Sunday, October 03, 2004

My trip to Sulphur Springs!

I spent the weekend at Sulphur Springs.

Day1:We arrived in Sulphur Springs around 12:30pm. I met Emily's family. They were okay. Dad- he was a pastor of the town's First United Methodist Church. He was funny (sort of..sarcastic). Mom- She totally reminded me of Devon's mom...if she was more "soccer-momish." She was in deep with the church activites. This family is a huge church family. Explains a few things about Emily. Brother- Kinda dorky, nintendo gamin', guitar playing average looking teen. He was actually not a normal teen like I thought!Immeadiately after I met the family, we went out to eat at a little Mexican place cleverly named Ta Molly's. (haha, get it? Tamales!) Anyways, it's supposedly the one of the best places in town. I was excited.
Then I met Emily's friend Leslie...wow...she's a trip! Total drama queen. LITERALLY! wow, there sure are alot of gay guys in the drama department, who knew? Did I mention she was the Dairy Queen?! she is! And she told me this story about how she likes stale, hot donuts afterschool. I was surprisngly still amused.So...I stayed in the guest room...Or I like to call it the Shrine o'Emily! There were pictures and a bunch of prom dresses everywhere! what gives?
After that Emily took me on a grand tour of her town! I saw the Infamous Dressed Duck.
THE mall which consisted a few stores inside a rectangle brinked up building. (no windows!) Just big fiberglassed advertising! Oh my! Then I saw them...the 16 foot cows! Two kinds!! New Jeresy and ...I forgot the other one. heh.
And the "big house"...so yea...it's the biggest house in the town. I was asked if I saw the "big house" more than once. I went to the park to walk the dog...oh my the dog! It was large!!!
They also had a poodle with a haircut ten times worst than Jasons! I felt so sorry for that dog.

Day2:I woke up sooo early for a Sunday. So I totally forgot that Emily's Dad was a pastor...so that means CHURCH! The church was good. There's like a million churches in town. I was told that Paris has like 90 churches intown! That's alot of church.Then the magical time began...I had stew! The pinnacle of the trip was upon me. There was two kinds...chicken and beef. I love the beef. The chicken was just okay. Even the Dad (did I mention he is a judge at the stew festival?!) said it wasn't that good. Wow, then we had desert. A popcorn/marshmallow/M&M bunt cake. yeah! that's right! I swear! heh, after that we totally crashed for a few hours before leaving. I was spent.
The only bad thing about the trip was that I didn't get to see the huge Wal-Mart!! I was looking forward to that. oh well, maybe next time.

Here's" some more pics!

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Blogger Mary said...

Haha. Ok, so this is Emily's cousin Christian. I go to A&M. You described my aunt and uncle perfectly. And yes, the dog is gigantic and the poodle is... loveable? Anyways, you'll have to do family thanksgiving at my house or something. No stew, but it's good times. CRAZY STUFF! You should have visited Em's when they were in Paris. Yeah, it was a lot like Sulfur Springs, minus all the cow stuff. But hey, I think the highlight of my visit last time was the graduation ceremony in the dirt-floored rodeo arena! ;) No, seriously. But they put down mats. Glad you got to experience "the fam". Good stuff.

2:20 AM  
Blogger frank said...

hey Mary/Christian...


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