Sunday, January 02, 2005

Product Demographics

My lil' sister moved back to the Valley the other day and she left a few things behind. And I've decided that this whole "product placement" thing is getting completely out of control! I looked on a strangely colored bottle of shampoo called Bed Head. So this is what all the young cool kids use right? So by chance I read the label. It is only sold at professional salons. I was impressed. Anways, I turned the bottle around read on.

Actual first sentences on the back of a bottle of Bed Head shampoo. With capitalizations! And in FIVE languages!

Manipulator Daily Shampoo That Rocks! Defunk that gunk and clean your head. Get whacked after lather with this good smellin', cool blue, funky shampoo. Rock on! WARNING: You must have a sense of humor to use our products.


First of all, five languages?! Oh my! I never realized a shampoo could rock in one culture, but for it to cross the language barrier and rock French, Spanish, Italian, and German(?) speaking societies aswell!! This shampoo must really rock. Man, I bet a bunch of 37 year old men made this up. Do the kids really use this lingo? Does anyone refer to their hair/anything as "gunk?" I thought that was like the term people use for things found in a sewer or something. "Get whacked?" ugh. I guess dying via old mobsters is a kinda thing you'd need a sense of humor for. But the warning needs to be on the front of the bottle cause a warning like that is exactly the qualities everyone wants to have in their hair care products. Perhaps people who use this product suffer from brain damage...

These people try too hard. Do they honestly think that 14 year old consumers are going to go into salons, buy a $30+ bottle of shampoo and think "OMFG! This shampoo rocks so hard, I must purchase it! I just have to go outside to the minivan and tell my mom to give me more money!"..?

Then again... it is in my restroom! My sister is an enabler!!

Off topic: w.bloggar rocks and is funky... heh.

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Blogger emily said...

I thought I was going to get to listen to Britney Spear's new single :(

1:05 PM  
Blogger frank said...

yeah, I'm doing that.

2:34 PM  

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