Wednesday, September 28, 2005

oh wow...

I'm happy...

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without booze.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

as promised.

Here's the first comic. Be kind, this was a rough day for me.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

2 birds, 1 stone.

So since some of you people are all like "make a comic!" AND for those people who just don't get why I talk about my job alot on blog, here ya go...

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Comics start soon. I'll attempt to do at least one a week. Best scenerio, one every other day. I chose to use the Southpark style cause they are so easy to make and I don't have to draw/design at all! Just a few more things.

  • The numbers/letters on the kids shirts correspond to the grade they are in (i.e. 4 = 4th grade, PS = Pre-school, PK= pre-kinder, etc.)

  • For those who need a disclaimer: These characters are totally fictional. Made up by me. If you know me at work... none of these fiction people are you. seriously! I am not the kind of person that makes fun of people on a personal weblog.

  • *wink* hehehe. I so am. Unless they type "Frank Medrano blog" in Google, how are they gonna know?!

  • This comic has nothing to do with my first comic, The Wacky Adventures of Devon, Jason & Jim... just the creator. not a spin off! Haven't decided if I'm going to have cross over characters yet. umm....

  • If you complain/beg for more comic updates, good luck. If you praise, I just might.

  • Jason sucks.

  • Mango Rum rules

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

updates!! gossip!!

heh. I threw that last word in to attract Monica. It's a shout out.

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I'm substitute teaching Friday!! woot. woot.
I'm with the 6, 7, & 8 graders for Math/ Religion.

kinda scary.

And I'm pretty sure (with advise from the only out-Catholic I know, Monica) it is two distinctive subjects and not Math and Religion intergrated like I orginially thought. heh. Imagine that...

2 + 2 = JESUS!

craziness. Anyways, I'm excited and a little scared! AHH! Can I do this?! I guess it will be an adventure. I'll report back to you guys on Friday about it.

Oh my! Today at work was hectic! Why are kids really do the darnest things?! whoa. First of all, one of the teachers was like seriously pissed from something. She was like meaner than usual. Whoa... if she wasn't too old, I would say she was "on the rag", menstra.., ummm... hysterical all day. Anyways, I tried to stay away from her for the most part. And that was extremely hard since like TWO people showed up today!! BAD EMPLOYEES! BAD!
ugh... then there's the children...the children! If it wasn't the boy who was screaming and spelling curses in the cafeteria, it was the bi-curious kindergardeners making out. If it wasn't the 245th boy who peed on himself for the 34th time, it was the preschooler who decided to take a nap on the basketball court in mid-game... crazy kids. If it wasn't the (what the teacher likes to call "the actor") kid who fake cries for no reason, it was the developmentally-challenged kid who actually needs our supervision while attention-seeking/"I'm gonna jump off the bleachers, you better look!" kids sucking up all of it.

Only a few injuries though. which is always the hierarchial plus.

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Monday, September 19, 2005


I think I'm okay now. No more cryptic Frank.

Nothing but lollipops and rainbows from now on.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005



it is way safer than booze.
Michelle Branch - Life on Mars

somehow, it sounds like i feel. but it's soothing.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005


still a sad guy.

a sad guy with some friends.

i'm falling down a hole. i know it has a bottom. but i cannot see it, nor imagine its conception.

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Friday, September 16, 2005


sad. no ones here. just me. me with myself. and with all my thoughts. criticisms. doubts. pain. pain. more pain.
the only thing that remotely comforts me is alcoholic. it is as strong and consistant as i want it to be. that is what i like about it.
i need it to be stronger than anything now. be strong for me.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

hypothetical reasonings.

So yeah.
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I'm going to say some stuff and it might not make any sense to you, but if it does just pay attention.

So say I know this person. And he is having a little trouble with relationships. Let's pretend the first time I met him he was quite the socializer. He would go to parties, chill out with peeps, and even have a very active online/AIM life. But now, he doesn't. So he's getting quite frustrated with it. Even now, it's at the point where he is withdrawling himself from everyone he onced enjoyed company with. And what would my advise to him be? And why am I the type of person who can help him?

Well for those who know me, I am/was/and always will be a people's person. I have many different types of friends. I don't excude myself from any people. I don't care about people grouped together and I don't fit in or anything like that. I have the firm belief that I could walk up to anyone and feel comfortable enough to conversate with said person if I chose to.

Anyways, back to the friend. Well. My advise to this person, if he actually exists... is that being social and keeping relationships in tact isn't a kind of thing that lasts forever after you started it. You have to keep at it. Even with best friends, you have to have some sort of connection with them in order to keep that strong bond. You can't expect people to just be drawn to you for friendship. There are billions of people in this world. What makes you so special? Well, people saw it once and you can do it again. As life goes on, so do the number of new people you meet. The world doesn't stay still or slow down just because you can't keep up. It changes... the environment changes, the situations change...

You kept up with the Earth's revolutions before. You can do it again. It should be somewhat easier the bajillionth time around. So keep you head up.

And know that you still have the skillz (with a 'z'). Social skillz, that is. It's not something you can lose... it's just something that you can ignore to do.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

choices, choices.

Okay kids, listen up. [blows whistle]

You!!! Yeah, you in the back... pay attention! Did you take your pill today?! Well, take it now!

Should I change my banner? The current one is kinda old (made it long ago). And since Emily and Christy expressed their dislike of the last banner cause of my freakishly collegen-filled lips, I decided to take that into consideration... sort of... in the opposite direction. I figured they were trying to use reverse psychology or something. DUH! I have a psychology degree! Did they really think I wouldn't get their sorry attempt to unsolve their twisted logic/advise on my banner?! Those crazy kids. They seriously need a stronger prescription or whatever.

