Thursday, October 07, 2004

Week from Hell

Oh my!

This week sucks...alot! So I sort of saw this week coming to I planned stratigically how I was going to survive this week. Then all my plans get ruined!! My darn (yea, I said "darn." It's a "darn" kinda day!) Sociology professor supposedly email everyone telling them that the midterm has been moved from Tuesday to Thursday. I DIDN'T GET CRAP FROM HIM! arg. So I walked into the computer room for the test and there were these students from my class saying why was I there cause the test has been moved. I was dumb-struck.
Now you mind think why? I mean, it's more time to study right? I should be thankful!

I don't think so!

Now I have an exam on Wednesday, an exam on Thursday, my pigskin tryout immeadiately after the exam on Thursday, then a huge CF paper on the Shroud of Turin due on Friday before 11am. ARG! I have so much to do.

So far, I got my Wednesday midterm done...I crashed and burned. I have Clinical Psychology! What happened to the good old days when we just cut the middle man and send all the weird people to the "crazy house?" I mean, come on! Clinical Psychology is the stuff and people think of when they think of psychology. I can't stand that. Assessment - Treatment....ugh. This crappy subset of psychology should be ruled out! Kinsey and Freud were clinical psychologists...and they are crazy! coincidence? I think not!

ugh, this Thursday exam should a little less stressful. Only cause we can drop one exam... I was hoping to drop my 1st exam 70, but I think I can make the sacifice this one time. OMG! I gotta talk about today's band practice! I'm a nerd, yea...nothing new.

So 3 things....
1) Scott Swagerty - a lead trumpet, my squad leader, all-around swell guy...TILL TODAY! what the f*ck?! He was being a (I can't believe I'm using a Ryan word) douche bag! He was all like...
scott: Hey Frank, are you stomping down at the right place?
me: am I?
scott: uhhhh, I don't know... I was just asking...

What a hoe! I think I'm just pissed that he's not going to the Rice game cause he and his girlfriend are going to NY instead...just for fun. arg. I think I'm being Eric or something...oh well, he still sucks. but I'll get over it.

2) Matthew Moravec - another lead trumpet (do I detect a pattern?), our section leader, my said-moral enemy. So we had a little trumpet pow-wow after band. And he was all like...We need to have chorographed moves for the spread-em-and-blow (PS- if you don't know what that is...no time to explain). The whole thing was stupid! But he said that we would have a majority vote...We had one...everyone agreed. It was stupid. Then he started complaining about it. WTF?! We voted! ARGH! I mean, I'm a good sport...I went along with the horn movements in Pony Battle Cry, even though I hated them! Anyways, I was determined that I wasn't doing the dance moves at all. The Mustang Band isn't a boy band! He needs to do something. I don't know exactly what it is...well...yeah, I do. heh. But that is just a "Jason-Frank Kiddings." (JFK! Ha! I can make werid abbreveations too!)

3) ARG, yard lines - they are evil and very elusive for my viewpoint in the first tune. arg to them!

Well...ugh. I still have my paper due Friday. It's gonna be bad! At least I don't have anything the week after Fall Break. I'll get to relax Monday and Tuesday. Mmmm, relaxing. It's almost as fun as procrastinating.

PS- this blog might of hurt some people's feelings or whatever, but I don't care. I'm sick of being nice. It's a blog! And if you are reading this, it means you like reading my rantings and this is a rant! Love it! And for all the people I didn't talk about...just wait...you're next! muhahaha! No one is safe. Except the mighty Kim Greene...she's great!

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