Monday, December 06, 2004


In class about a few weeks ago my professor said that the next couple of classes were about graduate school and for those who weren't interested didn't have to attend class... so huzzah! In my mind, I was happy I didn't have to go to class!! woo for me, right!?


I missed my final on Thursday! Yeah! We had a scheduled final... on Thursday! So, how did I find out about this? It was checking my email Friday and I came across some interesting emails from my professor.

Email #1
Dear Francisco, You missed the final on Thursday. Since quite a few people missed it as well. I'm scheduling another time to take it.

Email #2
For those who missed the final, you can take it at 9am tommorrow (Friday).

So, first of all I was surprised and shocked! Looked on the syllabus... yup! there's an exam on December 1! oh well, luckily there's a makeup...
Then I look at the time... It's 3pm!!!

I freak.

call the professor and he's like...
Prof: Why did you miss the final?
Me: I didn't realize...
Prof: Well, um.. you can take it like within the hour.
Me (oh shit! I didn't study at all!!) ummm, okay.
Prof: I'll expect you in a few.

I take the final blind. Scantron exam! Then he's like "Let's grade it now!" Are you sure? Do you want me to just stay here? I say. "No. just follow me" he says.
(Oh crap! Can't you just let me live in delusion?!)

I got a 68. I'm a badass!

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Blogger emily said...

quote from christy: "oh fuck. i'm screwed"......ahh the wonders of finals.

1:32 AM  

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