Thursday, October 28, 2004

Some updates on things.

1) The whole roommate fiasco, (from Oct23) has reached it's pinnicle! My roommate is moving! sweet. I'll have the whole awesome room to myself. I think I hear a great party IN MY ROOM! oh yeah! No more snoring, sleep-talking in French, random people, random drunk girls, damn ESPN.com updates, baseball games, and I'll never have to hear the words "hey sexy," "geez," or "I can't help it, I'm from the south." He'll be leaving soon.

2) From the death of Ryan (Oct23), Emily has bought new fish...two yellow guppies...Wallace and Jasper... oh my! worst names for fish ever! And it can't be undone, I told Emily, they will be made fun of by other fish and people forever! They don't have a chance at guppie high school! I feel sorry for them. Anyways, my other bettas (Clark, Princess, and Miss Cessy) are doing great. I was a little afraid to clean their tank the other day but then remembered that I can do that without killing. heh.

3) My brother's psycho gf (Oct20) is calming down. I haven't heard anything from the family yet. They have the tendency to forget to tell me important things that are going on. Damn people! I'm like a phone call away!

New Things
  • Going to bed early... I got up at 6am today... it feels great. Of course going to bed at 10pm is kinda weird, but I had help. Good ol' Tylenol with codine!
  • Speaking of that, I have an ear infection! That's why I have it! I'm not a pill popper. heh. Ugh... so that story is werid. I had been feeling sick. I didn't know what it was, but I kept calling the fam so that they would like help me of something...not a good idea. Here's a conversation.
Mom: what's up Frankie?
Me: I think I'm sick.
Mom: Oh really? how so....OH yea, I'm not feeling good either!
Me: what's the matter?
Mom: Christina [my sis] hasn't called me in 2 days! She was supposed to come over and have dinner with me today.
Me: [realizing that her ailment is my sister not calling her and meanwhile I'm about to die] oh yeah... [sits] [sighs] What's her deal?

Oh my! It was like this for 4 days until I went to the Health Center [PS- against everything I believe in] and got an actual diagnosis and prescription saying that I was sick and need medical medicine! She couldn't ignore me then!

Me: thanks for the medicine mom!
Mom: your welcome. Your sister and I were worried about you from the phone calls you made.
Me: [huh? Was he actually saying this?] really?
Mom: yeah... you hardly said anything about how I was doing.
Me: [crushed] sorry mom.... has Christina called you yet?

Lesson Learned: Just keep your mouth shut and expect nothing from family... they are all egocentric--including yourself. : )

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Unexpected Audience.

It has come to my attention that Emily's Mom reads my blog (along with Emily's). Everyone say "hi" to Emily's mom!

luckily, my mom has no idea what a blog is.

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Monday, October 25, 2004


I think I'm sick.

but I have the weirdest symptoms ever!
  1. lethargic
  2. stomach/food issues
  3. headache
  4. nose/sneezing issues
  5. ear ache
ugh, maybe I have hypocondria... someone give me some placebo!

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rain sucks, who agrees?

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Bad start to this weekend!

Oh my! I totally thought that this weekend was going to be at least tolerable if not a little fun. I went to the Theta Tau DDR party which was okay. but after that everything went downhill!

Emily and I got back to SMU quite early at 10pm... hee hee, what did I expect from an engineer party. Anyways, my red betta, Ryan was dead!!!! I had let Emily borrow it and everything was going well... then he died! I'm soooo sad. He was my beautiful red Ryan!

Anyways, I thought things could not get any worst... damn jinx! The next day my roommate has a little talk with me... Let me just get you up to speed before I tell you what he said: Jonathan is a loud, muscle guy that likes to party and drink all night long.... He just happens to be under 21, so he has gotten like 4 alcohol violations. At first I was alittle scared to live with him, cause I thought that he would do something stupid and get me an alcohol violation too! But nothing has happened to me so far. Now our conversation... well, his mom is quite concerned with her son's actions. SO concerned that she wants to eliminate the chances of him ever getting another violation. So since she has soooo much reason to believe that I'm the one that's going to do it, she wants John to move OR make me "sign something saying that I wouldn't get him in trouble." Which I don't know what that exactly entails...

BUT. I'm not signing shit! I'm not responsible for what another person does. Especially if that person does it to himself knowing the possible consequnces of his actions. And his mom has absolutely no reason to believe taht I'm a thread or liability at all. True, I am over 21 and can keep alcoholic beverages in my room...but I don't get in trouble... I have gotten zero alcohol violations!!!! I don't put myself in the situation were I would get in trouble...WTF?! I don't see why I'm suddenly going to be responsible for her son's situation. He was screwed before I moved in.

