, TV. I also got to watch the 4400! sweetness.
Then there was the fireworks show in town square. Why was it on July 2nd, I don't know. Perhaps they were making a compromise between America and Canada's thing. Whatever, so everyone sat in the town sqaure and listened to the symphony they had on stage. It was all very 'old town,' very 'in yo face.' There were a few things I observed that were very weird. First of all, the only minorities besides myself were a Black family that ran a concession stand. So many white old people. At one point there was this old guy trying to get the perfect picture of some little kid in overalls waiving a flag wildly. I decided that he worked for the company that put the front cover picture on the local telephone book. This was his last shot at fame. He mauvered across the people in their cheap foldup chairs to get this shot, only for the boy to hide behind some other, less attractive baby.
As you can guess, I was bored out of my mind. The fireworks were okay though.

Sunday: Well... it's Sunday. You know what that means. It's time to wash away the sins for the week with the one hour of church. yippee! We left early though. Apparently the hour after church is let out, all restaurants suddenly have an hour waiting time. Luckily we just squeezed in before the churchers. We're so going to hell now. We were there with Emily's grandparents. Cute people.
There was more fireworks tonight. A little less eventful than Saturday. We had sparklers and those annoying strobe light ones. Then there was the stars. Wow. You can actually see the stars! It's times like this that I don't miss that smog-filled horizon view of the Dallas skyline.
I saw the Little Dipper! coolness!

What a weekend. It was cool. It reminds me how insanely 'TV worthy' Emily's family is. heh. They are so crazy.

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Saturday, July 02, 2005


So my computer is acting up again... ugh. Anyways I'm at emily's for 4th of July weekend. There's some kind of festival or whatever in the town's square, so yea... that's where I'll be.


Today, Emily's mom basically called me a diseased-infested viral carrier... which is only half true! argh! ugh... I'm on Blaxicillin, I think it's called. I haven't spread anything to anyone yet. Stupid strep throat. heh. When I went to the clinic last time, they thought it was Mono... just imagine me! with mono!! I'd be all like this:

"Look at me! I'm mono-ified! I miss Mark!"

The throat thing doesn't bother me anymore... but it is still not looking too good. Oh well.. maybe I am a 'carrier' or whatever.

I'm off... probably to use Mrs. Long's toothbrush.... muhaha!

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