Wednesday, November 30, 2005

boredom wins again.

I have so much time on my hands. I think that is the main reason I'm considering starting to look for a new and/or better job. Perhaps then I'll be compelled to have a normal sleep cycle. Seriously, it's 5am now! I have absolutely no reason to stay up nor to go to sleep. I feel aimless right now.

I've taken up a few things to better occupy my time (i.e. community band, dating, exercising, etc.), but they are losing their sparkley-attention-grabbing quality. I think I'm going to give up a few of those activities. I'm definitely giving up the Oak Lawn band (for now, at least)... we are playing nothing but Christmas music and it's driving me crazy... Carol of the Bells, even in a technically all-gay band the clarinet section is still the "king queen of all that is gay", and then there's whatsherface, Sofia.... CRAP! I'm IN HIGH SCHOOL! LITERALLY!!!
With exercise... what the hell happen to that?! My one good repetitive behavior?! I think I stopped cause of my substitute teaching... I guess I can start again, eh.
And then there's dating. I think I'm just trying too hard to not be completely insane... and it's not working. I should of waited longer to start up with this one. I don't feel like my usual "Happy-Happy Frank" on dates. I'm more like "Hidden Agenda Frank." And he's an odd one, that boy. And besides... I think Jason (for once!) is dating/ acting a fool/ grinning psychotically enough for the both of us. Good for him. He's finally out of my hair a few days a week.
So the only things right now that are A) consistently non-bad, B) Unboring, C) Emotionally available whenever... are TV and the Sims: Superstar Expansion.

Mmmm, the Sims. I'm so obsessed again! How did I stop playing this game?! I remember freshman year... I was in Smith Hall... my 3rd (dear God!) roommate, Phil Jones (awesomeness!) and I would play this game non-stop!!

Oh man! Before I continue I have to tell you guys a Phil Jones story!! We were in our dorm (probably playing Sims, watching Blind Date, or trying to hide our illegal cable hookup from the RA). We were just heading to bed (our lofted beds), and Phil jumped up to his bed... and hit himself in the balls!!
It looked like it hurt like hell... but I could not contain my laughter! HILARIOUS! I must of laughed for 5 minutes straight. Poor Phil.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyways... I've started playing the Superstar Expansion from the Sims and it rocks! I made a Spears-Federline family! They are so untalented it's like real life, especially since I used the money cheat! But I did make another character and named her Adriana Lima (who is currently my desktop background). For those who are headless, she is a Brazilian supermodel who is one of the main models for Victoria Secret. Anyways, I'm making her into a SUPERSTAAAAAR! Oh man... and the first time I went to show her off at a kareoke bar in town, as she walk onto the stage to sing guess who shows up?! Christina Aguilera!!
How is anyone suppose to sing when she's in the room?! I seriously thought that when my Sim would start singing, Xtina-Sim would come up to the stage and bitchslap Adriana and sing "I am Beautiful!... Words.. Can't...Brinnng... Meeee... Dowwwwn!" But I guess it was a good thing she was there... my Sim got a half a star just for her first performace! It's a great thing! I was kinda getting discouraged my the game at first. I couldn't make friends! Everyone was mean!!! What gives?! The only friend Adriana-Sim has is Kevin Federline, and that's just sad.

I can't wait to get Sims 2! Hopefully I'll get it for Christmas. :D

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

first time for everything.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Last week, I went home. I was home for a while on this Saturday night, when my sis came back from work about midnight. She ran upstairs and started her nighty regimen [if you ever heard the song Jumpin' Jumpin' by Destiny's Child, you know what kind of thing I mean. [I'm going to be quoting that song throughout this post, so yeah.] I wasn't surprised till she was on her way out the door, stopped, and turned to look at me and say Hey, you wanna come?

I thought to myself, one of two things can happen. 1) I can say no and go on my denial/ blissful ignorance mode. Or 2) I can say yes with the possibility of finding men with "lexus, trucks and hummers." I opted for the choice with the part where I get out and do something in it.

Crap! I haven't shaved... no haircut yet... no contacts and I have no clothes to wear. What to do? So what did I do?... The worst thing I could possibly thing of. Look in the mirror at my hideous hair amd say "Oh well. I guess I'll have to rely on my boyish charm tonight!"

absolute craziness.

After getting in the car, I am struck with an odd feeling of... "WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING?!" Turns out we are going to a birthday party of my Sis' gay friend Micheal. Oh great, a gay birthday! The one time I didn't feel like getting done up.
We pick up the Sis' boss and coworker... yeah. Her boss! I know he's about my age, but seriously! So I suggest going to get some alcohol first thing. If I'm going to get through this night, there is no way I'm going to manage being sane without it.

