Tuesday, March 27, 2007



Apparently someone feels so strongly about American Idol contestant Sanjaya still being on the show, they decided to do a non-violent protest via self starvation. As you know, I am an avid American Idol watcher. And I am down with this cause. Go, hunger strike go!!

Not today, I just went to Taco Bell.

In other Frank news, I bought a TV tuner for my computer. Now I can record and watch my favorite shows. It's like a TV and a VCR for the computer. If I didn't have a huge screened TV in my room at the moment, I would totally watch TV on my computer more. I just bought the tuner for getting my shows on my computer. Our cable is kinda weird (so it messes with the tuner) but it's cool! It came with video editing software. I just might turn this blog into a media bonanza. Anyways, for some freaky (re:sad) reason I have two tuners. One of them didn't go with my laptop, so I gave it to Jason. We might have to have a media rumble if he ever installs his. But I promise I'll do something cool with it and put it on the blog eventually.


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