Monday, July 25, 2005

interview mishaps


Did you ever have that feeling that you're falling into a deep, dark abyss? It's like you're in slow motion; watching your limbs flail about. Nothing to grab on to. No scapegoats. You feel helpless with nothing but your screams to accompany yourself.

well... I wish I felt that good. At least I would know I'm screwed.
Stupid job interviews! I anticipated one today, but I recieve a last minute extra the morning of. Funny how the world work, eh? At first thought, I was excited. Yeah... Two job interviews are supposed to be better than one, right? Perhaps in some other universe where Frank gets exactly what he wants... that would be so cool.
Anyways both interviews went horrible wrong for different reasons. I'm still shocked how everything when down. It was crazyness. Maybe it's only in my head, but it's driving me up the wall!

Interview One: First of all it was in Irving.... IRVING! And of course Yahoo Maps gave me the wrong directions. So far so good. I mean, nothing I can't handle right? So I get there (correction: I accidentally get there. The office was in a plaza-esque group of buildings). I go into the building. It's dark. No lights. The carpet from what I can see looks like a movie theater carpet with mystery stains and crap lining the corner. At this point, I'm starting to freak out. OMG, they are probably collecting job applicants in the basment, forcing them to make key chains for Japan. But I go on. Hey... I'm that desperate. And I would rock making key chains. I wonder if I'll be working on commission with a base pay.
At last I get to the office, and it turns out that I went through the back door. I'm still disturbed. I then wait for my interview. I'm the third one interviewed and everytime a person walks out of the office after being interviewed they have this clueless, wounded animal in headlights look. Perhaps they are just unprepared for a job interview. I'm prepared. I can do this. I'm gonna blow these people outta their seats!
I walk in. Little did I know, every momemt up till this one was good in comparison.
It was horrible! My interviewer had a really thick Russian/Slavic accent. If not for the premade interview sheet he was reading from, I would of never gotten through the whoel thing. Lucky me I decided to go for the 'smart' look and wear my glasses. I could glance down and see what word he was pronouncing. And I don't know if what I'm about to say is a ethnic stereotype or not, but I'll say it anyways. He had a very "I'm mad at you and the whole world" tone in his voice. It scared the crap out of me. And it was way more than his tone. I asked him what he did for the company and he looked at me and said "I run this whole place!"

Oh shit. How did that happen?! But!! I did't! What?!!

Then he said that less than one percent of all applicants get second interviews.

.... huh?

less than one percent?! How many people are actually applying?! You can barely find the building... and when you do people will probably enter the back boor and run away horrified!
Anyways, if I do get called back it will be on Wednesday. Wish me luck! Cause I'm not going to get the job anyway else.

Interview Two: Okay, this job and interview actually when well. More than well. By the time I walked out of there I was so excited to have a chance at this job. Let me count the reasons why...
1) Location/Proximity: It's not in Irving... It's in Addision!!! like 5 minutes from me!
2) Cleanliness/Appearance: No movie theater halls in sight. It's in a huge building on the 13th floor. (Hmmm, 13th floor? heh... didn't think of that.) My possible office... YEAH! My own office has a great view!!! It's one of those offices like have a glass wall... looks like I can walk straight out the window. cool!
3) Monetary: Oh yeah.
4) Perks: company trips!! oh what fun!

My interviewer was the person I would be replacing. She loved her job. The only reason she was leaving was because she was moving. oohhh, I want this job!

And this is why it sucks... why do I deserve a job like this? How am I so special that I can 'Wow' them and get the job?

I don't know why I feel this way. It's the one time in my life that I felt that I couldn't in a million years get such an awesome job. It's not like the interview went bad, I just don't think it went good enough. Maybe I'm just beating myself up too much about this, but I never wanted something so much. And I feel bad for wanting it, cause it's like I don't deserve it. What the hell is wrong with me?

This probably wouldn't of happened if the two interviews were not of the same darn day! Ugh!! It's like night and day. But in this one, the only common denominator is that I sucked both the interiews up.

stupid me.

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