Wednesday, July 06, 2005

wacky weekend.

Like all our forefathers before us, for the celebration of the fourth of July I travelled an hour and a half away from the family. It was goodtimes. Here's a play by play:

Friday: Emily came around three, and we were on our way to what would be an excited trip to Sulphur Springs. I'm already jumping in my boots. Anyways to my suprise, Emily's family was there. Don't you hate it when people who live somewhere are like always there!! ugh.
So then Mrs. Long told me that I has a viral diseased carrier. Usually I would obsess over something like that, but I decided that I'm above that. I mean, it shouldn't bother me that much. I have had this strep throat for like a month now, and she is a registered nurse... she has a point. WHATEVA! It didn't bother me cause I was secretly 'rolling on the floor' laughing at her bad sunburn! White people are funny. So that wasn't even the strangest part of the night! Emily's friend, Libby had some ex-boyfriend woes. Apparently while we were having dinner and watching Hitch, Libby's BF called her cell like 59 times and left her 'academy award winning' voicemails. craziness. If that wasn't odd enough. Mr. Long gave her a speech about relationships. It was kind of surreal. I thought I was in an episode of the Cosby show. Anyways, he's a preacher so I suppose he had experience or whatever conseling. meh.
hehe. So Emily and I went to Libby's house later to chill. And of course the BF came. wow. This night was so eventful. The BF cried and whatnot for like 3 hours outside her house. We ended up spending the night, cause we thought the BF might go postal.

Saturday: OMG, so thanks to Emily's satilite TV I got to watch some Degrassi! For those who don't know, it's the coolest show ever!! It's like this show about these anxy high school kids. Anyways... OMG! Emma is a huge whore!! It was an episode about those colored sex bracelets. And Emma was all whoring it up in some pimped out van to get more bracelets to be cool with all the other sluts in her school. So she's in this play where she has to kiss a guy. But it turns out that she has 'the clap.' WHOA! Anyways Degrassi totally lives up to it's tagline: Degrassi: it goes there Mmmm, TV. I also got to watch the 4400! sweetness.
Then there was the fireworks show in town square. Why was it on July 2nd, I don't know. Perhaps they were making a compromise between America and Canada's thing. Whatever, so everyone sat in the town sqaure and listened to the symphony they had on stage. It was all very 'old town,' very 'in yo face.' There were a few things I observed that were very weird. First of all, the only minorities besides myself were a Black family that ran a concession stand. So many white old people. At one point there was this old guy trying to get the perfect picture of some little kid in overalls waiving a flag wildly. I decided that he worked for the company that put the front cover picture on the local telephone book. This was his last shot at fame. He mauvered across the people in their cheap foldup chairs to get this shot, only for the boy to hide behind some other, less attractive baby.
As you can guess, I was bored out of my mind. The fireworks were okay though.

Sunday: Well... it's Sunday. You know what that means. It's time to wash away the sins for the week with the one hour of church. yippee! We left early though. Apparently the hour after church is let out, all restaurants suddenly have an hour waiting time. Luckily we just squeezed in before the churchers. We're so going to hell now. We were there with Emily's grandparents. Cute people.
There was more fireworks tonight. A little less eventful than Saturday. We had sparklers and those annoying strobe light ones. Then there was the stars. Wow. You can actually see the stars! It's times like this that I don't miss that smog-filled horizon view of the Dallas skyline.
I saw the Little Dipper! coolness!

What a weekend. It was cool. It reminds me how insanely 'TV worthy' Emily's family is. heh. They are so crazy.

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back up off my family, yo!

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