Wednesday, December 29, 2004

getting a friend some...

read and pass along...

edited out of courtesy.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Unwritten Friend Duties

There are many functions for friends. Things that friends have to do without much question. It's like some unwritten rule or something. It's up there with staring at fake boobs... you may be a straight women and/or gay man, but you're gonna stare at fake boobs when ya see them. Anyways, where was I? Oh! Functions! Here they are (in no particular order):

1)Moving: a friend is expected to help with the moving process.
example- Jason: I'm moving in my sisters stuff. Frank: What time to ya want me to come over to help?

2)Consulting: a friend is expected to consult/counsel.
example- Jason is having some relationship troubles, so Frank hits him over the head with a blunt object... therefore curing his woes. OR Jason tells Frank that his ass looks fat this those jeans!

3)Mutual Inclusive Outings: a friend is expected to accompany the other to places.
example- Frank and Jason are dancing in a local disco. They are not checking out the eye candy... maybe just a little.

4)No Judgements: a friend is expected to not judge... no matter how stupid or slutty the other may be.
example- that's way too easy. Use your imagination.

5)Metamorphisize: friends slowly become eachother.
example- Jason says "yo"... Frank says "yo"

That's all I got now.. there's like a million of them. I used Jason for every example cause it's easy. and... Devon would be way more offensive.

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

new blog grand extravaganza on Jan. 5th!

You're wait is almost over! My newly redesigned blog is coming!!! on Janurary 5th. That's when I'll get back at school. Coincidence? no.

if you forgot what it looks like here's the example again. AGAIN! only the sample! I'm not changing the url! The main blog will still be this url!


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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Sulphur Springs Take 2!

When to Emily's house again. This time the fam knew about us. It was craziness. Well, not that much. But her mom did freak me out. She's obviously out to get me. Well here are some pics. I didn't take much this time...

Here's Emily with a bad hair.

More with the hair!

the brother. He made me an awesome duct tape wallet, so he's coo.

Emily showing off her card shuffling skills.

She can count too!! yay for engineers.

The mom... she's plotting against me!

posing next to the puzzle

more posing.

puzzle fun!

putting together a puzzle.

Emily cooks Taco soup... it's almost a mexican dish.

Kitty's dish in the restroom!!!


Hard Mac. (aka non-EasyMac)

Tiffany, aka Satan. She has the mark of the devil on her back!!!

Emily cooks! oh yea.

Okay, so Emily made HardMac... she was boiling water for like 15 minutes and didn't realize she put the pot on the wrong burner!!! HA!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Still At Emily's

Well, I'm sill at Emily's! I thought I would blog cause it's a special day!

Emily and Frank's One Month Anniversary!
woot woot

Anyways, it's a blast dating Emily. I'll make a list of reasons why Emily is awesome... in no particular order.

1. cute (non-annoying) mannerisms [i.e. her half open eye thing]
2. she's from a tiny, tiny town. Sulphur Springs is a fun, homey town.
3. family and friends are non-insane. (only alittle) well... who's family isn't a little kookie. Her mom is crazy. Her dad's a preacher. Her brother plays the Star Spangled Banner on his guitar every hour on the hour.
4. Her genetically defective fingers...wait.. strike that.
5. she has an awesome computer
6. she's nice.
7. courdroy handbag! she has style now!
8. dog, Toby
9. her awesomeness.


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Saturday, December 18, 2004

I'm working on new templates

So... I got a free template on a blog and I thought it would be easy... NO! I have to code practically everything. Comments! Archives! Spacing! ugh.. thank the lord for cut/paste!!! it was hell! but I'm kinda liking the format of it. Check it out! i put the 3 new banners on there as promised! VOTE! and COMMENT on the new format!

PS- this url isn't going to be my new blog url! I'll change it all so that this address will have everything on it. No point to change your bookmarks! This is just a example!

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Friday, December 17, 2004

I have way too much time on my hands...

I can't stand it! So I'm going to rant about a few things. bare with me.

1) I need a haircut badly. But I'm trying to enjoy my hair now that I appreciate that I have it. heh. So, I've noticed that my little brother (he's 21) is getting rather sans hair lately. It's weird. I mean, we have the same hair genes, right? meh, he's always looked older than me anyways. In matter of fact, a few months ago someone thought I was younger than my 18 year old sis. It's probably cause I'm a huge cow. And cows are ageless. ugh. Anyways, I've been having issues with my hair for the last few years now. It used to be sooo awesome! So managable, I could do anything with it! ugh.

