Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Extra Credit Skits

Today in my Minority-Dominant Relationas class, a few groups put together skits for extra credit. I wasn't one of them cause extra credit is for losers! Anyways, I couldn't believe how much time people put into these skits... that are what? like 5-10 extra points?! Dude, people are insane. Anyways here's the 3 skits today.
  1. Doctor Phil Skit - Doctor Phil (played by a guy in a suit... how realistic!) talks to a troubled teen and his mother about the dangers of racism. Oh my! These people are insane! They went to Dr. Phil's website and looked up quotes to work them into their skit. They are totally milking it. There were clever overhead sheets saying "Boo" and "Applause" to make the skit more real and also they gave like 4 cards with strategic questions for teh audience to ask the actors. This skit sucks major ass! First of all, Doctor Phil?! He's stupid!!! Secondly, getting the audience involved?! HELLO! We hate you. Don't ask us to better your grade. We have better things to do than make you look good. My Score: 4/10
  2. Women Stereotypes - 4 girls make a Dvd of how women are stereotyped. OH! A DVD!! No live acting involved?! I love it! and WOW! Nice camera work and effects! It's like I was in watching a Mtv documentary of something. Girl # 1: Was a "suzy homemaker" / "bad-ass career" women. Girl # 2: Was a nerd in the library / rocker chick! Girl # 3 : Was a stupid, ditzy girl who got a perfect score on her LSAT (legally blonde?), and Girl #4 was a student in financial need so she has a part time job as a prostitute. WOW! This was so well thought out and filmed. PLUS! They had handouts, COOKIES and chocolate kisses for the whole class. Although I loved it (they had a bloopers section!!), it just proves my point that these people are trying too hard. My Score : 10/10
  3. Indian Guy and Frat Guy - The Indian guy tries to join a frat and the frat guy is all stereotyping or whatever. Poorly done. It probably would of been better if they went before the free cookie group. But points for when the guy said he was a frat guy and then popped his collar to get into character. My Score: 3/10
Oh man, there's more the next class! Oh well, it beats actually lecture. I can just sit there and look annoyed. I'm still waiting for a group to do one on homosexuals... then I might be slightly amused.

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