Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Attack of the Mormons

Today, I decided that I need a reason to get the hell outta this place so I thought that a job would be sufficient. So my search as on. Starbucks was the only place that was hiring, so I filled out the application and hoped for the best. As I walked home, two guys in suits and coats approached me. At first I thought they wanted to ask me the time or something. But no... they were Mormons!

It was super cold outside and they looked so desparate so I decided to humor them and act remotely interested. I even ask questions and whatnot. I think they were surprised I knew a little bit about their religion. ( I mentioned the gold tablets and other stuff about the history!) I knew that Fantastic Archaeology class would come in handy. Of course I didn't debunk them. That would be rude, and I made it my point to make them believe that I was really interested.
TIP: It's really hard to fake it when it's extremely cold outside. I told them that my family were hardcore catholics and that I was looking for answers (and crap like that... they were salivating!) Luckily when they asked me for my number I used the strict family thing to deter it... Muhahaha! But i was like "Do you guys use email!?"

hee hee, I'm so wicked.

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