Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Here's the play-by-play

  • Bus Ride: I had my own seat! Oh yeah! It was cool! The senior antics are okay. The only bad thing was that someone approved the watching of Donnie Darko...why?! why?! It was described as a psychological thriller. WHAAA?! The only psychological part in the movie was that the guy saw a shrink a couple of times. I hate that movie!
  • Eats: I am officially boycotting Jack in the Box! Oh my! We when to that place to eat and it was horrible. They didn't have soda... that's just insane. Everyone has soda!
  • Hotel: The Holiday Inn RULES! awesome suite rooms! yay!
  • Game: Oh my, we were slaughtered! and the Rice benches suck! ugh.
  • Halftime: I never in all my years marching have ever messed up the marching as much as I did in this show! wow. At least I played well.
  • Party: wow, it was funtimes! Emily and I had Sunkist and Everclear all night! Mob people showed up and Kim was soooo funny trying to be rude to them! Shelly got a fedora for a while! And we played a great game of "WTF!" Awesome-ness, except I kept getting Roger's name wrong! He got mad. I laughed. I really needed a fun time and I got it in that party! So...I called Jason at 3am! It was hilarious!
  • Hookups/Interesting Conversations: Wow! hee hee, can't talk about this. HA! Secrets!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to know secrets!!! Come on! You owe it to me, or else I won't make fun of MOBers anymore! ~Kim

9:55 PM  

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