All this, because Jonathan is too scared to tell his mom that HE is all grown up and is the only one responsible for his own actions.

All I can say, is that I'm not going to do anything. I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm not at fault. I'm not going to agree to anything... I just don't care. And I'm pissed off at myself for being to pissed off...a waste of energy. This just ruined my whole day. and I'm done!

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Friday, October 22, 2004

so tired.

What is the deal with baseball?! When did it get so popular...dammit! stop it! It's coming up in everyday conversation! argh! Who cares?! shut up!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My brother's baby's momma/ Psycho girlfriend.

If you don't want to be disturb today... don't read this entry! you have been warned!

I thought that all this drama was over... or at least minimalized!
So here's the background behind it all.... bare in mind that this IS very Jerry Springer-ish and that I am telling you guys this cause I'm just frustrated beyond belief and I really need to vent now!

Background: Alma, the slut-hoe, is this sad, manipulative biatch that stole my brother's common sense and descency. And yes! My brother is the most gulliable fool ever! He would chase after anything in a skirt. In retrospect, he's probably getting a dose of the old Karma... but he's not the only one involved... the whole family is! So anyways, my brother is dating her and she wasn't like the other shanks that my brother dates. She was ugly and not too fit...she was a cow! Then he told me the big news...he got Alma pregnant. ARGH! So... when I moved into college, she moved in to my mom's house with my brother. (Now they tried to get a place of their own, but it's always failed and they end up at my mom's place.) Now my sister and mom aren't quite fond of her at first, cause Alma would always leave the kid everywhere and basically my mom paid for everything. She even gave my brothers old car to her for her to drive. (Later, she sold the car... forged my mom's sig too!) Anyways Mom and Sis just took it...I mean she was family now right? Not married...but kinda family.

(Quick Note: The kid's legitimacy to my brother HAS been dicussed and Alma has never agreed to have a test. And why would she? She had a sweet deal. She was taken care of. No rent. No baby expenses. Free room and board.)

Anyways, they is were the story gets personal. My brother has always been a hellian. And he's done more than his fair share of boyish mischieve. Ugh... so Alma accuses... my brother is incarcerated.

yeah...what did I tell you. Jerry! Jerry!

So the whole court process was weird. This is why we hate her. We were very concerned with everything. About what exactly happened. And Alma basically said that the whole thing was a misunderstanding and she really didn't mean to accuse anything. But then there was the "trial." Long Story short: the biatch lied. She said the opposite.
So, at this point we didn't know what to think. Was she actually telling the truth? Who knows? It's just weird how she lied about the whole thing. Oh well.

During the next couple of months, she gotten more crazy. I guess my mom just feels sorry for her or something. But should she, or anyone else, have to pay for the actions of my brother? My brother who is currently "back together" with? Anyways, now when Alma wants something, she does whatever it takes to get it. When she got pissed at my mom, she moved out... and the worst thing you can do to a overprotective grandmother is not let her visit her grandbaby. ugh.
Anyways, MY crappy encounter with her is alittle bit more drastic and it involves the police. So I have been hearing about all this crap happening via telephone. And at the moment, my mom's pissed at Alma so something. I go home for the summer. And it couldn't be worst timing...perhaps the (then) happest day of life.... topped off with a visit by Alma. First the happy news, I had just gone out on my first official date with a guy!!! Peter, who is now an awesome student at Harvard Law School! I know! I know how to pick them! So maybe like 30 minutes after my amazing lunch date with Peter, she knocks on the door. I open it. She prepares to walk in like she owns the joint. I say "Ummm, no..." She's all like "I have stuff here"... I, living here for the summer, know that she hasn't set foot in this place for 2 months. "We don't have any of your stuff here. I'm all moved in to your old room, so I would know if you have anything here. Besides, my mom says she doesn't want you here." She bitches and complains how she knows that her stuff is in here and that she IS going to get it! I am shocked at her forcefulness. And begin to close the door. She jams her leg in the door. I'm in totally La-la land. What is she doing?! She continues to bitch. I'm all like "if I don't invite you in, it's against the law for you to enter!" (I think that's a law, right?) She goes off... Having realize that I was just overpowered by a 5'4 girl, I dash to the entry way of the hallway (remembering to grab the phone!). I block the way. She's continues pushing. I start dial for help. She knocks the phone across the room. At this point everything seems in slow motion. I see the phone gliding through the air, hitting the carpet. I realized that this totally MUST be a dream! This can't be real. Things like this don't happen to me! I'm normal! I try to get the phone. (OMG! I'm not making this up!) She and I have a push/shove confrontation for the phone. (What comes out of her mouth at this time is purely evil. And scares me to death. I'm not going to say cause I might start crying or laughing... either way they were accusations of a sexual nature) I get the phone! YAY! I dial! She suddenly starts screaming and yelling towards me...or should I say the phone. The 911 operator is totally convinced that I'm the root of all evil. Perhaps it was cause I was barely comprehensible (grasping for breath) and a women is screaming bloody murder in the background. Anyways, the cops come, she plays the mother/girl card. The cops do nothing! AT ALL! Even when they ask both of us for identification...she says "I don't have any." and then I quickly reply "...and you drove here?...illegally?"


