Thursday, November 11, 2004


Great! Kehler is being insane yet again! Not only has he had one of his patented hissy-fits, but he singled out one section... and let's be honest... the weakest section (socially) in the band. Now I'm not saying that they deserved it or whatever. I'm doing a rant about that soon! I'm saying that Kehler doesn't really have the skills to understand a section like the drumline. Everyone wants to think that all the sections are equal, but they are not. Drumline has there own things taht make them unequal to the winds. And even some drummers don't understand what winds feel. First of all, they have Jon Lee. Their own personal drum instructor. Someone that is a professional in percussion. It would be great if all the sections had something like that. We only have student section leaders who may not be as good, respected or as authoritative as someone hired to be an instructor. It's a little jealously that some of us have. If we are one band, then we all should be equal-- in the good and bad.
Secondly, we don't seem to socialize... I mean, no offense to anyone. I think that most people on this planet can safely say that I'm a nice, friendly person. But some of the drum people are just nonapproachable. I mean, I've gotten through to alot of drum people.... Janie, Monica, Jeremy, Courtney, and I even remember a time that Jason Davis used to IM me with the occasional "let's take a ride to Goody-Goody" talk. I guess I'm probably singling out a few people in particular. and I really don't wanna say names, but I see him/her practically everyday and it's like they don't acknowledge my existence. And I get really annoyed by this. Oh yeah, and it's not Katie Patterson! she's too cool.

I guess I'm in a crappy mood. Kehler was way too harsh.

Anyways, we all need to socialize more. I think we all need to communicate... even if it's bad. Anything would be an improvement.

PS- Winds know this: We get bitached out too. It's just when drummers aren't around. (sections, etc.)

None of us are perfect... which is why we should to concentrate all our energy in hating Kehler. It'll be a group bonding activity that everyone would love. CHECK THIS OUT!

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Blogger Jason said...

Frank, I will stab you in the eye the next time you're around. That is if I can find you, seeing as I HAVE GONE BLIND!!!

10:49 AM  
Blogger frank said...

Perhaps I should have a disclaimer... I didn't make it. But when I find out who, I'll give credit.

11:19 AM  
Blogger deh-vin said...

God damn it Frank! My eyes!

4:18 PM  
Blogger frank said...

PS- Grayson did the picture. If you all were curious.

3:23 PM  

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