Monday, November 22, 2004


I have a girlfriend! EMILY!

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

book report

Yay for me! I wrote an awesome book report on a book that I didn't read at all! I just look at the table and contents and started typing. I'm so good at stretching BS.

On an unrelated note, I just figured out that when I'm gone on my Mexican Thanksgiving trip what the hell am I going to do with my bettas?! Any takers for fishsitting over the Thanksgiving break? Tuesday to Sunday.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

new profile pic. Posted by Hello

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Extra Credit Skits

Today in my Minority-Dominant Relationas class, a few groups put together skits for extra credit. I wasn't one of them cause extra credit is for losers! Anyways, I couldn't believe how much time people put into these skits... that are what? like 5-10 extra points?! Dude, people are insane. Anyways here's the 3 skits today.
  1. Doctor Phil Skit - Doctor Phil (played by a guy in a suit... how realistic!) talks to a troubled teen and his mother about the dangers of racism. Oh my! These people are insane! They went to Dr. Phil's website and looked up quotes to work them into their skit. They are totally milking it. There were clever overhead sheets saying "Boo" and "Applause" to make the skit more real and also they gave like 4 cards with strategic questions for teh audience to ask the actors. This skit sucks major ass! First of all, Doctor Phil?! He's stupid!!! Secondly, getting the audience involved?! HELLO! We hate you. Don't ask us to better your grade. We have better things to do than make you look good. My Score: 4/10
  2. Women Stereotypes - 4 girls make a Dvd of how women are stereotyped. OH! A DVD!! No live acting involved?! I love it! and WOW! Nice camera work and effects! It's like I was in watching a Mtv documentary of something. Girl # 1: Was a "suzy homemaker" / "bad-ass career" women. Girl # 2: Was a nerd in the library / rocker chick! Girl # 3 : Was a stupid, ditzy girl who got a perfect score on her LSAT (legally blonde?), and Girl #4 was a student in financial need so she has a part time job as a prostitute. WOW! This was so well thought out and filmed. PLUS! They had handouts, COOKIES and chocolate kisses for the whole class. Although I loved it (they had a bloopers section!!), it just proves my point that these people are trying too hard. My Score : 10/10
  3. Indian Guy and Frat Guy - The Indian guy tries to join a frat and the frat guy is all stereotyping or whatever. Poorly done. It probably would of been better if they went before the free cookie group. But points for when the guy said he was a frat guy and then popped his collar to get into character. My Score: 3/10
Oh man, there's more the next class! Oh well, it beats actually lecture. I can just sit there and look annoyed. I'm still waiting for a group to do one on homosexuals... then I might be slightly amused.

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Thanksgiving Trip

So Roy, Cory and I are going on an awesome trip to Mexico during Thanksgiving break.

wow, the most odd assortment of people ever. The wacky hijinks are preordained. Especially considering the locale--Mexico. So here are some bad formulas I cooked up...

BOOZE or CRAZY PEOPLE or MEXICO = goodtimes.
BOOZE + CRAZY PEOPLE = Fight Club scenerio
BOOZE + MEXICO = night in Mexican jail
MEXICO + CRAZY PEOPLE = deportation

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Shaving accident.

Yesterday night I had my first ever shaving incident! Now, I'm 23 and so I've been shaving for like what ... 2 years right?! What gives? I just thought I was a person that didn't get cuts ever. Anyways, I'm worried now. Am I scarred for life? It's not small at all. I'm freaking out! I put some ointment (is that a word? sounds made-up) on it. And today, it's like still there. I'm sad.

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VideoGame party!

SMU won their last football game of the season! We beat the hell out of the University of Neveda! It was grand! And that with the fact that the game was "Band Day" (high school bands marched and played with us) I knew that the night was going to be an immature one. Younger people bring out the inner child in everyone. People, that normally are sane enough, were prancing around without a care. What is the deal with that?

Perhaps we are all trying to convince ourselves that we are still young or whatever. Dude, high school sucks! i dont' care if you were the social outcast or the homecoming queen--sucks nonetheless. This is why people in college are all masochitic. We kill our bodies with stress, more schoolwork than one person should do, binge drinking, junk food bananza, and hours and hours of internet instant messenging. This things are not good for us.