Here's it is.

PS- How awesome do I look in a trucker hat? Sometimes I like scare myself. It's coolness.

PPS- Don't playa hate.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Southern Methodist University beat the hell out of Texas Christian University!

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Friday Night Movie

We went to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose....
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and I crapped my pants.

Now Jason is not allowed to cook in the middle of the night. And it doesn't help that the apartment makes odd noises at night. When the air conditioner turns on, my restroom door slaps shut. It freaks me out every time! I was told that the laundry room makes a sound like gurgling noises coming from MY closet... Oh crap I'm so dead.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

wacky situations.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com So the boss put me in charge of waiting for the pizza guy" today. Important task, by the way. You can't trust those Delivery men. They might just come in a shoot out a Catholic school. It happens. Anyways, I ended up waiting there an hour for this guy when a parent started frantically knocking on the door. [PS- I sold this play thing from Jason, so deal.]

Crazy Mom: Lemme in!

[Whaa? Hold on chicka, I'll press the button to let you in when I feel like it. Can't you see I'm standing right here by the door? I have important work-related buisness here! You can wait the two seconds it takes me to open the door. No need for screaming, lady. I waive to her general vicinity and let her in]

Irritable Frank: Hey!

[She seems to already have her daughter with her already]

Confused Frank: [Frank-face#000163] Huh...

Lietenant Mom: Go get your bag! Hurray! March, 1, 2, 1!!

[After realizing that she's talking to her cadet daughter, I sit again. What is her deal? She goes to the table to sign out her child.]

Hurried Mom: What do I do here?! [She starts scribbling down something. Probably about how she is so busy and in a hurry.]

In Control Frank Just put your initial on Tue...

No so much a Girl Interupted: I'm in a hurry! At this point she is still writing something. What the hell?! Her life story?! It's probably about how her Dad was really strict and she acculturated his bad traits and is now training her daughter to follow suit. Poor, poor child!]

Whateva!!! That is what I should said. That would of been cool. She has on stretch pants anyways, what is she... a hoe? Argh!


So these Turkish kids (preschool and pre-kindergarden) came into my Morning shift the only day. Ugh. Why do they leave me in charge of these things by myself!

Anyways, they are like already at the school as I'm walking to unlock the door. Whaaa? It's like 6:15?! I should of left them outside, if I didn't see that shifty homeless guy over there. Darn my luck.

They come in, Dad and all. I give them juice and snacks. Usually thats all it takes.


The Dad stays there for like 15 minutes talking to the kids. That's right. Talking him into staying in a dark, empty school with a total stranger. That's me.

He finally leaves. Then the pre-water works start. I cna't console them. They speak like Pharsees or whatever. Spanish is like Pharsee, right?! I tell them to "Calme Te."

Not working.

Finally a teacher comes and gives them some crayons. Thanks teacher!! She is my hero!! Then we notice some liquid on the floor... Is that... pee?!!! The little boy did go the restroom earlier. He could of did it. Maybe. Most likely not. Cause I know for a fact that the kid went. Because he came out of that restroom with his zipper undone motioning for me for help. The sister was no help. Sisters zip up their little brothers all the time, right?! It's what they do! Not me!

It turned out to be apple juice from the boys lunch. Apparently, he drinks like a gallon of it for lunch. Good idea for a preschooler, Dad. Argh!

Anyways, not only did he get apple juice on the floor. He got the OJ I gave him on the floor. The sibs were fighting maliciously over the crayons. He started crying. Of course, by then every child was there. Looking at me fumbled over trying to clean OJ, Apple juice, and console the crying child. Thanks for the crayons again, teach!

At this point I give up and run outta there. Parents were staring. The way someone would stare at a parent with their child having a temper-tanturm for a Advisory Warning CD just after you give in and put it in the shopping cart. You win, kid. I'm not the parent!! Stop judging me! I fished the nurse (the only adult not including the reinforcing teacher with the crayons!)

Ugh. bad days.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

It's my bday!

woot! Another year, another set of wacky situations that Frank gets into. Remember my 4 M's? Well here's how they turned out.

  • Money: I got paid on the first. It's pretty cool. Money, Money, Money Money! MONEY! Of course it's not much, but at least I have it! woot!

  • Moving: Well, things didn't turn exactly how I thought they were but at least I moved. I have to wait a while to move in to the room, but it's cool being all independent in a positive degree. AND there's apparently a cat that had her kittens in our patio. It's pretty cool. The cat is protective though. We can't pet them. She hisses at us. the patio now belongs to a rouge cat and her litter. Those rebel cats are taking over the whole world!! They must be stopped!
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    Also... I am now coming to terms with my need to clean. I know now, that I do have a need to clean. It's just how I was raise. I need for the kitchen to be cleaned at least once a day. As long as someone does it. So if Jason doesn't do it, I HAVE to. AND... let me ask you guys something. Which of the following questions is more probable:
    1) How could someone spend an hour and thirty mintues cleaning one room?
    2) Why would someone spend an hour and thirty mintues cleaning one room?

    One implies that I'm a crazy neat freak. The other proposes that the room is sooo unbelieveably dirty that it needs at least 11 million hours to be considered inhabitable. heh.

    I'm coping.

  • Mustang Game: It was good. We almost won. Band was good too. Love that version of Varsity. cools. Here's some pics, I took.

    There was some drama at the party, but when isn't there some... meh. I still got drunk enough.

  • My Bday!: It was sooo freaking awesome!! I loved it! enough said. Thanks for everyone who wished my a happy birthday.
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