Friday, May 06, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo while surfing the web the other day, I'm jamming out to the Britney Spears Greatest Hits Album...

"Ohh Baby, Baby! Ohh Baby, Baby!"

When I come across this link to Britney Spear singing acapella. At first I am wary. Do I really want to hear Britney live?! without her studio magic powers?!! I decide to risk it when there are some comments about it saying that most of the so-called acapella tracks are just the studio records without background music. So, I'm thinking "cool... I'll probably hear the awesome lyrics of Britney's songs!!" Awesomeness. I was particularily interested in the real lyrics for Britney's Me Against the Music since till now I've been scatting the whole chorus part.
For those of you thinking, Frank can scat?! Imagine me doing it and you will know why I do not like doing it.
Anyways, where was I? Oh! I downloaded the files. They were in a zip file, so I had to download like 26 songs together. So at this point I decide that I am getting tired. It's late. So I plug in Lindsay and transfered all the songs. Then I get ready for bed. I do my usually bedtime joke:

"Hey Lindsay. You're starting to look a little pale and skinny!! You shouldn't of snorted that last line of coke tonight. Let's get you to sleep."

I'm all cozy and warm in my bed, then I close my eyes and press Lindsay's play button. Then I hear this.

Britney Spears - Baby One More Time


I'm totally horrified! WOW! That CANNOT be a human voice! And those harmonies!? Britney is a robot! Image crushed forever! I guess it explains how her boobs can fit in that top in the picture provided.

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