So now, she slashed my sister's tires for not answering her cell. She probably wanted her to babysit, as usual. She's a psycho. I'm basically am out of her radar here at SMU. BUT!!!!!!!!! She moved into my mom's neighborhood. why you may ask? for a job? for any convienance she has? NO! Addison is nowhere near her crappy job or anything else except my mom. She is trying to destroy us! So I'm trying to convince my mom not to move. And not to go crazy. perhaps she should move.

Oh my! you all think I'm crazy now, right? My family situation is fu*ked my right now, I just needed to vent/rant.

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Monday, October 18, 2004

TV is crushing my will to live.


Oh my! On Sunday, I watched all day! If you saw my away messages then went alittle something like this:
  • TVing
  • TV, yet again!
  • Tv, I'm addicted!
  • Reading, I promise!
  • TV.
I blame bad shows/movies! They are so addicting! Here are the shows I watched... I swear I watched them to their entirely.
  • Shallow Hal - About a PTSD guy (Jack Black) whose live is completely turn upside-down with the help of some whack job. The guy now sees what beauty within people, therefore ALL ugly people are really beautiful inside. In the end, Jack finally sees the error of his wicked, wicked ways and decides to like a fat Gwenith Paltrow chick.
  • Sports - So my roommate made me watch some baseball game with some hispanic guy named Cabera... m'er?
  • Surreal Life - the old washouts make a song. Jordan Knight (new kidsOTB) sings and teh windows shadder from the dissonance. (And I know what you music people are thinking. How can one voice be dissonant? Well, it's because this voice clashed with every physical theory. it wasn't natural!) Then Charo was insane and probably PMSing or something... it thats possible at her age. Ryan Starr (american idol) whines for 26 minutes cause she has to sing Jordan's crappy song. Brigette Neilson is passed out on some couch somewhere. Flavor Flav wears a vikings helmet and plays off-beat drums. That guy from Full House makes trumpet sounds in the background.
  • Nip/Tuck - This show is actually worth watching! F/X is repeating the whole first season! And I caught the first episode. Very interesting. So, Sundays at 9pm... I'm so there! Although the first 30 mins does conflict with Surreal Life and that show is the only show I've kept up with this season!
Anyways, TV is insane! but I love it! Cable is so great!

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Crush Party

Oh my! We actually had a crush party. I couldn't believe it.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this party. Except for the half-fulled keg! what gives?! Devon and Jason came to the party too. It was almost like old times. But I had way more fun. They tend to be party poopers sometimes--ya didn't hear it from me.

Mmmm, everclear still is my favorite alcoholic beverage. Emily and I had to have a pre-party drink. It was great. We also did our hair. funtimes! I kept telling people at the party to comment on Emily's rockin' hair. hilarious. AND Tech people were there! I just saw all these blue shirt people walking around. And I didn't see Kim insulting them? She obviously wasn't drunk yet.

Speaking of Kim, Lauren, and Megan all made Mustang Bras. I'm beginning to think that they are opening a Mustang-Hip-Hop Wear store. Or should I say stiiizore, fo shizzal. You could see the diamond M through their shirts. Wow, they are that much cooler.

Little Random Tip: Don't play solitaire while drunk... You're going to suck.
Little Random Observation: Damn, katye's boyfriend continues to get hotter. so jealous.

It was a dance party! I loved it! boo to the same music though. that sucked! damn Ruppi. I danced the night away. Fav. Song of the Night: "Lean back" So much leaning.

Poor, poor Emily. wow, she was gone. I almost feel more sorry for the back porch. lol. I hosed it down a few times! Anyways, I got her eating stale Fritos and moving her limbs to get her moving. So, her bed is lofted! I imagined drunk Emily climbing up her bed unsuccessfully after a few tries. Then hitting her head on the floor...total drunken concussion. Emily dies. I'm at her funeral saying "By the end of the night, she was drinking hot soda with vodka." SO... I opted for the motherly figure. I slept on the floor and she was on my bed. My roommate wasn't home when we came home, so I was hoping that he just fell asleep at some skanks dorm room. But no! When I got up in the morning, he apparently put me in a sleeping bag....
WOW! That takes talent.

