Tuesday, March 08, 2005

YCT is at it again!

Oh my!! The Young Conservatives Texans are being a pain in my ass!

First race, now sexual orientation! Oh no they didn't!!

So now, the YCT are complaining that Spectrum (the GBLSO) is lying about the number of members to get more money for club events. WTF??! Dude, we have like a million members! seriously! We don't get funds that we don't deserve like any other group on campus...

In matter of fact, Spectrum is one of the biggest groups on campus. There's even a GAY frat now! If we wanna throw a few parties on campus, don't rain on our parade!

Anyways, the appropiations committee knocked their complaint down!
Oh yea!!!

Don't mess with the us! We have friends in high places! yeah... old, liberal New Yorkers!! yeah!... Put together the legal minds of Lesbians, the rich millionare Gay men, the insider look of Bisexuals, and the Savy street-talking transsexuals... we have power!


Oh look! I'm an activist!! heh. Pay attention to me!

Mark my words, the YCT are going after religion next... So that means PATHS(pagan group) is going to be attacked!

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