Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Ugh, worst weekend ever! Seriously!

So anyways, the roommate was outta town and I had the place all to myself and like a fool this is the time I decide to go home and visit the family. Yeah, I know! What was I thinking?! I deserve anything bad situation that comes my way for making that hideous decision.. whatever.

We started my crappy weekend by going to visit a sick relative in the hospital. Sound cool, enough? yeah.. We were in a car accident on the way there!


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It totally wasn't cool. We were on Oak Lawn heading south [??] and this huge SUV turns into the street and totally smashed us in the side. And I remembered from some commerical, it's good to take pics of the accident! TV is so informative! So all the pics in this post are authentic.
Turns out, he's an out-of-towner. My first thought was Houston [ugh, I hate Houston] but he was actually from San Antonio [re: Houston's step-child!]. ARGH!
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The funny part was that he was like flaming gay... and the police officer that came was also flaming gay... The gays are like everywhere.

Anyways, that was my insane weekend. Even though we didn't get hurt, I'm still freaked out. So if I'm ever riding in a vehicle with you and I start yelling Bloody Murder it's not that you're a bad driver.. I'm just crazy.

The only good that came out of my 'Weekend o Terror' was that I played with the family dog, Falcor!!! woot. Isn't he cute!!?!
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Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Someone needs to be groomed! Yes, he does! In his defense, these pics were taken in the morning. He had a severe case of bed head. hehe.

yeah, I've decided to make a dramatization of the whole car accident event using my awesomely-awesome animation skillz [with a 'z']. So look for it on the blog later tonight if not tommorrow. I'm like spending a bunch of time on this so I expect nothing less than a dozen red Sunflowers [Frank's favorite type of flower, for future reference] at my doorstep.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Image hosting by Photobucket Just an enumeration of situations that Frank just cannot stand [in no particular order].

Semantics: I know I'm the last person to judge someone's rhetoric abilities, but seriously people. I do not mind when terminology is created in a specific setting to make conversing easier in said setting, but leave your made up words in the place you found them! When you use lingo that no one understands, you don't get your statement/point across. People get confused. Case in Point, adding popular suffixes to a word doesn't always work. It's just a word you made up! Stop making words with 'ology' connected to the end of them.

Pronounciation: In society today, people put much emphasis on this topic. It is especially significant when immigrants come to a new atmosphere where the lingustic scheme is distinctive. Speaking in a perfect native accent is a valuable asset to have in any given culture. So I ask all the people who are not patient with people of diverse tongues... to go to hell. Damn you people! There's a double standard, kids! If you are one of these people who can't stand people with foreign accents, then I probably hate you. People who are even somewhat bilingal are some of the most intelligent people in the world. Ugh. Poo on you for making fun of someone for something you practiced since birth. [On a side note: I find it appauling to know that majority of the people who do this, also cannot pronounce the non-English words to goods/services they consume and promote everyday.]

Presumptions: Having a Psychology bacholers degree sucks sometimes. I know what you're all thinking. "What, whaa?! But having a basic understanding of human behavior and cognition is like the most valuable tool to have in any society!" That's all good and all, but I'm talking about the most ineviable question ALL psych people get... you know...
Guy A: Hey, what was your major?
Guy B: I majored in Psychology.
Guy A: So are you analyzing me now?!
Guy B: ...
Seriously, we hate that! The only way one can tolerate it is when used as a cheesy pickup line. And even then, if you're not hot/cute don't use it!! So the next time someone asks me that, I'm going to reply "Yeah, I'm analyzing my foot in your ass right now! Do you mind if I use you in an ethnographic case study later?! Sign this consent confirmation form, bitch!"

That all my grievances for now, but I'm sure to add more later. I like to complain.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Image hosting by Photobucket So I'm watching the new season of American Idol, as I usually do and something strikes me as particular. One of the Idol contestants, Lisa Tucker looks exactly like a friend of mine! AHH! The resemblance is uncanny, for serious. But don't take my word for it, you be the judge. Oh man, Davenna is on American Idol!! cools!

