Thursday, October 28, 2004

Some updates on things.

1) The whole roommate fiasco, (from Oct23) has reached it's pinnicle! My roommate is moving! sweet. I'll have the whole awesome room to myself. I think I hear a great party IN MY ROOM! oh yeah! No more snoring, sleep-talking in French, random people, random drunk girls, damn ESPN.com updates, baseball games, and I'll never have to hear the words "hey sexy," "geez," or "I can't help it, I'm from the south." He'll be leaving soon.

2) From the death of Ryan (Oct23), Emily has bought new fish...two yellow guppies...Wallace and Jasper... oh my! worst names for fish ever! And it can't be undone, I told Emily, they will be made fun of by other fish and people forever! They don't have a chance at guppie high school! I feel sorry for them. Anyways, my other bettas (Clark, Princess, and Miss Cessy) are doing great. I was a little afraid to clean their tank the other day but then remembered that I can do that without killing. heh.

3) My brother's psycho gf (Oct20) is calming down. I haven't heard anything from the family yet. They have the tendency to forget to tell me important things that are going on. Damn people! I'm like a phone call away!

New Things
  • Going to bed early... I got up at 6am today... it feels great. Of course going to bed at 10pm is kinda weird, but I had help. Good ol' Tylenol with codine!
  • Speaking of that, I have an ear infection! That's why I have it! I'm not a pill popper. heh. Ugh... so that story is werid. I had been feeling sick. I didn't know what it was, but I kept calling the fam so that they would like help me of something...not a good idea. Here's a conversation.
Mom: what's up Frankie?
Me: I think I'm sick.
Mom: Oh really? how so....OH yea, I'm not feeling good either!
Me: what's the matter?
Mom: Christina [my sis] hasn't called me in 2 days! She was supposed to come over and have dinner with me today.
Me: [realizing that her ailment is my sister not calling her and meanwhile I'm about to die] oh yeah... [sits] [sighs] What's her deal?

Oh my! It was like this for 4 days until I went to the Health Center [PS- against everything I believe in] and got an actual diagnosis and prescription saying that I was sick and need medical medicine! She couldn't ignore me then!

Me: thanks for the medicine mom!
Mom: your welcome. Your sister and I were worried about you from the phone calls you made.
Me: [huh? Was he actually saying this?] really?
Mom: yeah... you hardly said anything about how I was doing.
Me: [crushed] sorry mom.... has Christina called you yet?

Lesson Learned: Just keep your mouth shut and expect nothing from family... they are all egocentric--including yourself. : )

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Blogger Jason said...

1) I'm very jealous of your very own dorm room and as such I shall now start talking like your roommate whenever I'm around in order to exact my revenge.

2) Man, if I were Emily I would end you for such a remark. Don't take no crap, Emily!

4) Hahahahaha. That is all.

Additionally, your mom is too awesome for words. "But bringing the focus back to me..."

10:51 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

What is wrong with sleep-talking in French? You got something against the French? or ESPN? or Baseball? I should come down there and "end you" as Jason would put it for taking issue with sports. As for fish names.... I am just not sure you can mock anyone for naming their fish, I mean, princess? clark? (I know, watch what I say, there was a time when I would have named a cat Mr Purr) ;) I am only kidding, but if you want to mock me when I get 2 animals and name them Molson and Blue, you are more than welcome to.

1:43 PM  
Blogger frank said...

Okay, so Jason has his own apartment... who's more jealous?

Molsen? what the....? Jim does remind me of my roommate, except I could totally beat up Jim.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Whateva, you have both free food and someone who comes and cleans the bathroom for you. Apartments are the devil. I shall have my revenge. (And I would pay good money to see a Frank - Jim fight.)

4:34 PM  
Blogger frank said...

I have crappy suitemates, do you?

7:13 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

I would destroy you!!!!!!!!!

(P.S.) is there anything better than a 3 way conversation on a comment section on someone's blog? I mean, really, do other people read this and think "perhaps these guys should get a life...."?

10:24 PM  
Blogger emily said...

Jim, you are my new fav. person!!! (so what if i have no clue who you are).....but it is quite entertaining to read 3-way convos on the internet (so I have nothing else to do with my either)

and Frank does need to back up off my fish names!! not cool yo, not cool.

12:35 PM  

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