2) Attraction to younger people is genetic!!! I now believe this! It's totally true. At this very moment. My mom, my sis, and I have mates that are younger than we are! The older we get the bigger the age difference! My mom and her husband have a 13 year difference. I have about a 5 year diff. and my sis has a little over a 1 year difference!! craziness.

3) I think I need a new banner... I think I'm going to make like 3 and have a contest... my commenters will chose their favorite and I'll use that one. Stay tuned for it. I'll probably get the bulk of them done today.. I'm that bored.

4) So I'm taking another adventurous trip to Sulphur Springs! I'm going Monday after the game... thats right! I'm going to the game!! COME ALL! That means you trumpets! i don't wanna have to stand by my mortal enemies! ugh. So... Sulphur Springs, yeah... I told my mom that I was going to a Xmas Shindig at someone's house. That's anotehr thing!

5) My relationship a la clandestine. It's going to be a month now! On the 22nd! (not the 21th like I orginally thought! at least now it's not the same as Megan and Cory!) When is it a good time to come out of the closet with this to the rents? And by "rents" I mean my mom, cause I told the dad already to brag and whatnot. It's not like I'm ashamed or anything... I just think that in my case it's going to be total madness trying to explain this. And she'll want an explanation too! It was hell trying to explain the gayness... just think of this! ugh... I don't know what to do. I am jsut too happy to think of this junk. I mean, do I have to tell her? Can't I just wait until I'm standing on an alter (In Massachusetts OR Texas) to really know what the hell is happening? ugh... utter craziness. I'm just going to play it by ear.

6) I need to get drunk more. I need to get a job. I need to stop complaining! I'm such a drama queen. My life is awesome now! I can't stop and smell the roses!
I'm graduating!
I have my school paid for next semester!
I have an awesome girlfriend!
I'm not going eating at UL that much... which probably means I'll lose a few unless I eat at damn Chickfila every day!
I have a full head of hair... as on now!
I have some awesome friends like Jason (the older brother I never had), Emily (soulmate!), Lauren (craziness and a sympathetic ear), Monica (always good for a laugh), Cory (believe it or not!), Becky (she's hilarous!) and now MEGAN (thanks for the advise... I know! I'm shocked too!). If I forgot you sorry!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Attack of the Mormons

Today, I decided that I need a reason to get the hell outta this place so I thought that a job would be sufficient. So my search as on. Starbucks was the only place that was hiring, so I filled out the application and hoped for the best. As I walked home, two guys in suits and coats approached me. At first I thought they wanted to ask me the time or something. But no... they were Mormons!

It was super cold outside and they looked so desparate so I decided to humor them and act remotely interested. I even ask questions and whatnot. I think they were surprised I knew a little bit about their religion. ( I mentioned the gold tablets and other stuff about the history!) I knew that Fantastic Archaeology class would come in handy. Of course I didn't debunk them. That would be rude, and I made it my point to make them believe that I was really interested.
TIP: It's really hard to fake it when it's extremely cold outside. I told them that my family were hardcore catholics and that I was looking for answers (and crap like that... they were salivating!) Luckily when they asked me for my number I used the strict family thing to deter it... Muhahaha! But i was like "Do you guys use email!?"

hee hee, I'm so wicked.

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Monday, December 13, 2004

At home.

Well, I'm at home. ugh. so bored. I got AOL though. I guess it's better than nothing. ugh. dialup sucks ass. I should be still on AIM though. talk to me!

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Xmas Graham Cracker Houses!

So, anyways. I didn't have my cam at this adventure but Jason did. So he'll probably do a better job of recapping that night. So I'll let him do it. I'll just post some pics and add somewhat hilarious commentary.

This one is of all of us posing in front of our grand graham cracker house! There's a snowman that's in front but you can barely see it! and ummm... yea... Sean looks weird with his hands in this pocket while standing behind me... DUDE! I'm taken Sean!

Here's me and my amazing church house!! It's the church of Eric! I made it. It was the more stable of all the houses people made. I built it like the El Tajin pyramids! From the top down! oh yea! What's with my hair?! ugh.

Here's all of my again... but you can see my snowman this time!!! YAY!!

This is Jason. with this belief on houses: the taller the better. he wins the height contest.

Sean. at least he tried.

PS- go to Jason blog to get a better recap. I'm just too lazy.

On a related note... here's what Jason gave me for Xmas... no seriously he did!

i didn't know how to respond... shocked.

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

I'm going home.

ugh. Reasons why I hate home.

1) No internet. Hopefully, I can talk my mom into it. ugh.
2) Step-father awkwardness. He's there. I'm there... ugh.
3) No cable. NO!!!
4) Can't be gay... or straight! ugh.
5) I'll just get fatter at home.
6) bored.
7) annoying family stuff.
7) bored.

more reasons later.

