Thursday, March 17, 2005

back on campus (in the middle of Spring Break!)


I'm insane! But I procrastinated my 2 midterm papers long enough. I had received extentions on both of them because I went to Reno a week earler (btw, I know I promised pics... but I'm too lazy about buying batteries... meh, they will show up on my blog wheneva.). BUT! I guess I can at least tell you about my wacky adventures in Reno sans pictures...

Tuesday - I got up after an hour nap around 6am. Christy was my wake up call. (In my very best AM Christy voice) "Frank, you up?!" I replied "uhh, yea.." ::CLICK::
I proceded to the bandhall after getting ready and whanot. Everyone got there like 30 minutes late. yea. AND it since the Cheers packed like huge bags, we had to play the game of Tetris to fit all the instruments in the bottom of the bus. Finally we were off to the airport, DFW. ugh... waited there like a million hours. But at least I fell asleep during the flight. I didn't get to watch the in-flight movie, The Incredibles, though... oh well.
Looking out the window before we got to Reno is crazy. It's like Mountain...Mountain.. Ice... Ice... Oh!! There's a city!! Reno's alot smaller than I thought it was.
After the huge waiting fiasco at the airport, we finally got to the Silver Legacy Hotel!! It was awesome! We got lunch at this nice little pizza place in the hotel... "Best Pizza Ever" deemed Megan... Oh, and Megan and I decided to be "boyfriend and girlfriend" on the trip since Emily and Mark were so many area codes away. She was a bad girlfriend to say the least.
When we finally settled into the room (btw, I was rooming with Jackson, Luke Rogers, & Kyle), I went down to the casino to check out the joint. It was very awesome. Bright and Shiney Moving Objects everywhere. I put in 5 bucks in a slot machine and quickly lost it all. Ahhh, was this foreshadowing for the whole trip?... yea, yes it was.
When we went to the place everyone would go to everyday... well, almost everyone... Rum Buillions!! The Rum bar where the rum never stops flowing!! Anyways, there was 50 cent drafts during a certain time. Over the days we found out that this deal wasn't as good as it was cracked up to be. The waitress was slow as hell... the draft of choice was always cashed out... but we pretty much didn't care. The now famous "RumBuillion Rule" was made there!!! It's a rule in the game "3-man" where if you drop the die off the table, you automatically get the 3-man hat and pass the dice. goodtimes. Anyway, another thing... why do under 21 people even try to get alcohol in clubs like that?? Dude, you don't even have a fake ID... get lost! Some of us wanna get smashed... Stop bringing us down! You booze-block!
Wednesday - When to the first game!! woot... not so much. The women totally blew!! daaaym! ugh, such a downer. Anyways, we had to drink for that! oh yeah. Back to Rum Buillions!
After a nap in the room, I hung out with a few minors... poor, poor minors... what do you do in Reno? (Later, I found out what they would do... Go to Circus Circus, spend all their meal money getting tickets for Razor scooters) Anyways, they were fun. Well... not the "Razor scooter crowd." I tried to stay clear of them. I hung out with the "crazy freshmen" room. Watching American Idol! oh yeah! And hearing about Christy and Mark's fake wedding... and how much it ruled. Anyways, I bought some alcohol for my roommate and some Peppermint Schapps for myself... I totally didn't finish it till like yesterday!! Nothing goes with it! Craziness. We watched Ten Things I Hate About You... yeah, I went to bed before it ended.
Thursday - The Men played... and lost of course...awww. it's my last game ever!!! We sobbed. Played the longest Warying Ending ever, then took a pic in front of the stadium. It was a huge deal when we would go back to Dallas... luckily we stayed till Saturday as planned. We stayed longer than both the Bball teams!! woot! We rule!
So food! I probably spent the most money on food this week. Went to the Victorian Buffet the first night... OMG! It ruled!! When to the SweetWater Cafe twice... I didn't get the 13.99 Steak and Lobster... heh. And when to the Cal-Neva! The hot spot for everyone playing Craps. Daniel practically lived there. I went to get the 1.50 hotdog and beer... quite the bargain.
Oh yeah, then there was the Strip Bar adventure... so Tommy, Ryan, Jackson, Kim, Megan, and I decided to find a strip club... At first Me, Jackson and Tommy walked around Reno looking for one. (using the freshmen's instructions!) We walked through some shady places... got scared and recuited the rest of the gang. After we found out that all the clubs were 21+, poor Jackson had to leave... heh. (Later we bought more booze so he was okay.) Then while walking Megan backed out... when Kim followed... chicks! Anyway, we ended up not going that night. (So they went the next night, but I didn't go). So I went to the freshman room and boozed it up there for a while.
Friday - Today was a lazy day. No game. Nothing planned. So I chilled out as much as I could in my room. Enjoying it while I had the chance. I watched America's Next Top Model and While You Were Sleeping!!! woot!
Gambled a little. I had gotten one of those Legacy Cards... so I played the Legacy Lotto everyday. It was cool.
Rum Buillions!! woot! Then there was the dueling pianos... which I heard sucked.. but oh well.
Such a relaxing day.
Saturday - the Day o Hell!
We had to check out of our rooms at 1pm... and bus didn't load till 9pm... yeah... 8 hours of limbo. And a huge chuck of the band when to Tahoe to ski for the afternoon. I wondered around the casino for a while... a small group of us actually found a movie theater!!! We saw Robots. It was good... but all the celeb voices.. too many of them. I think Ryan Jenkins said it best "A celebrity cluster-fuck!"
Anyways, after that the peeps from the skiing came back. I hung out with Megan for a while. We went to McDonalds... heh... my funds were definitely depleted by then. After that Megan had to buy souvieners for people... ugh... she took forever!! It was like dark out... the crazy people were out... like Megan! Anyways, by the time we got back to the hotel, it was time to go. Finally, the airport. The wait wasn't that bad this time. I sat by Roger... AGAIN!... which was great! yeah! Anyways, I managed to fall asleep... Man, I shouldn't of worn shorts... I was soo cold. Got back to Dallas and SMU at 6ish AM. ugh... so slept till forever....

WELL! That's it! pretty much it! I loved the trip! It was so cool. I had 165 dollars and spent it all!!! I'm so crazy! ugh...

"Once you break a twenty... it's practically gone after that!" - Meeeegan Cannnalllie!

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