Thursday, January 13, 2005

Boisterous Day

SMU gets a threat and classes continue...

  • Beginning Spanish (11:00am): Not too horrible. I'm the only hispanic dude in there and I'm pretty sure that everyone gave me a weird look when the professor said "Francisco" during the attendence. I wanted to get up and explain that I don't know Spanish at all! I'm a bad hispanic! ugh. Anyways, I can tell that this prof. loves suck ups like the "late guy" who asks every question in the world. ugh. So we sit there the whole time and read the syllabus together. What ever happened to the time when professors would just give us the syllabus and let us out!

  • Television Genres: the Soap Opera (2-4pm): Today I told Devon I was taking a class on soaps and she didn't believe me. Sean, the film major, had to confirm. So, I've been at SMU for a long, long time... and today I found out that I don't know where everything is located including this class. I knew it was in the Meadows Building somewhere. As I was venturing through the massive building I saw a ballet guy in tights. I laughed and I think he saw me. I couldn't help it! It totally caught me by surprise and I couldn't contain myself. You would too! Don't lie! Oh yea, the class.
    I get there to find surprisingly find that there are only 5 guys in the class... heh. I guess not that surprised. Anyway, we have to do a paper about a soap opera we watch for like 3 months. 3 MONTHS of watching a soap?! ugh, I almost died until I found out that prime-time dramas count! hmm, I could watch and do a paper on the OC or even Queer as Folk. I'm pleased.
    PS- does anyone know how to anaylze a Tv show? Cause I don't.

  • Inside Bball Band rehearsal (4-6pm): Oh my! We sound horrible! I guess we are very rusty! ugh, I'm gonna cry. But my an hour or so we started sounding a little better... except a few that always sound bad. I wonder if they know they totally suck? I would just say there names and rant about how I hate them but some people get easily offended. (thank Roger) So I'll just give you some close hints.
    - Staccato high notes are not only your annoying cousin, they hate you with a passion.
    - If you play and sound like ass, go home and practice.
    - If you practice and practice and still suck... play the tamborine.
    - Cowbell isn't the solution to everything... just most things.
    - You can't get "emotional" or "into" bball music... stop swaying around... it's distracting.
    - Gold streaks are bad.
    - Eric Nichols is always right.
    - Sitting next to your brother is lame unless your bro is the Terminator!
    - When in doubt, a blow of a trombone will cure what ails ya
    - Someone should really give Phil Jones some loving... Lauren get on that. He rules.

  • On a concluding note everyone should watch Project Runway on Bravo... it's cool. I'll have the comments from tommorrow's Tues/Thurs classes soon.

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Blogger Jason said...

I could analyze the shit out of The OC for you. But I doubt the prof. would go for my results. Seth+Ryan4eva!!!1!!

But instead, I think you should go all out and watch Passions for 3 months. I seriously believe it would change your life.

9:05 AM  
Blogger frank said...

Passions for 3 months?! Are you trying to destroy me again?

Actually, I don't think a Ryan ::heart:: Seth paper wouldn't be too far off... the professor would probably enjoy it. Oh! I can hook you up with the professor!! You guys can watch General Hospital together... thank me later.

9:54 AM  
Blogger deh-vin said...

I actually had to analyze a tv show for a freshman film class I took. I also had to analyze the commercials. I ruled. I discussed Gilmore Girls and the only comment the professor gave next to my A+ was "I can see who is a fan of the show..." Go with what you love, you will write more passionately about it. If you write about something you hate, you'll want to get off the subject as quickly as possible.

5:34 PM  

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