Anyways, were was I? Oh yeah, damn young people! There was two aftergame party selections: the regular band party which was at Kim's and a rare Halo 2 party at Jason's. Now I still can't believe I chose the Halo 2 party. I don't play videogames much...especially not Halo. But with my tiredness, a videogame party seemed like the non-energy choice. So I went. Oh my! I went to a Halo 2 party and what did they do?... played Halo 2!! I thought that that party name was a euphamism or something! How do you know that you're at a college Halo party? Here are the logicistics.
  1. There's TWO Xboxes using routers to play one game simotaneously.
  2. Girls and gay guys present are in another room either napping or watching Bring It On
  3. Strawberry Daquris are available at all times cause booze and sugar are always needed.
  4. Girlfriends are ignored even if they just gotten into a car accident coming here. The only reason you invited her was to bring a television controller.
  5. Life-long vendettas are created by secret videogame alliances.
  6. The room temperature is always 30 degrees colder than it should be. Gamers get hot easily.
  7. You know the night is over when you hear the words "I can play this all night" and you look at a clock and it's almost 5am.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004


Great! Kehler is being insane yet again! Not only has he had one of his patented hissy-fits, but he singled out one section... and let's be honest... the weakest section (socially) in the band. Now I'm not saying that they deserved it or whatever. I'm doing a rant about that soon! I'm saying that Kehler doesn't really have the skills to understand a section like the drumline. Everyone wants to think that all the sections are equal, but they are not. Drumline has there own things taht make them unequal to the winds. And even some drummers don't understand what winds feel. First of all, they have Jon Lee. Their own personal drum instructor. Someone that is a professional in percussion. It would be great if all the sections had something like that. We only have student section leaders who may not be as good, respected or as authoritative as someone hired to be an instructor. It's a little jealously that some of us have. If we are one band, then we all should be equal-- in the good and bad.
Secondly, we don't seem to socialize... I mean, no offense to anyone. I think that most people on this planet can safely say that I'm a nice, friendly person. But some of the drum people are just nonapproachable. I mean, I've gotten through to alot of drum people.... Janie, Monica, Jeremy, Courtney, and I even remember a time that Jason Davis used to IM me with the occasional "let's take a ride to Goody-Goody" talk. I guess I'm probably singling out a few people in particular. and I really don't wanna say names, but I see him/her practically everyday and it's like they don't acknowledge my existence. And I get really annoyed by this. Oh yeah, and it's not Katie Patterson! she's too cool.

I guess I'm in a crappy mood. Kehler was way too harsh.

Anyways, we all need to socialize more. I think we all need to communicate... even if it's bad. Anything would be an improvement.

PS- Winds know this: We get bitached out too. It's just when drummers aren't around. (sections, etc.)

None of us are perfect... which is why we should to concentrate all our energy in hating Kehler. It'll be a group bonding activity that everyone would love. CHECK THIS OUT!

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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Whoa! the year is going by so fast it's already homecoming. WE WON ANOTHER GAME!!! Wow, Tulsa must really suck! We totally won in overtime. Very exciting and worth a night of utter drunkenness...which was destined to be.

The party! Granted it did start hella late at 11:30pm, but it still was good. There was so much selection alcohol-wise. And the music was 2x better...still sucked, but better. heh. And Webb was there. He makes the most awesome-est drinks ever. They look like crap, but taste good. Anyways, I'm glad I got to unwind that night. It was definitely a night to remember always. Even Kim was smashed... I love it!

My hair was rockin' too.

I enjoyed everything that night.

On a unrelated note, I just found out that my high school is coming to Band Day!! It's going to be sweet! I get to see my old director. goodtimes. Bad part: Flags will probably be with us on the field!! (voice ala Becky)NOOO!

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Night O' Hell!

Geez! (that's right I said 'Geez') It's one of those kinda things.

