Monday, February 12, 2007

contest results.

For those of you people who didn't know. The whole works corporation was having a sales contest to see who could sell the most (sales percent by volume) Sony E-Readers.
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These things cost like 3 hundred something dollars. They are not easy to sell. Yes, they are somewhat popular, but not so much in some areas.

The store's employee's (ALL OF THEM) would get the following prizes for placing:

First Place: Digital Camera
Second Place: Dvd player
Third Place: MP3 player

I don't remember the brands or whatever, I just know I wanted free shit.

ANYWAYS, the conest ended Dec. 26th.. and it took then FOREVER to get the results. In fact, we are technically waiting for them now. But the manager in her words "bribed" someone for the results. hehe. Shhh, don't tell anyone!

We placed third...


Anyways, I'm happy. Sort of. Cause we kinda were looking to get the Dvd player cause mine broke (we think). Who cares though?! I'm getting an MP3 player! And it's not Apple, btw. So my Ipod Video won't get jealous... but my old Shuffle would of if I didn't give it to Becky.

This kinda makes up for the fact that our customers are mostly snobs.

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