Tuesday, November 01, 2005

more craziness

"When are you gonna stop writing all that psychology junk on your blog?!" [Jason's words paraphrased]

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOkay so yeah... I've been neglecting all you people who read my blog for my wacky antics. I guess I'm so used to writing some kind of social science paper this time of the year. Well, I think that's all out of my system for now. [We'll see] Anyways, now for some Frank updates!

Should Frank get another/ or better job? Now that I'm getting used to my job, I kinda like it. Perhaps it's just the familiarity of it all. I do want and/or need more money though. I'll just have to think about it. I seriously think I can be doing my boss' job [have the title, I mean. I do, in fact, do her job alot!] by next school year. This means more money and work experience. I do really want to do something similar like for a career [At a higher level though, of course]. I guess I just like the idea of staying in school like forever. I feel safe, secure, smart and accomplished. So as I do complain about my job, I do very much enjoy it. I guess I can get a side part-time job somewhere for extra "mad money" cause that's all I need more money for. It's not like I need money to pay for my sickly Grandmother's cancer medications or whatever.
Speaking of loving my job...

So I now don't worry about the Kindergarden girls kissing. I now have to watch out for two pre-K boys that make out!! And is it so bad that I'm not really surprised? Naturally my GayDar is on [especially lately] and I could of seriously pointed out those kids as potentially gay. It is just a natural observation like "Hey, there's a yellow flower over there... that's so gay!" Anyways, I guess they're at that age of wonderment and whatnot. It is said that sexual orientation isn't fully concrete till age 6 [For those of you how believe in Nurture v. Nature]. I didn't call them out on it though. Hey... they are under 6... and on the other hand, even if they were born that way why shame them about it. They are just like 4 or 5. I'm not going to give them a complex! And just imagine if I did... They would probably be serial killers... and later when they are convicted they would blame that evil guy that ruined their innocent curiosities when they were in pre-K...
I will not have that over my head for the rest of my life!! I'm not helping anyone kill anyone!!! hehe.

Working out. I have been to the gym and/or out running for a couple of weeks now. Missing a few days here and there [like today! ugh]. It's going well. My diet habits are still hideous, but at least I'm not just sitting around getting fatter [slower ratio, heh]. I'm getting to the point where when I finished working out, I'm more energized and happy. Instead of dying on the bed for hours after. And that's a good thing to have when you're chasing kids all day.

Jason's Bday is coming up soon. I think we are celebrating it a week from Pigskin/Homecoming cause it's just more practical. I believe he planned his own adventures this year. Going to the West End [perhaps Fridays] and then videgames at the apartment. But I think we can squeeze in my idea of getting him smashed and throw his vodka-soaked ass down Oak Lawn with a magic marker asking people to write profanity on his face. Should be goodtimes. All are invited, even that girl I used to date [hehe]. Brian, you're invited too [Economics Brian]. And all you videogame people... I'm looking at you Mark, Paul and Sean! There has to be at least four people for multiplayer games. I REFUSE to be forced to play videogames! [besides Mario Tennis, that game rules!]

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