Saturday, May 28, 2005

damn it all to hell!


Okay, so lately I've been having some pains in an ear. I thought it was an ear infection, sinus problem or something... no biggie. BUT after I tried a multitude of drugs I finally figured out that it cannot be any of these.

So my ear was killing me this afternoon, so my mom came home from work and did the mom thing and bought me some sinus meds and ear drops stuff. I take the sinus meds... cool. Then I turn to the ear drop thingy... and I read: "Homeopathic" in big bold letters on the box. Crap! WTF?! Why don't they just put "This shit doesn't work! It's just water!" on the box instead. But I use it anyway. It's cold water in my ear... that hurts me like hell.

So I'm going to bed tonight and I am drinking some hot tea. "Wow, this is good" I think. Then it hits me. WTF?! I run to the restroom, open my mouth, and see the horror.

What the hell is that crap!

So now... it's 4am... and I just figured out I probably have strep throat. At least I hope it's strep throat and not tonsilitis or whatever. I was going to take a pic of my throat but then thought who the hell whats to see that?! Now I'm surfing the web... (ooh, I'm so cool!) looking up this thing. Apparently it's cause my some bacteria.

Then I get to thinking... how did I get this?! It could be from anything! ugh....

I thought that seafood place looked shady... No one go to Hook, Line and Sinker, till I investigate!

One things for sure... It's contagious. So if I make out with you in the last few days... you better get checked.

So now I have another assignment. Find Carrie Underwood and spit on her toothbrush.

Pray that Frank doesn't have/get mono. If I do... I will take it out on all of you!!!

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