Monday, February 28, 2005

Soap Opera Midterm

It's midterm time! My first midterm of the semester! Hopefully the last one till after Spring break (I'm still talking to a proffessor about rescheduling one other one... so that I don't take it the day before I go to Reno.)

Anyways, I took it.

30% is IDs (identiying text terms)
30% is a short essay question (usually on the assigned readings)
and 40% is a long essay (on the soaps we watched and discussed in class)

So I know I got at least 27/30 of the IDs right.
I bombed the short essay part!! I wrote a bunch of crap down... I would be amazed if I actually hit something right on that question!
Then I should of aced the long essay portion... If not, I'm raising hell!

That would be a total of 67.

I'm hoping he'll throw me a few points for trying the short essay part! I'm kicking myself!! I actually read. I just don't remember the part mentioned in the question! ugh... I hope I pass!
stupid class.

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

fun night!

So after all the hectic, unorganized planning... I actually had a fun Saturday night!
We rented some movies and played video games! Well, I played Mario Tennis... the only video game I ever play... heh. Did I mention that there were booze?! oh yeah... it makes a party complete.

We watched Saw... I liked it! It was like a suspence driven horror movie... WITH CRAZY SITUATIONS! oh yeah! crazy, twisted situations having us question our own morals and limits. muhaha!

The other movie (which I watched the next day) was Supersize Me. ugh... what a downer. Yeah, we get it.. McDonalds is a money-driven company that is literally killing people with their advertisement of junk food.... but where's the entertainment value of it all? Yeah, there's a gross out/ aww, I'm going to die factor in it... but can't they give it a fun twist... Saw did! Hello! You even said in the movie, Healthy foods advertise like 2 million a year... and all Supersize has it a bald guy wearing the US flag as a speedo....

I can recall a scene in the Saw movie, where the killer guy uses a stethoscope to measure how a young girls heart rate differs when he points a gun at her versus her mom. Now that's entertainment [i]with[/i] real-life situations!!!

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Friday, February 25, 2005

new banner

whatcha think? Does it go well with the rest of the blog setup? I'm torn. Gimme some feedback, peeps.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

American Idol

Okay, so as you must know I'm obsessed with AI again. This season is going to be fun! They split up the girls and guys... woot!

Anyways, they voted off 2 guys and 2 girls so far....
Here's a pic on them all... I will be commenting on them so refer to the list of names! heh.

Click here for the pics

I don't really hate any of them with a passion yet... maybe Anthony cause he reminds me of Clay from the 2nd season... ugh.. he sucks!

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Monday, February 21, 2005

internet back!

Well, I got the internet back...

don't tell me how I did it... let's just say there's alot of satisfied unskilled people in the ITS Help Desk.

meh. That was way funnier in my head.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


So I'm on the list serve to this Hispanic group on campus and I got this distrubing email.

To the SMU Hispanic Community,

Over the course of the last few years the Hispanic community, along with other minority groups, has been faced with a growing concern for our rights here on campus. If you know about the YCT, then you will know what I am referring to. If not, let me brief you on the subject. YCT stands for Young Conservatives of Texas and it is a student organization here on campus that is well connected to the political community as well as the Dallas and SMU community. Last year, they were responsible for putting up the affirmative action bake sale, their point obviously being that they deemed it unfair (an attack to our rights). This year, some fellow students and staff unearthed their attempt to rid SMU of the Department of Multicultural Student Affairs (DMSA).

As if that wasn’t enough, last semester YCT took the initiative to make a constitutional change regarding special interest seats (Hispanic, Asian, African-American, International). Before this year, only students that were of the respective ethnic group could run for and represent their community through theses seats. Now, after review of the constitution, anyone, despite of race, can run for and fill these positions. Student Senate allowed for this amendment under the premise that there are indeed a few outside an ethnic group that can well represent that group (either because they grew up in certain places/countries, or simply because they take the time and care to be active within those communities). It was but last week that this amendment passed and already YCT is actively trying to fill those positions with their own members by running in upcoming elections on February 23-24. It is not our fear that they will win because only members of the respective ethnicity are allowed to vote for the individual running for the respective seat. For example, only Hispanics can vote for who they want for Hispanic American senator. Yet, through technicalities, YCT can win a seat and thus leave us with inadequate representation.

With all of this in mind, we are left to question what purposes and goals YCT holds. Although we do not know what these are, it is obvious that our community is hurting in the process. Therefore it is vital that we focus our attention on the fact that little by little, our rights are being attacked and revoked by people who take time to devise plans that ultimately harm us as minorities. I as well as others have joined take a stand against the actions of YCT and our first step is to vote the newly passed amendment down. Consider the words of the Asian-American Senator, Jason Shyung:

We should focus our energy on a campaign against this amendment to the constitution. I believe our community has been too docile about this issue, and I've personally had a change of heart against this amendment. As long as there are people like the YCT out there, who only seek to make our lives more difficult - we must get together to work against them. They are a well organized and well connected group on campus (both in the Dallas and SMU community). While we have been enjoying our lives, they have been plotting for the past two years to bring down the DMSA, our senate seats and a variety of other things brick by brick - and this amendment is the first brick.

As your student representative, I ask you to join in our effort to change this amendment and engage in the issues that surround us. If you desire further information on these issues at hand or how you can help, please feel free to contact me at respinoz@smu.edu. Thank you.