The party's in OakCliff and there's some crazy construction on the way there. We're lucky we found it. The birthday boy was giving us drunken directions via his cell, so one can imagine the wacky circles we did all over the place. We could hear the music from 3 block away. Why did I think that this was going to be a classy or adult event?! It reminded me of every high school party ever.
  • backyard party

  • no lights whatsoever

  • crappy DJ... probably someone's friend

  • Tejano music

  • Guys had to find a spot to pee

  • People from high school

So I saw like 3 people from high school that graduated around the time when I did. I had some awkward conversations with them. And I think I hugged them. What the hell was I thinking. I was probably getting tipsy by then. I am almost definitely positive that I was dancing. It's what I do while intoxicated. There were gay people there, but they were weird Hispanic-Gays. Let me explain. Hispanic-Gays are gay hispanics that like to down-play their gayness by either a) calling themselves Ravers, b) are way too western[belt buckles, cowboy hats, etc], or c) wearing 7 tons of bad colonge. All shave their facial hair into perfect shapes, have crazy-waxed eyebrows, a tongue ring, and light-colored contacts [blue, green, or honey/hazel]. They have names like Angel, Jorge or Flavio that have to be pronounced perfectly or they have a bitch-fit.

I decided not to go far from the pack I came with. And I tried drinking and smoking alot... perhaps it will fend off people or something. No such luck... I think like 8 people started conversations with me only to ask me for a light midway through my part of the talking. Ugh, I hate people sometimes.

Anyways, I guess it was a step up [somehow] from being at home doing nothing. Still... the Sis is alittle too wild for me to hang out with. I think I rather have her talk my head off the morning after as usual.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

short week.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mmmm, Thanksgiving break. I love it. I had an interesting conversation I had with my mom and grandmother who are making Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Mom: Do you know how to make turkey?
Grandmother: I dunno... you don't?

Frank: Dear God...

So it should be an interesting Thanksgiving. Pray for me. I think I'll have booze, so don't pray too much. hehe.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

frank workin'

Oh my... this past week has been one of my most hellish work weeks ever! I've been substituting in Kindergarden. KINDERGARDEN! Screw the terrible twos... it's all about the horrifying 5 year olds!!Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I've worked with older kids... I've even worked with younger kids (preK) and none of them come close to the wacky craziness of kindergardeners. They are like some small gnome-type creatures that find little ways to annoy and smite you. And in light of this experience, and in the footsteps of Piaget and Kohlberg, I think I should make a little developmental stage theory! Yay! I feel like I'm in school again!

Frank's Developmental Theory
stageONE: [birth - preK] Born with a clean slate. Impulsive. Very little to no logic. cute as hell.
stageTWO: [kindergarden] Dun, dun dunnnnn! Tend to test their surroundings for inconsistances and/or weakness. Attacks at will. Watch out for spitting, biting, headbutting, incessant crying, stubbornness, and what I coined as "mymomsaidididnothaveto"-isms. Does not respond to reason or punishment. Normal behavioral/ congition schemas do not apply at this age.
stageTHREE: [1st-4thISH] Have the most logic. Best at retaining info and exelling at academia. The transitions from stages TWO to THREE and THREE to FOUR are drastic and finite. You can't miss them. Night and Day.
stageFOUR: [5th-12th] All the preteen/teen/young adult self-centered crap comes. All the info retained from stageTHREE is overshadowed by hormones, attitutes, and the social hierarchy of popularity in school. Most people stay in this stage for their lifetimes. Others mutuate into a mix of stageFOUR and stageTWO. These mutants are called ALL THE FREAKING PARENTS I HAVE TO WORK WITH!!!

Here is some craziness for your enjoyment.

  • Meeting a parent, then the parent turns and tells my partner-teacher that she'll be more than happy to volunteer in she needed some help.

  • Don't you hate it when it's nap time and the same kids that are not sleeping fall asleep at the last minute and never want to get up. And you have to CARRY them up a flight of stairs for their Spanish class?!!!

  • Negative reinforcement always works!!! (All you psych majors know what that is. It's not bad, trust me It's not hitting. That's technically, positive punishment)

  • Everyone in Extended Care is now my bitch. seriously! Ever since people know I'm really a teacher now.. I get mad props.

  • I didn't accidentally step on anyone's hair! woot.

  • Why would you force a kid into a health food diet? Just because you're a hippie doesn't mean you have to make your kid one too! It's weird. When a kid has Baked Lays as a "dessert/fun" item for lunch, you have problems. I mean come on... sliced cherry tomatoes?! seriously!

  • I had to have my lunch in the room while the kids had naptime... isn't that like cruel or something?

  • Finally have my check from subbing like a million months ago... stupid administration! You always looked at me funny when I complained. Well, bam! It was your fault all along. They used the old "I didn't know there were two Franciscos... argh! Too lazy to look at the last name, eh?!

  • Would I do it again? Hella yeah. I get to boss kids around all day.... and I get paid for it! sweet!

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Friday, November 11, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.comOkay peeps!

I haven't blogged in like forever because I am now [temporarily] working 11 hours a day! It's absolute craziness. I am about to die, seriously.