Anyways, we all surivived. Except some LaTech people... I heard they died after some freak accident invloving getting trampled to death by some people hip-hop dancing on them... I dont' know...

hee hee.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Here's the play-by-play

  • Bus Ride: I had my own seat! Oh yeah! It was cool! The senior antics are okay. The only bad thing was that someone approved the watching of Donnie Darko...why?! why?! It was described as a psychological thriller. WHAAA?! The only psychological part in the movie was that the guy saw a shrink a couple of times. I hate that movie!
  • Eats: I am officially boycotting Jack in the Box! Oh my! We when to that place to eat and it was horrible. They didn't have soda... that's just insane. Everyone has soda!
  • Hotel: The Holiday Inn RULES! awesome suite rooms! yay!
  • Game: Oh my, we were slaughtered! and the Rice benches suck! ugh.
  • Halftime: I never in all my years marching have ever messed up the marching as much as I did in this show! wow. At least I played well.
  • Party: wow, it was funtimes! Emily and I had Sunkist and Everclear all night! Mob people showed up and Kim was soooo funny trying to be rude to them! Shelly got a fedora for a while! And we played a great game of "WTF!" Awesome-ness, except I kept getting Roger's name wrong! He got mad. I laughed. I really needed a fun time and I got it in that party! So...I called Jason at 3am! It was hilarious!
  • Hookups/Interesting Conversations: Wow! hee hee, can't talk about this. HA! Secrets!

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Best Day Ever!


1) My Clinical Professor got our midterm grades on the web in less than 24 hours after taking the test! kudos. And I didn't fail! sweetness.

2) I took my Sociolgy exam and got an 85! I'm so stoked!

3) No band practice for fear of lighting bolts to the saxes. fun deal.

4) I took my first step on the Quest! oh yeah. I got a guy's digits! We are going out next week. I'm excited! I need to find the perfect ensemble...wait...anything I wear IS perfect. I'm such a freakin' bad ass. The whole thing was a little nerve wrecking, but I'm so glad I worked up the courage to do it. So happy with myself. Go me!

Oh and I found out that this week was the week for Brown Bag! I'm glad I found out before the week is over! Friday @ 12pm, I'll be there.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Week from Hell

Oh my!

This week sucks...alot! So I sort of saw this week coming to I planned stratigically how I was going to survive this week. Then all my plans get ruined!! My darn (yea, I said "darn." It's a "darn" kinda day!) Sociology professor supposedly email everyone telling them that the midterm has been moved from Tuesday to Thursday. I DIDN'T GET CRAP FROM HIM! arg. So I walked into the computer room for the test and there were these students from my class saying why was I there cause the test has been moved. I was dumb-struck.
Now you mind think why? I mean, it's more time to study right? I should be thankful!

I don't think so!

Now I have an exam on Wednesday, an exam on Thursday, my pigskin tryout immeadiately after the exam on Thursday, then a huge CF paper on the Shroud of Turin due on Friday before 11am. ARG! I have so much to do.

So far, I got my Wednesday midterm done...I crashed and burned. I have Clinical Psychology! What happened to the good old days when we just cut the middle man and send all the weird people to the "crazy house?" I mean, come on! Clinical Psychology is the stuff and people think of when they think of psychology. I can't stand that. Assessment - Treatment....ugh. This crappy subset of psychology should be ruled out! Kinsey and Freud were clinical psychologists...and they are crazy! coincidence? I think not!

ugh, this Thursday exam should a little less stressful. Only cause we can drop one exam... I was hoping to drop my 1st exam 70, but I think I can make the sacifice this one time. OMG! I gotta talk about today's band practice! I'm a nerd, yea...nothing new.

So 3 things....
1) Scott Swagerty - a lead trumpet, my squad leader, all-around swell guy...TILL TODAY! what the f*ck?! He was being a (I can't believe I'm using a Ryan word) douche bag! He was all like...
scott: Hey Frank, are you stomping down at the right place?
me: am I?
scott: uhhhh, I don't know... I was just asking...

What a hoe! I think I'm just pissed that he's not going to the Rice game cause he and his girlfriend are going to NY instead...just for fun. arg. I think I'm being Eric or something...oh well, he still sucks. but I'll get over it.

