Saturday, April 23, 2005

How Frank spends his Friday off.

well.. yeah.

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yeah, I went shopping with the girls at Town East Mall for banquet dresses. Town East is sooo far away! And emily drove like a maniac. At least Angela wasn't driving. I heard she was a worst driver. So after almost getting into several car accidents, we get to town East mall. The girls look at dresses, while I listen to my headphones. Emily picks out this awesome dress. I'm like 'oh yessssa!' Then they are all 'you can't pick out the first dress you try on!' rejected! Then we wonder the mall, which is kinda ghetto since they are like in the middle of construction. Finally we get somewhere. A place with lots of dresses. Emily tries on more. I like some, I hate some. meh. You'll have to go to the banquet to see which on she chose.

Oh and here are some random pics I took.
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Top-left is Eric lounging on a cool zebra-striped chair. Top-right is a some odd calender with a small dog. I call it dog exploitation and abuse!! Bottom-left is Angela next to some crappy VS wall. VS has really let themselves go. When did the nerds start vandalize their own building? Bottom-right is perhaps the ONLY good picture of Eric taken in existance!!!! seriously.

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