Thursday, December 02, 2004

end of the semester slum

Okay, so I'm practically done with the semester. Nothing but finals... non-impossible finals at that. but still, I'm in a mood.

I think that things in my life are like... too good. I'm kinda scared things are just going to collapse over me. It's weird. I am suddenly very aware of every action I take. Every step I take. It's like I can't be spontanious anymore. I just feel like I'm calculating everything I do. Perhaps all these "goodtimes" are driving me nuts. Suddenly, I feel bad for being on the computer of more that a few hours... what is that?! I'm a computer-a-holic! I have to be doing something, going somewhere. I have my whole room to myself and it's not good enough. I need to invite people over... entertain someone.

meh... I need to change my Glade Plugin soon. This time I'll get a good scent... none of this Hawaiian Breeze junk! ugh.

So I have Christmas music on a continuous loop. Mostly Jessica Simpson. Favorite Song: Oh Holy Night.

I hope Christmas Break isn't boring. I can see that happening. Maybe that's what is bothering me. I'll just be home doing nothing... getting fatter... friendless. What is the deal with self-condescending?! (is that a word?!... meh!)

What happened to me being easily amused?

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Blogger emily said...

Frank, anyone who can watch TV for more than 2 hours straight is easily amused.

Christmas Break - yeah. i am beyond confident that there is no way in HELL that i can spend that long at my house. therefore, we will have to find a way to get you out of your house and me out of mine so that you can be with the coolest friend ever (aka ME)!

1:42 PM  

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