Sunday, November 14, 2004

VideoGame party!

SMU won their last football game of the season! We beat the hell out of the University of Neveda! It was grand! And that with the fact that the game was "Band Day" (high school bands marched and played with us) I knew that the night was going to be an immature one. Younger people bring out the inner child in everyone. People, that normally are sane enough, were prancing around without a care. What is the deal with that?

Perhaps we are all trying to convince ourselves that we are still young or whatever. Dude, high school sucks! i dont' care if you were the social outcast or the homecoming queen--sucks nonetheless. This is why people in college are all masochitic. We kill our bodies with stress, more schoolwork than one person should do, binge drinking, junk food bananza, and hours and hours of internet instant messenging. This things are not good for us.

Anyways, were was I? Oh yeah, damn young people! There was two aftergame party selections: the regular band party which was at Kim's and a rare Halo 2 party at Jason's. Now I still can't believe I chose the Halo 2 party. I don't play videogames much...especially not Halo. But with my tiredness, a videogame party seemed like the non-energy choice. So I went. Oh my! I went to a Halo 2 party and what did they do?... played Halo 2!! I thought that that party name was a euphamism or something! How do you know that you're at a college Halo party? Here are the logicistics.
  1. There's TWO Xboxes using routers to play one game simotaneously.
  2. Girls and gay guys present are in another room either napping or watching Bring It On
  3. Strawberry Daquris are available at all times cause booze and sugar are always needed.
  4. Girlfriends are ignored even if they just gotten into a car accident coming here. The only reason you invited her was to bring a television controller.
  5. Life-long vendettas are created by secret videogame alliances.
  6. The room temperature is always 30 degrees colder than it should be. Gamers get hot easily.
  7. You know the night is over when you hear the words "I can play this all night" and you look at a clock and it's almost 5am.

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