Tuesday, August 02, 2005

laundry day!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAfter so many fashion ensembles solely based off of if I think "this smells fine together," I finally decide that it's time to wash like all of my clothes. And before I forget, please excuse my antsy banter today. I just finished watching the whole My So-Called Life series. That crazy Rayann. Anyways so the little money laundry card (reverse that, heh.) machine decides not to work after me and my sis lug the 10 loads of clothes to the apartment laundry center place.

ugh. Stupid machine.

So of course we panic for like 5 hours and we try to think of something. Finally we decide on the worst plan ever.

Phase 1: Leave the laundry in car. Sure, that doesn't solve anything but at least it's out of sight, out of mind. Who needs huge piles of laundry in the middle of their living room, taunting you... clean me! clean me!

Phase 2: Do nothing for the whole day. Laundry? Today?! what?! I have no laundry!! If I had laundry it would be here. But it isn't. Therefore. I don't know what you're talking about crazy!!!

Phase 3: Come to the realization that you have no clothes to wear. People need clothes to like function in the real world, right? sighs. I guess.

Phase 4: After hours and hours of procrastination, go to a 24 hour laundry place at midnight.

Oh my, what is the deal with these places. Doing laundry at ANY time?! People are insane. And yet, there we were... doing laundry. But we were still the most normal people there. Like a million people come like at 1:20am on the dot to do laundry. whoa.
There was this crazy lady asking for a dollar. I didn't give it to her though. She had on like these dirty-stained clothes and she didn't bring any laundry with her, so I can only assume that we was going to strip and wash/dry the clothes she had on her. Little did I know that she was just there for like an hour till someone finally gave her some money, then she stormed out just in time for last call.
Then there were these two ladies with the annoying cell phone ring. Why is it that people with annoying rings get so many calls all the time? Who is calling them?! And why at 2am?! They must be getting booty calls or something. So many shady people at the 24-hour laundry mat.

I'm not shady though!! I actually had a laundry emergency! Why else would I come there with like 10 loads.

Under normal circumstances, I like laundrymats. There's something very calming about watching the dryer spin and spin for an hour. It's soothing. And it's only at a laundrymat; I can't do it at a home dryer. It's like your own duty for that specific moment in time is to keep these spinning clothes under close supervision from the evils of the outside world.


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