Monday, October 17, 2005

more subbing...

I love it! More jobs = more money!
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I'm in the money! I'm in the money!
Perhaps I can buy descent Xmas gifts for once. hehe. So Wednesday and next Wednesday I'm doing P.E. That should be fine bloggin' can't wait. Meanwhile, I just subbed for Pre-K. It wasn't bad at all (In Pre-K, there are TWO teachers.) I had it pretty easy. And I just realized something... There are actually reasons for some of the Pre-Kers bad behaviors!!! All the kids in preK that are usually bad afterschool, all get picked on during school!! Whoa! I kinda feel sorry for some of them. Anyways, I'm not making this post into a downer. Time for fun preK antics!!

So we were reading this story about a chamelean in some jungle or whatever. And it was at a party of the story where all the animals in the jungle came up to talk to the chamelean.. and the teacher goes "Why are they going to the chamelean, class?" and one kid yelled out "TO ATTACK HIM!"

Funny convo with kid.
Kid: Hey Mister Mejuano, Jaida mean!
Me oh yeah? Jaida, Why are you being mean?
Jaida: I'm not! He just hit me!
Me: Did you hit her?
Kid: yeah, but she's being mean.
Me: It's not nice to hit people, please tell her you are sorry.
Kid: But she's being mean to me!
Me: Well, in actuality, you are the one who seems like you're mean.
Kid: But she's being mean to me.
[after a few more rounds of this I give up]
Me: Jaida, tell him you're sorry.
[she apologized.]
I still stand by my "The easiest way out" methodology of teaching.

After we went outside for recess, this girl walked up to me. "A mesquito bit me" she said. "Oh!.. it doesn't look that bad. We're about to go inside anyways." I said. "They just want my blood!"
[It sounded alot more funnier with a tiny blonde haired girl with a slight speech impediment saying it. heh.

And Oh! They had nap time. I fell asleep at my desk. The other teacher had to nudge me back to consciousness to start doing busy work to keep me awake. ugh, I can't even hang with 4 year olds! In my defense though, the teacher did turn off the lights, turned on some lullaby symphany music and the airCon was like at 30 below zero at the time... so I couldn't help it! I'm weak!

ugh..... gym on wednesday... I should just make them run till they can't run no more.

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Anonymous Sean said...

I don't say it enough, Frank, but I love the graphics on your blog. Other blogs forget the life a little clip art can bring to a page.

You rock on, you.

12:30 AM  
Blogger frank said...

thanks Sean!

8:07 PM  

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