Sunday, February 27, 2005

fun night!

So after all the hectic, unorganized planning... I actually had a fun Saturday night!
We rented some movies and played video games! Well, I played Mario Tennis... the only video game I ever play... heh. Did I mention that there were booze?! oh yeah... it makes a party complete.

We watched Saw... I liked it! It was like a suspence driven horror movie... WITH CRAZY SITUATIONS! oh yeah! crazy, twisted situations having us question our own morals and limits. muhaha!

The other movie (which I watched the next day) was Supersize Me. ugh... what a downer. Yeah, we get it.. McDonalds is a money-driven company that is literally killing people with their advertisement of junk food.... but where's the entertainment value of it all? Yeah, there's a gross out/ aww, I'm going to die factor in it... but can't they give it a fun twist... Saw did! Hello! You even said in the movie, Healthy foods advertise like 2 million a year... and all Supersize has it a bald guy wearing the US flag as a speedo....

I can recall a scene in the Saw movie, where the killer guy uses a stethoscope to measure how a young girls heart rate differs when he points a gun at her versus her mom. Now that's entertainment [i]with[/i] real-life situations!!!

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