Tuesday, February 27, 2007

super hair!

Okay so like everyone, I am totally obsessed with the show, Heroes.

It has everything we love about X-men and it airs once a week! How awesome is that?

You know, I normally don't doubt this show but sometimes things in Heroes just bug me because they are so improbable. I know!! It's a show about people with powers. Why does this worry me so much? Anyways, I usually can overlook some things but with this last episode I just cannot hold it in anymore.

Just to bring you up to speed, story-wise, Claire (has super healing powers) dives into her house to save her Evil/Good/Secret Agent Dad from a radioactive explosion. (Thanks to that radioactive guy, d'er) So she saves her Dad AND tranquilizes the radioactive guy. She comes out of the house all burnt and then heals herself before our very eyes. Everyone's in awe.

'cept me. I was like "bullshit!"

Observe this before/after comparison.
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sighs. Am I supposed to believe that Claire risked deactivating the ammonium thioglycolate by getting your hair wet burnt within 48 hours? Her blonde locks were still intact!!

In her defense, Hayden Panettiere did used to do those Neutragena commericals. I suppose while eliminating blackheads she also used some hair stuff too. In fact (I did alittle researching) they do have this new hairstuff:

Neutrogena Triple Moistureâ„¢ Healing Shine Serum remedies dryness and damage all the way down to the tips.

Go beyond surface shine with this extraordinary daily leave-in treatment that actually helps repair damage. Treat frazzled and split ends, restoring strength and moisture to weak, dehydrated hair with three naturally derived extracts. Olive penetrates to the center of the hair strand, Meadowfoam Seed helps moisturize the middle and Sweet Almond wraps the surface. A single use will leave your hair brilliantly shiny and healthy looking from root to tip.

Oh yeah! I need me to get some of that stuff!
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Friday, February 23, 2007

new era

I think Jason and I have hit a whole new era of roommate-ness that can only be described in the conversation we had a while ago.
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Frank: You should try this new face moisturizer I've been using. It's the shit!
Jason: Oh yeah?
Frank: Yeah, we need to start worrying about our fading youth.
Jason reads label: Pond's radiance restored age-defying skin brightening SPF 15 moisturizer.
Frank: Have you been noticing my new found radiance?!

Jason puts some on.

To quote my idol, Jessica Simpson...
"Twenty-five is almost thirty, which is halfway to fifty, which is halfway to middle age!"

Jason then goes on to talk about his moisturizing adventures including crafty shopping tips from Mom.

It seems so far from the time when we were all eighteen high-step marching in 100 degree weather... what? sunblock? I'm not gay!!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Apartment flooded!

The radiator from next door (the model apartment, ironically) broke and the problem elevated to MY apartment. sighs

But the flooding is only in my part of the apartment. The living room and Jason's room are still intact.


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Monday, February 12, 2007

contest results.

For those of you people who didn't know. The whole works corporation was having a sales contest to see who could sell the most (sales percent by volume) Sony E-Readers.
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These things cost like 3 hundred something dollars. They are not easy to sell. Yes, they are somewhat popular, but not so much in some areas.

The store's employee's (ALL OF THEM) would get the following prizes for placing:

First Place: Digital Camera
Second Place: Dvd player
Third Place: MP3 player

I don't remember the brands or whatever, I just know I wanted free shit.

ANYWAYS, the conest ended Dec. 26th.. and it took then FOREVER to get the results. In fact, we are technically waiting for them now. But the manager in her words "bribed" someone for the results. hehe. Shhh, don't tell anyone!

We placed third...


Anyways, I'm happy. Sort of. Cause we kinda were looking to get the Dvd player cause mine broke (we think). Who cares though?! I'm getting an MP3 player! And it's not Apple, btw. So my Ipod Video won't get jealous... but my old Shuffle would of if I didn't give it to Becky.

This kinda makes up for the fact that our customers are mostly snobs.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

the "I" in team

The new position at the works is doing well. Going on a good start anyways. Now for some [re: all] of you peeps that don't know what I do, I'll explain.

So the place that I work at has this policy that I can't give out certain information about the company in web logs. I know! It's like they saw me coming and quickly wised up to all my internet doings. So I can't tell you guys everything that goes down, but I can give ya'll the basics.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I am part of a team. We are called IPT, which stands for Inventory Process Team. Now, remember this cause it's going to be important later. Basically we, as a collective unit, are in charge of everything that comes in and out of the store product and merchandizing wise.

Here are just a few of our duties:
If a pallet of books is brought in, we sign and process each box/item into the store inventory system. Making sure that we have all the items we ordered and are supposed to get at that specific time. Then we start sorting through the materials. Having a system of carts for each area of reference makes things a whole lot easier. While sorting, we have to keep track of which items need security devices such as with CDs or higher priced books. Then we finally take each cart and shelve the items into their respective sections.

Say some customer special-orders some obsure title. We have to research that title for stock approval. If not, we have to call the publisher and see if we can't get a request to send a copy to us.

Our company does do mail outs to residential, commerical and correctional facilities. We mail items or special request the items to be mailed.

Inventory mantainence. Ever wonder how we don't have books from the 70s crammed everywhere? Yeah, we RPL (return to publisher) ancient items.

We also have keys to places normal employees do not have. Shiny, shiny keys... that jingle.

We normally keep the same full time hours. No competing for hours. All the team works together. All other positions can function independantly...

This brings me to my point...

Who's on the team? How many people are on the team currently? How many people are left after the mass excidus over the last few weeks?

Umm, lemme see. There's me and then there's...

Only me!!!

Just call me IPF (Inventory Processor Frank). Yeah, I'm trying not to freak out. It's not so bad now, but I would hate to see it when things start to pick up like they do. Right now, I have to rely on other people (in other positions) to pick up the slack. I mean, it's not their job, they just have to do it. It is kinda fun bossing people around though. My favorite thing to do is to leave a whole library cart of Manga (crappy asian fiction that we get thousand of titles every week, but we have no room in section for them) in the elevator and tell the Upstairs Seller that I have a gift for them to shelve coming up. They will hate me eventually, but it's not my fault.

So anyways, yeah. That's what I do. Sometimes I feel like I work at FedEx or something. UGH. I keep telling myself AT LEAST I DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE MUCH ANYMORE.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Little Tip

I've decided that since I am so wise, I should start giving out little tidbits of it to the less fortunate [re: my friends]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Tip#1
Just because you can purchase wine till midnight [instead of 9pm for liquor], doesn't make it less potent.

I had to learn that the hard way at the WOOT, WE HAVE A LIQUOR CABINET party last Friday. I told Becky, the accountant, to account for me to stop drinking hard liquor after 12 and to start me up on lesser spirits (ie wine). Now of course Becky, being the most awesomest accountant I know, did the job perfectly. What Becky didn't tell me was that I was going to get shithoused. But I suppose I can't blame her for that. She is an accountant anyways. I am always shocked when she dresses herself all "non-accountant-y"

Anyways, yeah.

Wine can get your ass.

Later that night when I was throwing up in my bathroom, I almost freaked out but then realized that I had in fact drank red wine... and therefore wasn't puking blood.

Everytime I get that drunk, I have sophomore year flashbacks. I'll write more about that soon. Goodtimes.

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