Tuesday, September 06, 2005

wacky situations.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com So the boss put me in charge of waiting for the pizza guy" today. Important task, by the way. You can't trust those Delivery men. They might just come in a shoot out a Catholic school. It happens. Anyways, I ended up waiting there an hour for this guy when a parent started frantically knocking on the door. [PS- I sold this play thing from Jason, so deal.]

Crazy Mom: Lemme in!

[Whaa? Hold on chicka, I'll press the button to let you in when I feel like it. Can't you see I'm standing right here by the door? I have important work-related buisness here! You can wait the two seconds it takes me to open the door. No need for screaming, lady. I waive to her general vicinity and let her in]

Irritable Frank: Hey!

[She seems to already have her daughter with her already]

Confused Frank: [Frank-face#000163] Huh...

Lietenant Mom: Go get your bag! Hurray! March, 1, 2, 1!!

[After realizing that she's talking to her cadet daughter, I sit again. What is her deal? She goes to the table to sign out her child.]

Hurried Mom: What do I do here?! [She starts scribbling down something. Probably about how she is so busy and in a hurry.]

In Control Frank Just put your initial on Tue...

No so much a Girl Interupted: I'm in a hurry! At this point she is still writing something. What the hell?! Her life story?! It's probably about how her Dad was really strict and she acculturated his bad traits and is now training her daughter to follow suit. Poor, poor child!]

Whateva!!! That is what I should said. That would of been cool. She has on stretch pants anyways, what is she... a hoe? Argh!


So these Turkish kids (preschool and pre-kindergarden) came into my Morning shift the only day. Ugh. Why do they leave me in charge of these things by myself!

Anyways, they are like already at the school as I'm walking to unlock the door. Whaaa? It's like 6:15?! I should of left them outside, if I didn't see that shifty homeless guy over there. Darn my luck.

They come in, Dad and all. I give them juice and snacks. Usually thats all it takes.


The Dad stays there for like 15 minutes talking to the kids. That's right. Talking him into staying in a dark, empty school with a total stranger. That's me.

He finally leaves. Then the pre-water works start. I cna't console them. They speak like Pharsees or whatever. Spanish is like Pharsee, right?! I tell them to "Calme Te."

Not working.

Finally a teacher comes and gives them some crayons. Thanks teacher!! She is my hero!! Then we notice some liquid on the floor... Is that... pee?!!! The little boy did go the restroom earlier. He could of did it. Maybe. Most likely not. Cause I know for a fact that the kid went. Because he came out of that restroom with his zipper undone motioning for me for help. The sister was no help. Sisters zip up their little brothers all the time, right?! It's what they do! Not me!

It turned out to be apple juice from the boys lunch. Apparently, he drinks like a gallon of it for lunch. Good idea for a preschooler, Dad. Argh!

Anyways, not only did he get apple juice on the floor. He got the OJ I gave him on the floor. The sibs were fighting maliciously over the crayons. He started crying. Of course, by then every child was there. Looking at me fumbled over trying to clean OJ, Apple juice, and console the crying child. Thanks for the crayons again, teach!

At this point I give up and run outta there. Parents were staring. The way someone would stare at a parent with their child having a temper-tanturm for a Advisory Warning CD just after you give in and put it in the shopping cart. You win, kid. I'm not the parent!! Stop judging me! I fished the nurse (the only adult not including the reinforcing teacher with the crayons!)

Ugh. bad days.

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