Friday, January 14, 2005

Tuesday/ Thursday classes.

These are my other classes, as promised.

  • Spanish Lab (9-10am): Oh my. I have a class at 9 in the morning! and it's Spanish!! They expect us to be coherent and talk Spanish?! freaks! Anyways, I have Ms. Patterson, the professor that everyone told me that she's a hard ass. I walk in the class. She's like 5 foot nothing! A tiny, tiny lady. She wasn't that bad. We had to repeat a few things en espanol, then we left like 20 minutes early.... these peeps are crazy... Or perhaps she'll be hard when we're actually learning something tougher than the Spanish alphabet.

  • Peoples of the Pacific Islands (2-3:30pm): This class is okay, but it's in a completely full classroom! All the seats are taken and it's a relaively small room. When I found out that it was in the Dedman Life Sciences building, I thought it was going to be in an audotorium class but NO! ugh, and I came in like exactly at 2! Almost no seats anywhere.
    But that's not the worst part. We started off talking about people of Polynesia/Mirconasia/etc. then she was trying to explain basic anthropological terms to the class and she was doing a horrible job with examples. She ended us saying that not liking infanticide was ethnocenric and not savage...
    I tried to smile and nod... I think we caught herself when she said it. Then she went on to say that incest was universally bad... hmmm, incest VS infanticide? according to the professor... one is better than the other--not only better but acceptable and/or praised in some cultures. ugh. whateva.

  • Diversity and Culture in the US (3:30-5pm): This was my favorite class of the day... no, it's not cause it's about Us culture... it's cause it was cancelled from the day!! woot! I'm glad I got the professor's email about it. So, I slept!! wootness!

Well there you go... my classes... and yes! I do have Spanish everyday!! I'll be fluent in no time... riiight.
Hola, yo mi llamo Frank.
?Como se llamas?
?De donde eres?
Soy es Dallas, y ustes?
that's all I got besides the alphabet.

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