Last night was hell. So Since I like bullet points to everything, here they go! Reasons why the night was insane.
  • LONG NIGHT! I was almost planning on going to Jason shindig ala Booze, but we got done at almost midnight, so I was like whateva! I was so mentally and physically drained... oh my tonight going to be more hell WITH marching!
  • Mood swings - Okay, I know it's Homecoming and all. People are allowed to be a little weird, but let's make it consistent! So I know what to expect. Some people are just so short tempered and emotionally weak that they are just whores... all of them whores!
  • Kehler has this annual "I'm pissed cause we're not being professional even though I don't expect you to--I'm just yelling at you cause it's what I do and it somehow makes ME feel better about everything" rant. After all these years of this, people are still surprised. I'm just like "professional? us? ummm... There's rain dropping from the ceiling onto Cory Plunk's head (hee hee)... how professional of you to think of our well-being while we sit around alot of electrical equipment."
  • Skit changes - I knew this was going to happen, but I didn't think it would be this much of a change! The directors cut a whole skit out. The Dating Game one where Kerry, Bush and Shaggy were the contestants. It was awesome. I didn't see the point in that. The other two went okay, thankfully. But the musical, they said, was too long. AND Kehler and Tommy were kinda mean to Adam, the male lead. I feel bad for him, cause he's the one that enjoys musicals the most. Kehler was like "Kim (the female lead) sounded great. (PERIOD!) ugh, that was stupid. Then Tommy was like "understudy!" Where the constructive critisim, at the very least? Poor Adam stormed off like drama queen (good o' Adam) that he had a reason to be that night. Anyways they got Matthew to do it. (ugh. I don't even have to say. you all shoudl know!) The only good change was an impromptu tap dancing number by Kim. Wow! Is there anything Kim CAN'T do?
ugh. Tonight we have the pleasure of doing it again! I think I'll bring some candy/caffeine to it this time. At least I'll have a sugar high this time around.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The sickness continues...

I'm still freakin' sick! It's so stupid. I'm taking all these pills (thank you Health Center!) for my ear infection, but now the sickness has spread to other areas. I can't stop producing snot! It's like a wacky Nickelodeon competition up there. There's little bits of rolled up tissue papers everywhere in my room. (Probably doesn't look good to the unknowing.)
My voice is getting so nasal! I sound like a surfer on crack. I have to sing in the musical skit on Thursday and Friday for Pigskin!! I hope it goes away by then. OR ELSE everyone will hear Ryan Jenkins sings! oh, the horror.
So now, of course, the weather is getting colder. Damn fall! Why are you coming now!? while I'm sick! The weather hates me... and Kent sucks!
The good stuff
1) After completely bombing my Minority-Dominant Relation Exam, my professor just emailed me saying that the exam was defected and to add 8.55 points to my exam score! So... I still did badly, but now not so much! woot, woot!
2) The promise of getting insanely drunk at the Homecoming Party on Saturday! oh yeah, Alums and alcohol... lovely! I just need a release for this crappy week. If you see me at the party without a drink in my hand (no matter how drunk I am) quickly say "Frank! get drunk!" I will thank you later.
3) I just read an amusing email from someone's preacher Dad.... I'm still laughing now! I wish my parents were "afterschool special movie weird" instead of "real-life weird."
4) My roommate bought me a bag of chips!! Because at the party they had last week, one of thier guest stole my chips!!! Mmmm, cool ranch. Anyways, I wondered if they had notice my two boxed Dvd seasons of Queer As Folk next the those chips?

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Monday, November 01, 2004

my new haircut.

My new haircut is sooo sexy! seriously! I'm impressed. best haircut ever!
Hairstyles that I now can get away with:
  1. the I don't give a damn look
  2. the I do give a damn, but not about you look
  3. the formal look
  4. the informal look
  5. the informal/ getting my hair on look
  6. the sexy, Frank look
  7. the I'm sad emotionally, so save me look
  8. the come and dance with me you boi look
  9. the I'm an angel, sort of look
  10. and this one below... the disillusioned look

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the facebook

Am I a sellout for joining the facebook?

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