Wednesday, August 31, 2005


The bday is upon me. I'm a year older and a year wiser.


Shindig Party on church day, naturally. Sunday.. at my place...

hehe. I'll move in on Friday night and have a party on Sunday. sweet. Anyways, Jason and Emily are planning it. Ask them for details. so... that means ask Jason.

Can't wait.

pointy hats for all.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

time goes by

SO VERY SLOWLY!Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm waiting for Friday to come along and it is taking longer than the Lord of the Rings Extra Features CDs. ugh. I hate it when that happens. ugh. Weekend come here already! So many things to look forward to starting Friday!
Well, since I love making lists...

  • Money: After working the traditional three weeks, I finally get paid on Friday! YAY! Money! for me! I love it! And if they pull some "We'll pay you on Monday" crap, I'm going to raise hell. I have the power now. Those people betta recognize! Too bad I have rent to pay though.

  • Moving: I'm finally moving to my own place... with Jason. It's so cool! I'm gonna be all independent and cool. sweet. And I'll be out of the madness that is my current living condition with the FAM. ugh. These people just walk around like they know me! Mmmmm, better internet...cable...own bathroom...Jason's Dvds...

  • Mustang Game: So, am I a dork for being excited for the first game after my graduation? I'm the alum now. craziness. But at least I'll see a good half-time show... and if I don't... I'll make Monica drink!! which brings me to..

  • My Bday: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. The celebration is on Sunday, since Monday(my bday) is now the offical "sobering up day." Oh yeah! Three-day weekend! For details, ask Jason or Emily.

Okay, so I really didn't mean to make all of those with Ms. heh. I'm so awesome. It's scary sometimes.

PS- I just did a screening interview with the principal, and I rocked it. But Catholics are so untrusting. Just a few priests, ruin it for all the rest of us.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

hehe... fools.

Those fools gave me a key to the school!!


and I'm the only one with a key. Those trusting people... so naive.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Okay so work is getting weird. I guess it's because now that it's been a while the children are now 'getting used to us' or whatever. Anyways, this time passed has yielded some crazy situations. I went I say 'crazy' I really mean 'afterchool special crazy.'
I had no idea that these things actually happened! It's like some traumatic science experiment. Here's are some of the stories.

1) Kid games.
They aren't like the kid games on cool Disney movies at all! People get hurt. worst enough, I get hurt! Some weird kid hit me with the soccer ball like 3 times! How can three times be an accident!? I guess I can't complain. I was the goalie, after all. STILL!! They kid has it in for me. I can't turn my back on that kid for a second.
This girl bit her tongue when she fell to the floor after doing sprints. Blood was everywhere. It's kinda horrifing when a 4 year old that you are supposed to be 'taking care of' starts incessantly bleeding a river on her bright yellow Catholic school uniform. Thinking, OH MY GOD, I'm going to be on one of those new reports about bad neglecting daycare people who shake babies or forget that the kid is allergic to chocolate; feeding them a hersey bar.
AND... the game Red Rover is now revoked from children everywhere! I mean... how is this game fun and safe?! First of all, the kids can't decide for the life of them who should come over! So of course, 7 people come running at the same time. And at that moment, you see like 4 kids getting 'clothes-lined' and the rest causing a tremor in the line of children. ugh... kids flying everywhere. I can hear the new cameras coming already.

2) Kid personality = Parents personality
WOW. so cliche! yet so true!

3) Kid crimes.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! dude... just dude! seriously! You are not going to believe....

I... just... can't!

Now, I don't know the kid who did this. Or if he is even a 'regular,' but one of the kids did an INSANELY SHOCKING thing to one of the people I work with. OMG! I just can't deal. All I can say is that if one of the kids did that to me, I would do one of the following.
a) I would immediately punch the kid. Then, after a minute or so, after realizing what I done, I would run like hell.
b) Grab the kid and throw him. I don't know where yet. Probably in the vicinity of his parents. Then run like hell.
c) Get offended. quit.
d) cry.
e) Bribe another kid to kick his ass.
f) die... emotionally.
or g) which was what the woman did, not overreact.

So I'll leave it up to your imagination on what the kid actually did. But it wasn't cool.

