Saturday, March 31, 2007

stupid taxes

At work we all won mp3 players. I think I mentioned that to you guys.
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We finally received them the other day. I already had the awesomeness that is my Ipod Video (drools), so I gave mine to my sister. She loved it, by the way.

So they totally taxed my paycheck this pay period for it!! Bitches! Like they don't trust us to honestly report it in our own tax returns. Geez, where's the trust?

Anyways, previous employees can still pick their MP3 players up... and I hope they don't report it!!! Viva la revolucion!!

Hey, did you hear that the Mexicans are marching for immigrant rights again tommorrow?! I hope it goes well. I'm not going. Yeah, it's my day off. But I'll be asleepin'!! I wish them well though.

In other news, I'm gonna go watch the movie, Blades of Glory again tonight. You guys should see it. Loves it.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007



Apparently someone feels so strongly about American Idol contestant Sanjaya still being on the show, they decided to do a non-violent protest via self starvation. As you know, I am an avid American Idol watcher. And I am down with this cause. Go, hunger strike go!!

Not today, I just went to Taco Bell.

In other Frank news, I bought a TV tuner for my computer. Now I can record and watch my favorite shows. It's like a TV and a VCR for the computer. If I didn't have a huge screened TV in my room at the moment, I would totally watch TV on my computer more. I just bought the tuner for getting my shows on my computer. Our cable is kinda weird (so it messes with the tuner) but it's cool! It came with video editing software. I just might turn this blog into a media bonanza. Anyways, for some freaky (re:sad) reason I have two tuners. One of them didn't go with my laptop, so I gave it to Jason. We might have to have a media rumble if he ever installs his. But I promise I'll do something cool with it and put it on the blog eventually.


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Monday, March 19, 2007

oh shhyyt!

My psuedo-Spring Break was amazing! Let me just describe the setting for ya...

Dad's new house
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  • on demand cable on huge TV
  • free access to booze
  • Pool
  • Jaccuzzi
  • 5 crazy younger siblings

My living situation
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket HELLO poolhouse!! Or like I call it, Bungaloo A

Wait... hold up...

A jaccuzzi, a free standing fireplace, AND a flatscreen TV... ALL TOGETHER?!
hells yea!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket It was a recipe for funtimes! In addition to my awesome living situation, there was food and rides at the Stock Show. It's like a carnival with animals, games and rides. Loved it. Funnel Cakes! Deep-Fried Snickers! And I saw the Chupacabra!! For reals. See the pic to your right to see me upside-down!! Scary!

But probably the best part was I had the chance to see the rest of my family! They are so important to me. If you don't know me that well, ask me about them.. I can go on for hours talking about them. I love them. Here's some pics!!

Sisters-Michelle,Sam,&Janie, Dad flipping Sam, Dad's turn!, Janie, Brother Jonathan shooting, Sam&Stephan picking rubberducks, Michelle doing backflips, Stephan's grill-bling!, Me&Sam, SisterMichelle, BrotherStephan!, StephanClimbing, Don't Bother Michelle while she's texting!!, Sam,Janie&Stephan swim

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring Break

So here I am. It's like 1am, and I have to get up for work at 7am. Another 9-hour work day. Gotta love those full-time hours. sighs, yea...

All you kids out there that DON'T have jobs, I almost envy you. Well, I said almost.

I LOVE having money! I remember back when I was in school. All this free time, but no money. It's much cooler to have money and little free time. I can splurge on extravagant items for myself!

Like the i-Luv lithium battery pack for my Ipod Video. WOOT. It nearly kranks the juice up on my ipod times four!! drools.

Although, sometimes I do wish I had more than just a day or two off at a time. I can barely enjoy myself. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So that's why I'm doing Spring Break right!! I'm going to the Dad's for a week!!! YAY! That means free food, free booze, free late-night trips to Mexico, and free South Padre Island visits!!! AHHH! So excited.

Oh man, I heard Christy Chermak is heading there too. What if we like bumped into eachother. AWKWARD! I mean, we did have that little fling not too long ago. Christy swore me to secrecy, but I figured that it's been long enough. And I'm a Born Again Christian, so I can't lie about it anymore. I'm thinking heavenly thoughts now. Jesus is my personal Lord and Saviour! He will guide me throughout my life so that I can walk with him through the gates of heaven and cast out the demons and temptations of Hell!

Yeah, I need a time to breathe. I was going to break out in gospel song and Hallelujahs!

Praise Jesus! Praise God! Praise the Father! Praise the Son! Praise the Holy Spirit!

Get Saved. Amen.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Guess who is going to be our new roommate?!

Click here to find out!

HAHA, made ya click!
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You will be very surprised. But most likely not. It's Devon Barrett Moubry!

I am so insanely anxious about this new arrangement. I mean, yeah, this person is a friend and we have known him/her since the beginning. But do we mesh well? I remember in college when Jason and I were suitemates. We sort of got along, and we had the separate rooms for privacy. So it just worked, and we knew it could work in an apartment setting aswell. But this...

...is like jumping in head first with a person you haven't lived with ever. We might get along (meh?) in small drunkenly doses, but how is it going to be like having this person around 24/7?

I suppose this is for the best. I guess I'll have to start using three-roommate-person TV shows to make fun puns and such. I'm not using Three's Company!!! Cause in that instance I would have to refer to Jason as Suzanne Somers (yet again!) And the Will & Grace references are played out AND not to mention that Devon doesn't have all the episodes memorized like Jason and I do. Geez, we can't even plagarize a scene without Devon not getting it.

I can use How I Met Your Mother references though!! Jason has managed to get both Devon and I on the bandwagon. I'm Ted though. Devon and Jason make the perfect Marshell and Lily! They could do that disgusting thing where they chew on a strand of spagetti till they meet in the middle!

Yes, Devon.. that is a Will & Grace reference.

FYI, we are all moving in together in May and into a bigger place.

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