Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Ooh! Today I played basketball! Lemme tell you guys about it.

So some peeps planned an awesome basketball get together and since I was bored so I went. First things first, the basketball courts on campus were closed! When is Dedman ever closed?! Students pay all this money to go to this school--It should be open at all times! It can be 4am and if I feel the urge to shoot a little bball, swing some rackets, or get my badminton on, the stupid Dedman Center should be open!!
Anyways, we opted for the middle school. PS- I totally forgot that middle schools do have afterschool programs! There were like a million kids there... all around... running the track, throwing footballs, and videotapping their skateboard skillz. seriously!
So did I mention that no one brought a basketball? The one key ingredient! So it took like almost an hour for someone to get one. We just sat there playing with a tennis ball that was in Paul's car. Luckily it we created the image that we were actually going something so the little AV skateboarders were forced to go elsewhere. When the basketball was brought we were all excited... we were finally going to play! Then someone came up with the idea that we should choose team captains by a freethrow contest.

Bad Idea!

We went around three times till I, oddly enough made a basket. I was the premiere captain. So we decided to make Jeremy the second cause no one was making anything. ugh. We're so great right? Anyways, my team was Kent, Katie and Emily. I had the only two girls. Jeremy had Jason Farmer and Paul.
So long story short, they won 10-7. Did I mention Emily made 5 baskets and I made 2? We were the top scorers on the team. Probably cause we mostly stood by the hoop and waited for people to shoot bricks. I thought it was a good strategy.
Well, we have another fun get together tommorrow after band... I think I'll participate again. Goodtimes.

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