Friday, August 19, 2005

Memo to Parents

I recently took a few extra hours at work yesterday cause the school was having a Parent-Teacher Meeting and I would like to forward this memo to all of them. I was in charge of entertaining/supervising the kids of said parents.

Dear Parents,

I hate you all.

Now I know that most of you parents are 'regulars' of the after-school program that I am currently employed in, but since I have a pyschology degree I feel like I have to point out a few things. First of all, I know that having those few extra hours of after-school care is heaven and that 8 hours of school is not enough time to fully neglect your children. But please. Know that children get attached to their parents. And when you dump them in school, then aftercare till 6, then more aftercare till 8:30... they develop a complex!!!
One of two things happen. (A) they hate and ignore the parents, or (b) they go into convulsions when they see you, cause they want to be with their parents. Too bad for me, most of them choose to act the way that puts me in the most awkward situations. So please, don't dump your kids with us and then take little breaks in the PTA meeting only to make your child go into seisures over you only to leave and return in 30 minutes. It doesn't make my job any easier.


Your friend and/or enemy,
an aggrivated and underpayed 14 year old babysitter.

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