Thursday, February 10, 2005


I got this from Katie's Blog. repeat!

A - Accent: nope, Dallas peoples don't have them! Everyother city does!!
B - Boxers or Briefs? mostly briefs or boxer-briefs.
C - Class you hate: Culture of Pacific Island Peoples... it's boring!!! ugh.
D - Dad's name: Frank, the greatest name ever!
E - Eggs Made How? over easy/ sunnyside up/ (there's a way I used to say it in Spanish but I have no idea how to spell it!)
F - Favorite Football Team: SMU Mustangs & the Rebels! My lil' brother's football team... he's the quarterback!
G - Gambling Preference: none. But I'll have one when I go to RENO soon!! Oh yeah!
H - Hometown: Dallas, TX.
I - Insomnia: I sleep eventually... but my roommate goes to sleep early... what a dork!
J - Job Title: student, slacker.
K - Kids: none. I do want some! A boy (Frank, naturally) and a girl (Vanessa or Jessica).
L - Living Arrangements: Shuttles. ugh.
M - Mom's Birthplace: Dallas, TX.
N - Number of Pets You've Had: a million.
O - Overnight Hospital Stays: none overnight.
P - Phobia: fear itself... not really, I'm not really scared of anything. I used to be scared of sharks in the deep end of the pool!
Q - Quiet moment: when someone asks me any question.
R - Religious Affiliation: on the fence, probably Agnostic.
S - Siblings: Ramon (21), Christina (19), Johnathan (13), Michelle (10), Samantha(7), Jane (6), Jathan (5). I could be wrong of the ages... there's like a million!!
T - Time you wake up: lately it's been 12 or 1ish... no class till 2pm is heaven!
U - Ultra-hottie you want to do: Don't get me in trouble!!! Emily or course!
V - Vegetable You Refuse To Eat: cooked spinach... uncooked... it's awesome!
W - Wayne or Garth? Garth! shhhyeeah!
X - X-Rays You've Had: gall bladder! Hurt like hell!!!
Y - Yummy Foods: Mmmm, nachos!
Z - Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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