Tuesday, February 08, 2005

ITS Help Desk

They are officially on my hit list along with Gateway computers.


1) They didn't know how to use a keyboard and mouse with my computer. I had to bring them mine... (which are regular standard keyboard & mouse)

2) They couldn't start Windows. They told me to reinstall Windows.

3) When I took the computer home, I started Windows up with ease (without reinstalling Windows). They must of forgot to press to "POWER" button.

4) I called and voiced my concern. They (meaning the secretary) told me I had all these viruses like "very deep" in my computer.

5) I'm confused. And a bit worried that they changed their opinion about my computer in the span of 10 minutes. And without actually having my computer in their possession at the time.

I hate them.
death to their crops!

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