Friday, February 23, 2007

new era

I think Jason and I have hit a whole new era of roommate-ness that can only be described in the conversation we had a while ago.
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Frank: You should try this new face moisturizer I've been using. It's the shit!
Jason: Oh yeah?
Frank: Yeah, we need to start worrying about our fading youth.
Jason reads label: Pond's radiance restored age-defying skin brightening SPF 15 moisturizer.
Frank: Have you been noticing my new found radiance?!

Jason puts some on.

To quote my idol, Jessica Simpson...
"Twenty-five is almost thirty, which is halfway to fifty, which is halfway to middle age!"

Jason then goes on to talk about his moisturizing adventures including crafty shopping tips from Mom.

It seems so far from the time when we were all eighteen high-step marching in 100 degree weather... what? sunblock? I'm not gay!!

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