Sunday, October 17, 2004

Crush Party

Oh my! We actually had a crush party. I couldn't believe it.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this party. Except for the half-fulled keg! what gives?! Devon and Jason came to the party too. It was almost like old times. But I had way more fun. They tend to be party poopers sometimes--ya didn't hear it from me.

Mmmm, everclear still is my favorite alcoholic beverage. Emily and I had to have a pre-party drink. It was great. We also did our hair. funtimes! I kept telling people at the party to comment on Emily's rockin' hair. hilarious. AND Tech people were there! I just saw all these blue shirt people walking around. And I didn't see Kim insulting them? She obviously wasn't drunk yet.

Speaking of Kim, Lauren, and Megan all made Mustang Bras. I'm beginning to think that they are opening a Mustang-Hip-Hop Wear store. Or should I say stiiizore, fo shizzal. You could see the diamond M through their shirts. Wow, they are that much cooler.

Little Random Tip: Don't play solitaire while drunk... You're going to suck.
Little Random Observation: Damn, katye's boyfriend continues to get hotter. so jealous.

It was a dance party! I loved it! boo to the same music though. that sucked! damn Ruppi. I danced the night away. Fav. Song of the Night: "Lean back" So much leaning.

Poor, poor Emily. wow, she was gone. I almost feel more sorry for the back porch. lol. I hosed it down a few times! Anyways, I got her eating stale Fritos and moving her limbs to get her moving. So, her bed is lofted! I imagined drunk Emily climbing up her bed unsuccessfully after a few tries. Then hitting her head on the floor...total drunken concussion. Emily dies. I'm at her funeral saying "By the end of the night, she was drinking hot soda with vodka." SO... I opted for the motherly figure. I slept on the floor and she was on my bed. My roommate wasn't home when we came home, so I was hoping that he just fell asleep at some skanks dorm room. But no! When I got up in the morning, he apparently put me in a sleeping bag....
WOW! That takes talent.

Anyways, we all surivived. Except some LaTech people... I heard they died after some freak accident invloving getting trampled to death by some people hip-hop dancing on them... I dont' know...

hee hee.

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