Thursday, January 20, 2005

2-0 (Virus over Frank)

Oh my, the virus won!
I have to reboot my computer again! Yep, this happened before. I was like 15 and a virus destroyed my computer!! I was devestated. ugh... I thought I gotten over it but no!

Anyways, I have to find other ways on entertaining myself. BESIDES the internet! I know!! It's not easy. And oddly enough TV alone doesn't satisfy my entertainment needs! I usually enjoy TV more when I have TVguide.com telling me about what's on and (more importantly) what's good. sigh. Without internet and TV, I'm forced to be productive academically!! I'm reading and studying... (ugh, did I mention I don't like my Spanish class anymore. It's not like I don't like the subject or whatever, I hate the fact that I have to study/prepare for the class... It's EVERYDAY!!)
And oh!! Today, I came back to my dorm to find that all my roomies are going out.. they try to convince me. And I actually considered it. Usually I would have no problem blowing them off. It was easy. I could rationalize something more important to do like TV or blogging, but I didn't have those excuses anymore... (and they made me do a "shotgun" so I was feeling very sociable at the time.) But to my surprise I remembered I had a 9am class IN SPANISH tommorrow. sigh. I totally would of went otherwise... No Internet and No TV makes Frank a bored boy.

anyways, I'm on my roommate's computer.... hopefully rebooting my computer tommorrow night will fix it... if not I have a plan B!! woot! Let's just say I'll have another reason to suck up to Emily's mom....

Frank out.

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