2) Matthew Moravec - another lead trumpet (do I detect a pattern?), our section leader, my said-moral enemy. So we had a little trumpet pow-wow after band. And he was all like...We need to have chorographed moves for the spread-em-and-blow (PS- if you don't know what that is...no time to explain). The whole thing was stupid! But he said that we would have a majority vote...We had one...everyone agreed. It was stupid. Then he started complaining about it. WTF?! We voted! ARGH! I mean, I'm a good sport...I went along with the horn movements in Pony Battle Cry, even though I hated them! Anyways, I was determined that I wasn't doing the dance moves at all. The Mustang Band isn't a boy band! He needs to do something. I don't know exactly what it is...well...yeah, I do. heh. But that is just a "Jason-Frank Kiddings." (JFK! Ha! I can make werid abbreveations too!)

3) ARG, yard lines - they are evil and very elusive for my viewpoint in the first tune. arg to them!

Well...ugh. I still have my paper due Friday. It's gonna be bad! At least I don't have anything the week after Fall Break. I'll get to relax Monday and Tuesday. Mmmm, relaxing. It's almost as fun as procrastinating.

PS- this blog might of hurt some people's feelings or whatever, but I don't care. I'm sick of being nice. It's a blog! And if you are reading this, it means you like reading my rantings and this is a rant! Love it! And for all the people I didn't talk about...just wait...you're next! muhahaha! No one is safe. Except the mighty Kim Greene...she's great!

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Frank's Quest!

smubeaverguy: We're so attractive, I just don't understand how we don't have boyfriends.

I'm so finding boyfriend...soon! I don't care what I have to do and/or say. I AM! I'm so determined. This whole psuedo-queer existence is not working for me anymore. I'm getting back on the saddle. If Sofia can find a date, I'm going to find some poor, dumb sap aswell! I don't care if I have to follow my roommate to fraternity parties. I'm going to find the guy who's got a colorful drink in his hand or whose hips are moving to the beat of some dance song. Or I can whore myself out to the gay clubs....ugh....I have to buy appropiate clubwear---something light and sparkley.

Any other suggestions? LEGAL suggestions!

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

My trip to Sulphur Springs!

I spent the weekend at Sulphur Springs.

Day1:We arrived in Sulphur Springs around 12:30pm. I met Emily's family. They were okay. Dad- he was a pastor of the town's First United Methodist Church. He was funny (sort of..sarcastic). Mom- She totally reminded me of Devon's mom...if she was more "soccer-momish." She was in deep with the church activites. This family is a huge church family. Explains a few things about Emily. Brother- Kinda dorky, nintendo gamin', guitar playing average looking teen. He was actually not a normal teen like I thought!Immeadiately after I met the family, we went out to eat at a little Mexican place cleverly named Ta Molly's. (haha, get it? Tamales!) Anyways, it's supposedly the one of the best places in town. I was excited.
Then I met Emily's friend Leslie...wow...she's a trip! Total drama queen. LITERALLY! wow, there sure are alot of gay guys in the drama department, who knew? Did I mention she was the Dairy Queen?! she is! And she told me this story about how she likes stale, hot donuts afterschool. I was surprisngly still amused.So...I stayed in the guest room...Or I like to call it the Shrine o'Emily! There were pictures and a bunch of prom dresses everywhere! what gives?
After that Emily took me on a grand tour of her town! I saw the Infamous Dressed Duck.
THE mall which consisted a few stores inside a rectangle brinked up building. (no windows!) Just big fiberglassed advertising! Oh my! Then I saw them...the 16 foot cows! Two kinds!! New Jeresy and ...I forgot the other one. heh.
And the "big house"...so yea...it's the biggest house in the town. I was asked if I saw the "big house" more than once. I went to the park to walk the dog...oh my the dog! It was large!!!
They also had a poodle with a haircut ten times worst than Jasons! I felt so sorry for that dog.

Day2:I woke up sooo early for a Sunday. So I totally forgot that Emily's Dad was a pastor...so that means CHURCH! The church was good. There's like a million churches in town. I was told that Paris has like 90 churches intown! That's alot of church.Then the magical time began...I had stew! The pinnacle of the trip was upon me. There was two kinds...chicken and beef. I love the beef. The chicken was just okay. Even the Dad (did I mention he is a judge at the stew festival?!) said it wasn't that good. Wow, then we had desert. A popcorn/marshmallow/M&M bunt cake. yeah! that's right! I swear! heh, after that we totally crashed for a few hours before leaving. I was spent.
The only bad thing about the trip was that I didn't get to see the huge Wal-Mart!! I was looking forward to that. oh well, maybe next time.

Here's" some more pics!

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