In other frank news, it seems like we have yet another creepy house on the street I live on. It's no long just one creepy house, it's two! And they are across the street from eachother. Sooo scary. So first of all there's the usual spooky cult/church house on the corner of Cabell (my street) and Haskell. Weird people come there at all hours and have insaciable thirst for bottled water and cheap beer. They are a cross between hippies-granola mother Earth semi-goths and rednecks. Anyways, the house across from them is now, according to me, also insane.
So here's the thing. I was walking home from a long day of babysitting some brats [Oh man. seriously. If you are in the 4th grade why would you wanna play outside with the kindergardeners? Stick with your own kind, people! And dont' come crying to me that you made a mistake about choosing to play with the kindergardener cause they won't leave you alone! You made your bed, lay in it! You do realize that by bothering you, they are not bothering me... and you want me to switch that?! Whateva! Deal.].
Image hosting by Photobucket Oh yeah, so I saw this boy/girl [re:??] who had a shaved head, a neon orange headband, a black dress and sneakers walks out of the house to take out the trash.... sighs.

I think it's time for a move. I've always loved the fact that the little alcove I live in was so secluded from the creepiness that is only two streets down. But a whole new scary factor is growing in my neighboorhood. And I rather live near normal oddities like crack houses/ boarded up gas stations than the redneck-hippie cult that is now invading my street.

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Monday, February 13, 2006


Somewhere in the world, Becky Fitz is peeing her pants.

How awesome is YouTube.com?! Yet another reason to spend hours and hours at your computer, kids. They aren't regulated that well though. So I'll have to lay the smackdown if the kids at work try to access this site. But for all the rest of you unsaved heathens, go check out the site.

On a related note my poodle, Falcor is starting to resemble a poodle instead of a dog who saw a ghost. He looks exactly like the poodle in this clip. Pictures of him coming soon.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006


The other day, I was at work and it was 'Movie day' and the kids were watching a bunch of Care Bear episodes.

awww... memories.
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I didn't watch the Care Bear TV show [eww, btw], but I did watch the movies that came out. My favorite and most memorable movie was the The Care Bears Movie II. I don't remember much of part one other than there was some evil book and a magician or whatever, but who cares. Anyways, I had fond thoughts of this movie as a child. I can remember bopping my head along to the cheery songs. [which if you didn't know my head was extremely large for my age. Seriously, I think the only reason I am fat now is cause I wanted my head to be somewhat proportion to my body] So I found a torrent of the movie and downloaded it off the internet [oh, the joy].

To be perfectly honest, it was exactly as I remembered it. With the exception of my sarcastic-cognate-commentary that I have now developed over the years and years of being an adolescent. So here's a few things I caught on to.

  • So in the beginning of the movie, TrueHeart Bear and NobleHeart Horse were like the only adults taking care of the little CareBear babies. I don't know if NobleHeart was supposed to be a dude, but with that haircut... she looked like something else.

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

  • Care-a-lot / Kindom of Caring had a rainbow water fountain. And all I could think of as a kid was "That's so unrealistic!"

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

  • My favorite CareBear was WishBear! He/She ruled.

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

  • the Evil villian of the movie.

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

  • The evidence is starting to pile. Rainbows are gay!

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

  • Did anyone actually like Secret-Heart Bear? I mean, I didn't know anyone. He/She didn't even talk?! Who likes mute cartoon characters?

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

  • Peer Pressuring someone into Evil! It happens everyday.

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

  • Ever notice that the CareBears stare/ Cousins call looks exactly like Lucky Charms? I smell a copyright infringement! hee hee.

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

  • Typical Mega-Super-Happy-Caring Ending

  • Image hosting by Photobucket

  • I'm convinced!

Image hosting by Photobucket

For more CareBear stuff and some TV episodes, go here. I think I'm gonna watch the The Fox and the Hound next. I'm ready for a good cry. Oh my Gosh! While I was looking at IMDB... there's gonna be the Fox and the Hound 2?!! Way to ruin a classic with a sequel with the voice of Reba McEntire!! Heaven help us!

