Thursday, December 09, 2004

Why doesn't school just die already?!

My first final was today for my Language in Culture and Society class!
I was expecting a super easy test, but I have to say that it was only moderately easy. And I got back my test 3 back... I made a 98 on it! I'm so excited! So hopefully I'll make a decent grade in this class unlike that darn Scientific Method class. I really hope I don't fail taht stupid class!
The professor of that Scientific Method class was like sooo very vague on what is on the final. So basically everyone is going in there blind. It's the only test we have! No other exams, no midterm! just the stupid final and some other crap! ugh.
On a brighter side, I registered!!! I have classes! here they are! Comment if you've taken any of these.

1) ANTH 3316: Cultures of Pacific Islands
2) ANTH 3346: Culture and Diversity in the US
I have to take 2 regional anthropology classes to finish my anth minor. these were the only available ones!! I hope some others clear up... pacific islands?! ugh.
3) CTV 3300: FILM AND TELEVISION GENRES (soap operas!)
Sean recommended this one. and it's about soaps!! I'm strangely intrigued.
4) PERE 1112: band
5) SPAN 1401: Beginning Spanish
Yeah, so I've decided that after all this time, I'm finally taking spanish! I think it was Roy's family that encouraged me to learn. All their constant mocking at every possible moment motivated me. Thanks Roy. and Roy's Aunt!! heh.

Anyways, I'm feeling alot better about graduating now. I was freaking out, but then I went to the Career Center... I don't care what Jason says... I like them.

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