Para Dios y por mi gente,

Roberto Espinosa
Hispanic American Senator

ugh, stupid conservatives... and if you're a YCT and reading this blog... death to your corn!

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

eric... poor eric.

So right now we're watching a movie that Eric picked out...

Waking Ned Divine

Please...everyone... DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE! You WILL be tramatized!! I only watched like half of it and I'll never be the same ever! Poor Emily and Becky are still in there... watching... getting more and more psychologically distrurbed.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005


I got this from Katie's Blog. repeat!

A - Accent: nope, Dallas peoples don't have them! Everyother city does!!
B - Boxers or Briefs? mostly briefs or boxer-briefs.
C - Class you hate: Culture of Pacific Island Peoples... it's boring!!! ugh.
D - Dad's name: Frank, the greatest name ever!
E - Eggs Made How? over easy/ sunnyside up/ (there's a way I used to say it in Spanish but I have no idea how to spell it!)
F - Favorite Football Team: SMU Mustangs & the Rebels! My lil' brother's football team... he's the quarterback!
G - Gambling Preference: none. But I'll have one when I go to RENO soon!! Oh yeah!
H - Hometown: Dallas, TX.
I - Insomnia: I sleep eventually... but my roommate goes to sleep early... what a dork!
J - Job Title: student, slacker.
K - Kids: none. I do want some! A boy (Frank, naturally) and a girl (Vanessa or Jessica).
L - Living Arrangements: Shuttles. ugh.
M - Mom's Birthplace: Dallas, TX.
N - Number of Pets You've Had: a million.
O - Overnight Hospital Stays: none overnight.
P - Phobia: fear itself... not really, I'm not really scared of anything. I used to be scared of sharks in the deep end of the pool!
Q - Quiet moment: when someone asks me any question.
R - Religious Affiliation: on the fence, probably Agnostic.
S - Siblings: Ramon (21), Christina (19), Johnathan (13), Michelle (10), Samantha(7), Jane (6), Jathan (5). I could be wrong of the ages... there's like a million!!
T - Time you wake up: lately it's been 12 or 1ish... no class till 2pm is heaven!
U - Ultra-hottie you want to do: Don't get me in trouble!!! Emily or course!
V - Vegetable You Refuse To Eat: cooked spinach... uncooked... it's awesome!
W - Wayne or Garth? Garth! shhhyeeah!
X - X-Rays You've Had: gall bladder! Hurt like hell!!!
Y - Yummy Foods: Mmmm, nachos!
Z - Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

ITS Help Desk

They are officially on my hit list along with Gateway computers.


1) They didn't know how to use a keyboard and mouse with my computer. I had to bring them mine... (which are regular standard keyboard & mouse)

2) They couldn't start Windows. They told me to reinstall Windows.

3) When I took the computer home, I started Windows up with ease (without reinstalling Windows). They must of forgot to press to "POWER" button.

4) I called and voiced my concern. They (meaning the secretary) told me I had all these viruses like "very deep" in my computer.

5) I'm confused. And a bit worried that they changed their opinion about my computer in the span of 10 minutes. And without actually having my computer in their possession at the time.

I hate them.
death to their crops!

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

SuperBowl Party


The best Super Bowl parties are parties where you gather to watch the superbowl--then rent a movie instead! Monica hosted a cool shindig at her house. We watched IRobot. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Actually entertaining. Then we saw The Hot Chick!

It was either that or the Princess Diaries 2!! I think we made the right choice.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


So my computer is still non-functional... and Emily let me borrow her old computer, but I still need to get an ethernet card for it. So till then I'm using random computers for the internet. heh.
Here are some things just for an update on me! woot.

1) just as an icebreaker for me... here's Megan!!


2) Emily's mom is evil! So I made her this card for her bday... and she basically told me I was mentally challenged. ugh. I've decided to not care... and if and when I do care, I'll just find fun and entertaining ways to piss her off. any ideas? comment.

3) Emily's has this infection or whatever... so I probably have it too... ugh, I remember saying that I didn't care if I got sick, but I didn't want what she has. I do think I have it. oh well.

4) Dropped Spanish... meh.

5) Not having internet sucks. I think I'm going to beg my mom for some cash for an ethernet card. But if one of you guys has an extra one lying around, I'd be very appreciative...

6) Okay, so the last couple of days I've been hearing more about "the pill" than I've ever heard from the most random people!! Apparently people take it for more reasons that the main one.

7) My mom has been nice to me recently... I'm confused. I think it's cause my brother and sister are gone now, so I'm like the closest offspring... heh.

8) (On AIM) emily: it was awkward talking about kissing infront of my mom.
emily: and she told me that she doesn't hate you and that she prays for you every morning.

AHH! just thought I would cut/paste that... it just happened like now. AHH! Emily gave me email to this woman!

9) American Idol has started up again... I gots the fever.

10) ugh... I need a good party! it's been a while. I'm actually considering going to Sig Ep parties now... I know alot of people there... including my new roomie, Aubrey. Anyways, Superbowl sunday is upon us... I think Monica is hosting a little shindig... it should tie me over till next week.

Well, that's most of it... I'll try to blog more! Without the internet it's hard to do as much as I usually do.


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