Friday, April 08, 2005


I don't usually cut/paste things out of people blogs and seriously talk about them...but.. yeah.

Toni Morrison's Beloved generates two lines of thought in me:

1) I feel that a 21st century novel centered around the adverse effects/affects of slavery is somewhat rediculous. Modern literature should embrace contemporary problems, not those of almost a hundred and fifty years ago. Furthermore, as a middle-class white American, I feel as if Morrison is presenting a guilt trip--that I should apologize for my race's inhumane past.

2) However, despite my dislike for some aspects of the novel, I do appreciate its amazing literary value. Synthesizing a variety of moral and ethical issues pertaining to slavery, Morrison uses incredibly complicated symbolism and imagery to explore familial structures in the midst of the helplessness of slavery. Likewise, I admire Morrison's message that slavery not only denied civil, Constitutional rights, but human needs for love and compassion. This complex and intricate novel serves as a testament to the erudite value of literature as not only art, but societal analysis.


He spelled 'ridiculous' wrong.

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