Anyways, this is so crazy. And there's also stuff going on with us staff peoples.
There's this women, middle aged, from Africa. She was a teacher in Africa and she has decided not to be one here in the US. why? Well, she says that schools in Africa are more strict and allow corporal punishment.
And me... being the liberal/psychology degreed/"pro-I'm not living in the stone ages, so I don't have to spank my kids to teach them societal rules" that I am, I felt I should say something...

but I didn't...

it's been a long day.. and there was NO way I was going to open that can of worms especially after the kid-misbehaving-incident. ugh. I can't change the world!

but if a work day goes by that a kid doesn't a) bite her own tongue, b) start stripping in the cafeteria, c) goes into a confession on how she's totally in love with you, d) explains he has ADHD and so he has to do his homework before his last pill runs out of juice, e) tells me 'who likes who' dragging me to each person and pointing, eyebrows raised, or f) spits on you.... I'll go untraumatized.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Memo to Parents

I recently took a few extra hours at work yesterday cause the school was having a Parent-Teacher Meeting and I would like to forward this memo to all of them. I was in charge of entertaining/supervising the kids of said parents.

Dear Parents,

I hate you all.

Now I know that most of you parents are 'regulars' of the after-school program that I am currently employed in, but since I have a pyschology degree I feel like I have to point out a few things. First of all, I know that having those few extra hours of after-school care is heaven and that 8 hours of school is not enough time to fully neglect your children. But please. Know that children get attached to their parents. And when you dump them in school, then aftercare till 6, then more aftercare till 8:30... they develop a complex!!!
One of two things happen. (A) they hate and ignore the parents, or (b) they go into convulsions when they see you, cause they want to be with their parents. Too bad for me, most of them choose to act the way that puts me in the most awkward situations. So please, don't dump your kids with us and then take little breaks in the PTA meeting only to make your child go into seisures over you only to leave and return in 30 minutes. It doesn't make my job any easier.


Your friend and/or enemy,
an aggrivated and underpayed 14 year old babysitter.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

workin' hard

It's only been three days in working at a Catholic school but I gotta say... I'm not entirely suicidal yet.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI'm very surprised that I'm not praying for death by now. That's insane! lemme explain. Here are my duties, and YES they are divided up in sections!! seriously! Who knew that the Catholics really do have order to things.
1) Section 1: Sign in kids and pass out the snack. This was actually my first duty ever. I was the team leader. (btw, I am now programmed to answer what I do with "I work in a team!") Anyways, all the kids whose parents are enjoying happy hour after work, file in to the cafeteria to sign up for Extended School Care. The cafeteria, along with everything else, is very tiny and not as gaudy as I orginially thought a Catholic school would be. Who knew that government-assistance was that integral the look of a school. Poor, poor private schools. Where was I? Oh yeah, kids from the ages of preschool to eighth grade are crowding into the cafeteria. Luckily there's like 2 teachers on staff to help us. Otherwise we would surely parish.
Then it's snack time! Oh the joy of afterschool snacks. Usually lemonade and cookies/ chips. Too bad we have to make it cause I don't make it drinkable at all. Don't ask me to taste test it!! I'm bad! I'll drink anything!! Ugh and not to mention the kids practically tear everything up. Those darn kids. Being all crazy. But that's not the worst thing. Kids talk too!! Not only do they do things, they talk!! People shouldn't have the ability to talk till like age 18 seriously. It would solve so much. Anyways, this little girl (5th grade? They all look 8 years old anyways) happen to get a napkin with a hole in it and she's all "What?!!!" Freaking out over a napkin! So I told her she got it cause she was special. worst reply ever! I walked away then she's all "HEY! what does that mean!?" Then I finally got the special (read: "special") reference. "Ummm, you're unique... look it up!"
ugh... catholic school = lots of prayers
Section 2: Stretches! OH. MY. Thank the gym-faires for the gym! A place where children can wear themselves out with very little interaction by me. I can fully participate by throwing random shaped balls that cross me as kids run wildly for them. fun stuff. At least this gets them tired and therefore controllable later. Unlike today when the director convieniantly forgot section 2... ugh... kids everywhere! Luckily there's a condition stimulus that tranquilizes them: Clapping two times. But on days without the gym, mere clapping doesn't work! kids everwhere!
Sections 3&4: These are interchangable sections whose sole purpose is to separate the young kids and the older kids. I like the go with the old kids, but they tend to be more in tuned with logic and common sense. But there are times when I get stuck with the youngens.
Trying to entertain these kids is hard. And there's only one movie day a week!! Just one!! I can't wait for fridays! Ah, there's the kid who likes to hit me with a loola-hup every five minutes. That's fun. Then there's the two kids who chase eachother around the room trying to kiss. eww.
Fighting kids. How do people deal with fighting children? If I didn't have the clap-clap, I would die. Thank you for the clap-clap! sighs. Why do brothers have to fight over a combination bike lock?!

