Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My brother's baby's momma/ Psycho girlfriend.

If you don't want to be disturb today... don't read this entry! you have been warned!

I thought that all this drama was over... or at least minimalized!
So here's the background behind it all.... bare in mind that this IS very Jerry Springer-ish and that I am telling you guys this cause I'm just frustrated beyond belief and I really need to vent now!

Background: Alma, the slut-hoe, is this sad, manipulative biatch that stole my brother's common sense and descency. And yes! My brother is the most gulliable fool ever! He would chase after anything in a skirt. In retrospect, he's probably getting a dose of the old Karma... but he's not the only one involved... the whole family is! So anyways, my brother is dating her and she wasn't like the other shanks that my brother dates. She was ugly and not too fit...she was a cow! Then he told me the big news...he got Alma pregnant. ARGH! So... when I moved into college, she moved in to my mom's house with my brother. (Now they tried to get a place of their own, but it's always failed and they end up at my mom's place.) Now my sister and mom aren't quite fond of her at first, cause Alma would always leave the kid everywhere and basically my mom paid for everything. She even gave my brothers old car to her for her to drive. (Later, she sold the car... forged my mom's sig too!) Anyways Mom and Sis just took it...I mean she was family now right? Not married...but kinda family.

(Quick Note: The kid's legitimacy to my brother HAS been dicussed and Alma has never agreed to have a test. And why would she? She had a sweet deal. She was taken care of. No rent. No baby expenses. Free room and board.)

Anyways, they is were the story gets personal. My brother has always been a hellian. And he's done more than his fair share of boyish mischieve. Ugh... so Alma accuses... my brother is incarcerated.

yeah...what did I tell you. Jerry! Jerry!

So the whole court process was weird. This is why we hate her. We were very concerned with everything. About what exactly happened. And Alma basically said that the whole thing was a misunderstanding and she really didn't mean to accuse anything. But then there was the "trial." Long Story short: the biatch lied. She said the opposite.
So, at this point we didn't know what to think. Was she actually telling the truth? Who knows? It's just weird how she lied about the whole thing. Oh well.

During the next couple of months, she gotten more crazy. I guess my mom just feels sorry for her or something. But should she, or anyone else, have to pay for the actions of my brother? My brother who is currently "back together" with? Anyways, now when Alma wants something, she does whatever it takes to get it. When she got pissed at my mom, she moved out... and the worst thing you can do to a overprotective grandmother is not let her visit her grandbaby. ugh.
Anyways, MY crappy encounter with her is alittle bit more drastic and it involves the police. So I have been hearing about all this crap happening via telephone. And at the moment, my mom's pissed at Alma so something. I go home for the summer. And it couldn't be worst timing...perhaps the (then) happest day of life.... topped off with a visit by Alma. First the happy news, I had just gone out on my first official date with a guy!!! Peter, who is now an awesome student at Harvard Law School! I know! I know how to pick them! So maybe like 30 minutes after my amazing lunch date with Peter, she knocks on the door. I open it. She prepares to walk in like she owns the joint. I say "Ummm, no..." She's all like "I have stuff here"... I, living here for the summer, know that she hasn't set foot in this place for 2 months. "We don't have any of your stuff here. I'm all moved in to your old room, so I would know if you have anything here. Besides, my mom says she doesn't want you here." She bitches and complains how she knows that her stuff is in here and that she IS going to get it! I am shocked at her forcefulness. And begin to close the door. She jams her leg in the door. I'm in totally La-la land. What is she doing?! She continues to bitch. I'm all like "if I don't invite you in, it's against the law for you to enter!" (I think that's a law, right?) She goes off... Having realize that I was just overpowered by a 5'4 girl, I dash to the entry way of the hallway (remembering to grab the phone!). I block the way. She's continues pushing. I start dial for help. She knocks the phone across the room. At this point everything seems in slow motion. I see the phone gliding through the air, hitting the carpet. I realized that this totally MUST be a dream! This can't be real. Things like this don't happen to me! I'm normal! I try to get the phone. (OMG! I'm not making this up!) She and I have a push/shove confrontation for the phone. (What comes out of her mouth at this time is purely evil. And scares me to death. I'm not going to say cause I might start crying or laughing... either way they were accusations of a sexual nature) I get the phone! YAY! I dial! She suddenly starts screaming and yelling towards me...or should I say the phone. The 911 operator is totally convinced that I'm the root of all evil. Perhaps it was cause I was barely comprehensible (grasping for breath) and a women is screaming bloody murder in the background. Anyways, the cops come, she plays the mother/girl card. The cops do nothing! AT ALL! Even when they ask both of us for identification...she says "I don't have any." and then I quickly reply "...and you drove here?...illegally?"


So now, she slashed my sister's tires for not answering her cell. She probably wanted her to babysit, as usual. She's a psycho. I'm basically am out of her radar here at SMU. BUT!!!!!!!!! She moved into my mom's neighborhood. why you may ask? for a job? for any convienance she has? NO! Addison is nowhere near her crappy job or anything else except my mom. She is trying to destroy us! So I'm trying to convince my mom not to move. And not to go crazy. perhaps she should move.

Oh my! you all think I'm crazy now, right? My family situation is fu*ked my right now, I just needed to vent/rant.

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Blogger Jason said...

Okay, not to make too light of a horrible situation, but that is an awesomely insane story. It's like Passions crossed with Law & Order, with a dash of Cops and just enough gay.

Sorry and good luck. Remember, hardship builds character.

10:05 AM  
Blogger frank said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:25 PM  
Blogger frank said...

ah Jason.

did you say Passions!? I bet you watch that! The story didn't have leprachans in it??

2:26 PM  

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