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Monday, February 06, 2006


Image hosting by PhotobucketOh shit!
The roommate Jason told me about this fun site thingy where you upload your pic and see what celeb you resemble. I have some wacky results. In a nutshell, I mostly look like chicks! I'm so girly! Well anyways, I can't suffer alone, so I uploaded some friends of mine to share the laughs with. Sometimes I uploaded more than one pic, just to be fair.

Face Recognition Results:

Frank - Demi Moore (66%), Keira Knightley (62%),....(scrolled till I got to a male match) Laurence Fishburne (49%), & Johnny Depp (44%). 2nd pic: John Cusack (63%), Jane Fonda (62%), Robert DeNiro (55%) 3rd pic: Lee Kuan Yew (68%), Hilary Duff (68%), Alec Baldwin (67%).

Jason - 1st pic: Shahrukh Khan (65%), Ewan McGregor (58%), Angelina Jolie (49%). 2nd pic: Hilary Swank (61%), Ritchie Valens (59%), Alyson Hannigan (53%).

Devon - Jennifer Connelly (61%), Jack Lemmon (61%), [WFT?! This is totally the same pic!!! This system has to be flawed. hehe), Chelsea Clinton (56%). 2nd pic: Christopher Reeve (63%), Mira Sorvino (61%), Eminem (61%), 3rd pic: Barbara Steisand (60%),

Sean - Jean-Pierre Raffarin (62%), Robert Schumann (56%), Micheal J. Fox (53%), 2nd pic: Keanu Reeves (72%), Abhishek Bachchan (72%), Uri Gellar (69%). 3rd pic: Rudolph Valentino (66%), Christina Ricci (61%),

Becky - Sophia Loren (69%), John Lemmon (65%), Jason Biggs (62%), Avril Lavigne (58%)

Megan - Dennis Quad (72%), Joan Baez (70%), Julia Roberts (66%).

Mark - Stefan Raab (70%), Jan Peter Balkenende (48%), Enya (44%)

Jami - Pervez Musharraf (64%), Penelope Cruz (62%), Scarlett Johansson (60%) 2nd pic: Naomi Watts (71%), Lucy Liu (68%), Aretha Franklin (64%),

Erin/Aaron Moubry: Sigourney Weaver (51%), Katie Holmes (50%), Beyonce Knowles (43%).

My Sister, Christina - Angelina Jolie (71%), Jennifer Aniston (70%), Sandra Bullock (68%), 2nd pic: Bipasha Besu (71%), Elisha Cuthbert (70%), Shania Twain (56%).

Emily L - Judy Garland (70%), Meg Ryan (66%), Condoleeza Rice (63%).

Oddly enough. The only person that had one gender as their results was my Sis. Second place goes to Erin. She only had men in a low percentage.

Wow... I don't have as many pics of people like I used to have. Damn Computer!!! argh! On a sidenote: I have alot of self-pics!! seriously! I guess they help with the self-esteem or something. And you people know how much I have of that!

This celebrity thing isn't ever going to get old.

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Friday, February 03, 2006


Someone brought this to my attention. I think it's a cause for panic.

Exhibit A: My hairah

Image hosting by Photobucket
It's pretty good, eh? I know! I was thinking about a haircut soon, but if it looks this good at midnight, just think how awesomed-out it looks in the daytime. Those are some good hair genes there. My Mom's hair is a curley mess, but my Dad's was great. He was part of that whole 70s blown out hair era. [Secret confession: My Dad's favorite song back then was "Dancing Queen"] I definitely get my hair from him. Damn, that's quality hair!

Exhibit B: Kate Moss' jacket

Image hosting by Photobucket
AHHHHH! Somewhere Kate Moss was stalking my childhood barbers and stealing my hair to make a jacket! I knew my hair was high fashion, but damn Kate! Way to pull a Cruella Deville on me, bitch! I might be getting a haircut like in a month or so... do you need a matching handbag? Call me.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Image hosting by PhotobucketThis has been brought to my attention.

It almost makes my day less creepy...


it really doesn't! Detailed story about my horrible, horrible workday later! It's soooo creepy.

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