So I do have so many outreageous stories about work! But I need some time to write them. It seems that the only times that I am able to be conscious AND not at work... I have to ear-tag that precious time for TV [6:30pm - 9pm]! I have lost the ability to stay up past 9pm. I am slowly turning into the kindergardeners I am in charge of.

Stay Tuned for blog entries on the weekend.
PS- Jasons bday thingy is on Friday (today!) sometime after 6:30, call for more details.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Movie reviews

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHere is all you need to know about Jarhead.

Jarhead = (Jake Gyllenhaal - Hair - Clothes + Strategically placed Santa hats) + Ooh-rah * sand - no killing

I purposely left out "field fuck" and masterbation from the equation because I think they fall into the Ooh-rah catagory. So if you think this equation is right for you, go see the movie.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comRented House of Wax.
Thank Jesus, there was booze within arm's reach. Devon was screeching through what seemed like the whole movie. This is a very gorey movie--Loved it! If your fantasy is to see Paris Hilton die the way she lived [on her knees], then see the movie it's worth it. And if you know what's good for you, you'll NOT watch the commentary with the actors at all! Let's just say that at least they are pretty and have money... cause if they didn't... they'd be shot... quickly!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comDownloaded Blade Trinity.
I don't know what I was compelled to DL this movie. I guess it was the fact that shirtless Ryan Reynolds was in it. Anyways, the DL only took about an hour [ComCastic!]. So... yeah. Remember how I said I wanted to see if because of Ryan Reynolds... yeah... I think it is my duty to tell Ryan something about his performance in this movie. Ryan... you're hot. You have sex appeal. Why are you trying to mess all that up by talking? Not only are you talking, you are trying to be funny!! NO! Don't do that! I know you're trying to be more adult and less VanWildery, by taking serious roles and dating Alanis Morrissette... but dang, yo!! Parker Posey was your EX in the movie, and yet no sex scene?! Come on! And another thing, you don't make stupid "eat me" jokes when Vampires are interrogating you. It's just idiotic... not to mention sooo unrealistic!

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

more craziness

"When are you gonna stop writing all that psychology junk on your blog?!" [Jason's words paraphrased]

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOkay so yeah... I've been neglecting all you people who read my blog for my wacky antics. I guess I'm so used to writing some kind of social science paper this time of the year. Well, I think that's all out of my system for now. [We'll see] Anyways, now for some Frank updates!

Should Frank get another/ or better job? Now that I'm getting used to my job, I kinda like it. Perhaps it's just the familiarity of it all. I do want and/or need more money though. I'll just have to think about it. I seriously think I can be doing my boss' job [have the title, I mean. I do, in fact, do her job alot!] by next school year. This means more money and work experience. I do really want to do something similar like for a career [At a higher level though, of course]. I guess I just like the idea of staying in school like forever. I feel safe, secure, smart and accomplished. So as I do complain about my job, I do very much enjoy it. I guess I can get a side part-time job somewhere for extra "mad money" cause that's all I need more money for. It's not like I need money to pay for my sickly Grandmother's cancer medications or whatever.
Speaking of loving my job...

So I now don't worry about the Kindergarden girls kissing. I now have to watch out for two pre-K boys that make out!! And is it so bad that I'm not really surprised? Naturally my GayDar is on [especially lately] and I could of seriously pointed out those kids as potentially gay. It is just a natural observation like "Hey, there's a yellow flower over there... that's so gay!" Anyways, I guess they're at that age of wonderment and whatnot. It is said that sexual orientation isn't fully concrete till age 6 [For those of you how believe in Nurture v. Nature]. I didn't call them out on it though. Hey... they are under 6... and on the other hand, even if they were born that way why shame them about it. They are just like 4 or 5. I'm not going to give them a complex! And just imagine if I did... They would probably be serial killers... and later when they are convicted they would blame that evil guy that ruined their innocent curiosities when they were in pre-K...
I will not have that over my head for the rest of my life!! I'm not helping anyone kill anyone!!! hehe.

Working out. I have been to the gym and/or out running for a couple of weeks now. Missing a few days here and there [like today! ugh]. It's going well. My diet habits are still hideous, but at least I'm not just sitting around getting fatter [slower ratio, heh]. I'm getting to the point where when I finished working out, I'm more energized and happy. Instead of dying on the bed for hours after. And that's a good thing to have when you're chasing kids all day.

Jason's Bday is coming up soon. I think we are celebrating it a week from Pigskin/Homecoming cause it's just more practical. I believe he planned his own adventures this year. Going to the West End [perhaps Fridays] and then videgames at the apartment. But I think we can squeeze in my idea of getting him smashed and throw his vodka-soaked ass down Oak Lawn with a magic marker asking people to write profanity on his face. Should be goodtimes. All are invited, even that girl I used to date [hehe]. Brian, you're invited too [Economics Brian]. And all you videogame people... I'm looking at you Mark, Paul and Sean! There has to be at least four people for multiplayer games. I REFUSE to be forced to play videogames! [besides Mario Tennis, that game rules!]

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