I do like my job though. :D
Anyways, at least I'm getting paid eventually. heh. Two more days till the weekend! Oh yeah!

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Friday, August 12, 2005

oohhh, ahhh!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Does Frank finally have a job? Is he finally emotionally unattached to school?

well... Yes and no. I do have a job, but it is as a teacher's aide. So I haven't totally cut the "I'm in school" cord yet. But I'm taking baby steps toward adulthood... seriously, yo!


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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com


- cheap crap
- free water
- convienant flat packaging of products

- Only 4 percent of the items at Ikea are either (a) not hideous, (b) practical, or (c) require only little assembly.
- Free water!! Yeah, that's cause you have to wait in a 15-mile line to even get inside the place. And when you finally get in, the place is maze-like. So EVERYONE has to follow the specific route EVERYWHERE to see absolutely EVERYTHING in the store before you can escape. No Exits till the end of the maze. There's like 13 million people trying to get through this mouse experiement at the same time.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ugh. So many hoards or people. If not for the children's center keeping some of the kids, I would of died.
- Flat packaging... that gives you the illusion that it doesn't weight much... but in fact it makes small VCR-sized packages weigh 68 pounds.

Do I reccommend Ikea?...

well, if you can handle all the CONS then be my guest but don't say I didn't warn you.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

laundry day!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAfter so many fashion ensembles solely based off of if I think "this smells fine together," I finally decide that it's time to wash like all of my clothes. And before I forget, please excuse my antsy banter today. I just finished watching the whole My So-Called Life series. That crazy Rayann. Anyways so the little money laundry card (reverse that, heh.) machine decides not to work after me and my sis lug the 10 loads of clothes to the apartment laundry center place.

ugh. Stupid machine.

So of course we panic for like 5 hours and we try to think of something. Finally we decide on the worst plan ever.

Phase 1: Leave the laundry in car. Sure, that doesn't solve anything but at least it's out of sight, out of mind. Who needs huge piles of laundry in the middle of their living room, taunting you... clean me! clean me!

Phase 2: Do nothing for the whole day. Laundry? Today?! what?! I have no laundry!! If I had laundry it would be here. But it isn't. Therefore. I don't know what you're talking about crazy!!!

Phase 3: Come to the realization that you have no clothes to wear. People need clothes to like function in the real world, right? sighs. I guess.

Phase 4: After hours and hours of procrastination, go to a 24 hour laundry place at midnight.

Oh my, what is the deal with these places. Doing laundry at ANY time?! People are insane. And yet, there we were... doing laundry. But we were still the most normal people there. Like a million people come like at 1:20am on the dot to do laundry. whoa.
There was this crazy lady asking for a dollar. I didn't give it to her though. She had on like these dirty-stained clothes and she didn't bring any laundry with her, so I can only assume that we was going to strip and wash/dry the clothes she had on her. Little did I know that she was just there for like an hour till someone finally gave her some money, then she stormed out just in time for last call.
Then there were these two ladies with the annoying cell phone ring. Why is it that people with annoying rings get so many calls all the time? Who is calling them?! And why at 2am?! They must be getting booty calls or something. So many shady people at the 24-hour laundry mat.

I'm not shady though!! I actually had a laundry emergency! Why else would I come there with like 10 loads.

Under normal circumstances, I like laundrymats. There's something very calming about watching the dryer spin and spin for an hour. It's soothing. And it's only at a laundrymat; I can't do it at a home dryer. It's like your own duty for that specific moment in time is to keep these spinning clothes under close supervision from the evils of the outside world.


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