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Why doesn't school just die already?!

My first final was today for my Language in Culture and Society class!
I was expecting a super easy test, but I have to say that it was only moderately easy. And I got back my test 3 back... I made a 98 on it! I'm so excited! So hopefully I'll make a decent grade in this class unlike that darn Scientific Method class. I really hope I don't fail taht stupid class!
The professor of that Scientific Method class was like sooo very vague on what is on the final. So basically everyone is going in there blind. It's the only test we have! No other exams, no midterm! just the stupid final and some other crap! ugh.
On a brighter side, I registered!!! I have classes! here they are! Comment if you've taken any of these.

1) ANTH 3316: Cultures of Pacific Islands
2) ANTH 3346: Culture and Diversity in the US
I have to take 2 regional anthropology classes to finish my anth minor. these were the only available ones!! I hope some others clear up... pacific islands?! ugh.
3) CTV 3300: FILM AND TELEVISION GENRES (soap operas!)
Sean recommended this one. and it's about soaps!! I'm strangely intrigued.
4) PERE 1112: band
5) SPAN 1401: Beginning Spanish
Yeah, so I've decided that after all this time, I'm finally taking spanish! I think it was Roy's family that encouraged me to learn. All their constant mocking at every possible moment motivated me. Thanks Roy. and Roy's Aunt!! heh.

Anyways, I'm feeling alot better about graduating now. I was freaking out, but then I went to the Career Center... I don't care what Jason says... I like them.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

new Christmas banner.

In the spirit of Xmas or whatever I made Jason a banner. So I thought I would make one for myself. So I googled the word "Christmas" and click the images button... saw a picture of some random family in front of a tree and made it my own!


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Monday, December 06, 2004


In class about a few weeks ago my professor said that the next couple of classes were about graduate school and for those who weren't interested didn't have to attend class... so huzzah! In my mind, I was happy I didn't have to go to class!! woo for me, right!?


I missed my final on Thursday! Yeah! We had a scheduled final... on Thursday! So, how did I find out about this? It was checking my email Friday and I came across some interesting emails from my professor.

Email #1
Dear Francisco, You missed the final on Thursday. Since quite a few people missed it as well. I'm scheduling another time to take it.

Email #2
For those who missed the final, you can take it at 9am tommorrow (Friday).

So, first of all I was surprised and shocked! Looked on the syllabus... yup! there's an exam on December 1! oh well, luckily there's a makeup...
Then I look at the time... It's 3pm!!!

I freak.

call the professor and he's like...
Prof: Why did you miss the final?
Me: I didn't realize...
Prof: Well, um.. you can take it like within the hour.
Me (oh shit! I didn't study at all!!) ummm, okay.
Prof: I'll expect you in a few.

I take the final blind. Scantron exam! Then he's like "Let's grade it now!" Are you sure? Do you want me to just stay here? I say. "No. just follow me" he says.
(Oh crap! Can't you just let me live in delusion?!)

I got a 68. I'm a badass!

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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Theta tau formal

It was a grand time at PF Changs then Monica's for a post party! sweetness! Here's some pics. enjoy.

emily and I... the perfect couple!

Angela and Cory... cory's already trashed!!

Lauren consulting with some engineers.

Jami using her hair tossing skillz!

Angela trying to walk.

Angela and Frank?

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

end of the semester slum

Okay, so I'm practically done with the semester. Nothing but finals... non-impossible finals at that. but still, I'm in a mood.

I think that things in my life are like... too good. I'm kinda scared things are just going to collapse over me. It's weird. I am suddenly very aware of every action I take. Every step I take. It's like I can't be spontanious anymore. I just feel like I'm calculating everything I do. Perhaps all these "goodtimes" are driving me nuts. Suddenly, I feel bad for being on the computer of more that a few hours... what is that?! I'm a computer-a-holic! I have to be doing something, going somewhere. I have my whole room to myself and it's not good enough. I need to invite people over... entertain someone.

meh... I need to change my Glade Plugin soon. This time I'll get a good scent... none of this Hawaiian Breeze junk! ugh.

So I have Christmas music on a continuous loop. Mostly Jessica Simpson. Favorite Song: Oh Holy Night.

I hope Christmas Break isn't boring. I can see that happening. Maybe that's what is bothering me. I'll just be home doing nothing... getting fatter... friendless. What is the deal with self-condescending?! (is that a word?!... meh!)

What happened to me being easily amused?

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mexican Adventure pics!

Here they are! It took me forver to resize, upload, then code a website!! BE HAPPY!

Cory, Roy, & Frank Mexican-Thanksgiving-Adventure!

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