Tuesday, February 15, 2005


So I'm on the list serve to this Hispanic group on campus and I got this distrubing email.

To the SMU Hispanic Community,

Over the course of the last few years the Hispanic community, along with other minority groups, has been faced with a growing concern for our rights here on campus. If you know about the YCT, then you will know what I am referring to. If not, let me brief you on the subject. YCT stands for Young Conservatives of Texas and it is a student organization here on campus that is well connected to the political community as well as the Dallas and SMU community. Last year, they were responsible for putting up the affirmative action bake sale, their point obviously being that they deemed it unfair (an attack to our rights). This year, some fellow students and staff unearthed their attempt to rid SMU of the Department of Multicultural Student Affairs (DMSA).

As if that wasn’t enough, last semester YCT took the initiative to make a constitutional change regarding special interest seats (Hispanic, Asian, African-American, International). Before this year, only students that were of the respective ethnic group could run for and represent their community through theses seats. Now, after review of the constitution, anyone, despite of race, can run for and fill these positions. Student Senate allowed for this amendment under the premise that there are indeed a few outside an ethnic group that can well represent that group (either because they grew up in certain places/countries, or simply because they take the time and care to be active within those communities). It was but last week that this amendment passed and already YCT is actively trying to fill those positions with their own members by running in upcoming elections on February 23-24. It is not our fear that they will win because only members of the respective ethnicity are allowed to vote for the individual running for the respective seat. For example, only Hispanics can vote for who they want for Hispanic American senator. Yet, through technicalities, YCT can win a seat and thus leave us with inadequate representation.

With all of this in mind, we are left to question what purposes and goals YCT holds. Although we do not know what these are, it is obvious that our community is hurting in the process. Therefore it is vital that we focus our attention on the fact that little by little, our rights are being attacked and revoked by people who take time to devise plans that ultimately harm us as minorities. I as well as others have joined take a stand against the actions of YCT and our first step is to vote the newly passed amendment down. Consider the words of the Asian-American Senator, Jason Shyung:

We should focus our energy on a campaign against this amendment to the constitution. I believe our community has been too docile about this issue, and I've personally had a change of heart against this amendment. As long as there are people like the YCT out there, who only seek to make our lives more difficult - we must get together to work against them. They are a well organized and well connected group on campus (both in the Dallas and SMU community). While we have been enjoying our lives, they have been plotting for the past two years to bring down the DMSA, our senate seats and a variety of other things brick by brick - and this amendment is the first brick.

As your student representative, I ask you to join in our effort to change this amendment and engage in the issues that surround us. If you desire further information on these issues at hand or how you can help, please feel free to contact me at respinoz@smu.edu. Thank you.

Para Dios y por mi gente,

Roberto Espinosa
Hispanic American Senator

ugh, stupid conservatives... and if you're a YCT and reading this blog... death to your corn!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bake sale and removal of racial requirements is an attack on Hispanic rights? What rights are those? The rights of special treatment under the law and racist university policies? I thought the civil rights movement eliminated these travesties? I not, I would like to run for the special 'European-American seat' for white people.


8:55 PM  
Blogger frank said...

Well, I guess you thought wrong...


Understand that college groups like these (YCT & Hispanic club) are just special groups made for "recreational" purposes. We bitch at eachother, etc. It's fun.

As for the special treatment thing... meh. I guess it's a reparation of sort.

5:38 PM  

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